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naughty boy
I stink of BO (body odour) but i don't want to shower. Which deodrant is most stongest to cover up bad smells?


Are you afraid of falling down the plughole?

nuclear farter
hai karate

you are a pig

Pauline B
deodrant does'nt cover smells - it prevents the BO - you cant mask a smell with a smell - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Try a bottle of liquid horse manure from your local garden centre and rub it in briskly all over, this should effect an improvement by masking your natural body odour.

Mitchum. It is important that you use an anti-perspirant not just a deodorant. Also some talcum powder will mask the smell for a bit. Often it is the clothes that stink. So if you are a bit niffy, put on a clean shirt and that will hide it too!

Personal chores are so boring so I understand why you can't be bothered to wash. But if you are causing distress to other people you should wash your pits!

p.s Mitchums strap line is "so effective you could even skip a day."

Believe me... Nothing out there will cover up , it will still seep through, there's nothing worse than a smelly git, other than a smelly git trying to cover up the smell with strong deodorant.
Why don't you just have a shower....? Cleanliness next to godliness and all that.......

If you don't wanna take a shower, take an "all-over bath". Then put on some deodorant. The best deodorant to use is: Degree.

Nothing 'covers' it up - you still smell BO under the deodorant! Deodorant stops microbes (or whatever they're called) from becoming smelly, old microbes smell - sometimes after a few hours, certainly after a day.
You are in sad need of a bath. Soap and water is the only thing to take the smell away.
Ph....e.....w..... ugh......

Apart from the decaying smell, it is also unhygienic and can cause you to not feel well

Filthy Lucre
Have you considered kerosene? Especially when lit.

Connie K
Why would you not want to take a shower!!!!!!!!

zara c

the gunners

Ellen N
take a shower, then apply anti-perspirant and deodorant

Gimme a break! Even your jokes stink!

just wash you dirty dog!

Quicklime is effective at covering bad odours!

dont be such a lazy git, get a shower and smell nice please!

deodorants dont cover up whiffy smells.take a shower i can smell ya frm here

Mitchum ot Driclor but you would have to wash any old sweat away first.

Beethoven's Little Sister
The best thing you can do is improve your hygiene and take a shower. Failing that, try Blue Stratos or Old Spice under your arms, they are both really good.
You can also get injections for excess sweating from a lot of dermatology clinics.

Just have a wash then, you minker!

Get a green lemon, cut it in half and rub each half under your arms (on your armpits) for 15 minutes. That will cut the bad smell and then you can use a regular deodorant. You need to do this once a day for 3 days. It really works!

think we are all aware of what BO is without you spelling it out - were the poor sods who have to smell it when lazy mingers like you TRY to cover it up with deoderant - get washed

I feel that when your dog leaves home, the rats start moving out and the fly population of your house increases by about 5,000% then it is time to be brave, and have a shower. Just think of it like a trip to the dentist....a little pain for five minutes and then you wont have to go through it again for another six months.....

Donna M
Spray yourself (and your clothes) with that Febreeze stuff.

You need some good old fashioned Brut-33. It'll mix with the BO to create a pungent aroma that's a time-tested lady-pleaser.

I'll wager that half the UK were conceived under the dizzying (literally) allure of that manly whiff.

The only problem is that it has now been surpassed by more pleasant snifters for the younger generation. There is still a huge number of willing sniffers though, just go to your local nursing home wearing an open shirt to display your dustbin-lid-sized medallion and prepare for luurrrrvve.



Ken B
Don't worry about it if you don't wash there will be no one around to smell you.

get axe or old spice spray

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