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If i have a headache and i have no medicine with me what can i do?
i work overnight and theres no medicines at work and sometimes i get really bad headaches

for future reference keep a bottle of headache medicine on you or stash it someplace where you work with a bottle of water so you can take care of yourself.

Sleep during breaktime..
Drink water..

If you go back to work, could you just bring your medicine. And
if you came back home from work...Sleep enough time..and it will
help to keep the headaches away...Take care

there is a pressure point between your thumb and first finger if you pinch it, supposedly it will relieve headaches. otherwise just throw a pack of Tylenol in your pocket so you'll have it when you need it

All of these

Rub/massage your temples.

Can't you just take medicine with you to work? Also, you could try drinking alot of water - even slight dehydration gives me a headache.

Try to pinch your hand between your thumb and index finger--pinch the meat of your hand pretty hard and kind of massage it. It hurts a little, but almost every single time the headache goes right away.

annie g
If you can find a quiet dark place, go there for 10 minutes.

Drink water alot of headaches are caused by dehydration.

Cant you take some medicine with you in case it happens again?

Why can't you bring your own medicine. Aspirin is readily available everywhere.

Get some of that Head On stuff that you supposedly can rub on your head if there's no water available.

[email protected]
Massaging a headache away is probably the best and safest way of controlling it even if you have medicine with you. It's not always as quick, but more long-lasting. See the attached link for recommendations.


Depends on where the headache originates.

Neck and shoulder - sitting upright in a solid chair, gently pull your head to the right for 10 seconds, then the left, front, back for the 10 seconds. Do this with a one minute rest between each cycle. Do each cyle 4 times. If you can, apply an ice wrap after.

Sinus - chicken soup or even just bouillion. But I recommend DayQuil if you are really suffering.

Forehead - using both hands, place fingertips on your eyebrows and apply pressure. Ever 10 seconds, move your fingertips up incrimentally toward your hairline, stopping every 1/2 inch to apply 10 seconds of pressure with your fingertips. Breath deeply during this session. When you finish at the hairline, take your fingertips and gently massage your temples in a circular fashion. Ice applied after helps too, though difficult to keep working then.

Good luck!

Warm Towel on Head
Sleep a Little or atleast close your eyes

Hold a piece of ice in your hand. Weird, I know, but it often works for people. Some people use Feverfew tea to ward off headaches, I think. Also, you could learn about pressure points that will ease headaches and what you may be doing that could be causing headaches. Be sure you get enough rest and try eating right and getting plenty of water and you might just be able to avoid them that way. Good luck.

wrap your head with a cloth really tight.

Take a break and go to the local pharmacy and get some Tylenol.

cold water ice pack or just get a small container of asprin and take it every where with u go buy some today!

coffee or caffinated soda. Or go home early and if it goes away try getting a new job.

Put a cool washcloth or towel over your forehead and eyes.

That's what I do.

Good luck.

chocolat or caffeine

Word Game Addict
Plan ahaead! Keep a bottle of Aspirin or Ibuprofen in your desk at work or in your car or in your purse/pocket.

Otherwise, try the wash cloth thing as someone else mentioned, try massaging the back of your neck or do some stretching excercises to relieve tension.

You can rub the back of your neck right at the base of your skull, then follow that around both sides to your ears. Also, press your nose at the corner of your eyes and massage out along the the eye sockets. Place the fingertips of both hands above your nose on your forehead, massage in little circles out to your temples.

Massage the area on your hand between the thumb and index finger. It's the accupressure point and should make it go away.

patti p
Carry some with you, if not permitted, put ice on it to freeze the pain

1st put a a cool,damp towel on your head. Then go to sleep.

Drink lots and lots of water....Or Bring medicine in your purse so when you get headaches you can take a pill or something..then you won't have to suffer all night long!!!! good luck!

Miss M
1. Caffeine 2. Cold compress 3. Dark/quiet room

I feel your pain, I suffer as well. Good luck!

Drink water, try to lay down in a place without any light.

GLH (male 48 UK)
Here are a few things you can do:-

1. A lot of headaches are caused by dehydration - so drink plenty of fluids. It is recommended that an adult should drink about 2 litres of (non-alcoholic) fluid a day. If you already have a headache I find that those sports isotonic drinks are good because they replace lost salts as well.

2. Pressure points(1):- this is a pressure point acupuncture technique... simply squeeze your earlobe between your thumb and forefinger (if the headache is on one side of the head squeeze the earlobe on that side). Squeeze for 10-20 mins if you can. (And yes, you will probably think you look like an idiot while doing it, but it's better than then headache, right?)

3. Pressure points(2):- massage your temples and move your jaw in a circular motion. The idea is to increase blood flow which will help relieve the headache. Doesn't seem to work for me but my mother (who because of a medical condition cannot take many painkillers) says it works for her.

4. You can now get "headache sticks" which you apply a bit like a lipstick but to your forehead. They are med-free and have herbal extracts which seem to help (see http://www.shop-com.co.uk/amos/cc/main/prod/act/10260832/ccsyn/261)

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