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Nimsay 06
I need sleep?
I suffer from insomnia, i have a young son has anyone got any tips on how to beat this? I have been to see my GP who gave me a weeks worth of sleeping tablets to get me back into a routine but they didn't work. I lay awake in bed until about 5am and then I have to get up early with my son and I just cant deal with this anymore

I have tried getting up and occupying myself by doing different things but the tiredness is killing me
Additional Details
Sorry my son is 19 months old - so he has got to that tiring age, i have cut out all caffeine and dont drink alcohol, i have tried warm milky drinks and a warm bath before bed
I think the fact I cant sleep is actually making me more depressed than anything now and hence making the sleeping problems worse, i havent got the energy to walk for 30 mins a day and i wouldn't try with my son while im in this state as ive found that my reactions are somewhat slower

Thanks for all the good advice so far xxx

Rub "kat" an hour or so.

turn everythink!!! off and lie in bed u'll fall asleep thats the onlyist way i can ever get to sleep! xXx

davey baby shut up !!! I feel for you it must be hard all I can say go back to your gp ask again I only get 4 hours a night so I no what you are going through but I have a couple of glasses of wine to help me nod off but that is not that answer good luck to you

thirsty mind
Go to www.nerurogenesis.com you will learn what is going on in your brain. They also have the perfect product for you. I love it. I hate meds. I go natural.

Cowabunga Woman
Insomnia can be a sign of depression. I would ask my family doctor about it.

I was once told that you don't sleep properly if you've got your head near a power socket.
Go back to your GP and get more sleeping tablets, I don't sleep to well either but mine is due to pain, I find listening to music helps me, a personal stereo would be good so you don't wake your son.
Good luck in getting some sleep.

First...lay off any caffiene or sweets..There is a herb called Valerian root, its all natural ,non habit forming pill that you can find easily.it works for me well..and it don't knock you out so much that you won't hear the fire alarm...there is also pills called Calm forte that also work well and saying your prayers at night always calms the soul......good luck

mold consumed,breathed sometimes is a factor in insomnia,along with recent exposure to some kind of building chemical like insecticides,preservatives,laquers, varnishes ,etc. whats the difference between these 2 tracks *you and your son may both have clinical depression , you should see your doctor for a work-up, and then a prescription for maybe LUNESTA,zanax,* track 2 you and your son for eleven hours drink an 8oz glass of mineral water,(no food for 11 hrs) write down complete family health history,

joe e
talk to the talking clock, its timee to go.

try reading a book, after a while you will get tired and be able to sleep.
write in a journal
make that time worth your while
maybe that would get you tired enough to sleep

an addition to "mithras'" answer.....when he says watch something, watch fight club.

This is a tricky question to answer as we dont have all the facts, for starters we dont know how old your son is.

My answer may be a load of rubbish, maybe i dont know all of it. If you re-ask the question, I'll be happy to re-answer if you think that is any good.

My guess is that you have a baby. I have a baby too. The other half does worry a lot when I feel that she doesnt have too. But that is purely out of love for the little one.
She worries that the little one isnt warm enuf, is too warm, doesnt have enuf milk, etc. You name it. But over time, she is getting better.
Time will be the healer?

If it is a baby, and you are worrying loads, have you considered that you have post-natal depression?

If I am talking rubbish, please tell us how old you son is.

Ronnie now
Lay in bed, close your eyes and count this way: 100, 1, 99, 2, 98, 3, 97, 4, 96, 5, 95, 6, etc down and up. If you get lost, start over at 100,1. At first I would get down to 70 and get lost but now I fall asleep before I get down to 80. It takes your mind off of things and allows you to relax which is what you need to sleep.

Away With The Fairies
Me too. I use otc medicines such as nytol. I've used them for years, I know I'm not supposed to but I do. It works for me.

keep ur self busy all day and don,t bath at nite as it keeps you awake more my husband was the same as you so i no wat you are going though i feel so so sorry for you and i will pray you get better. god bless ya xx

I can only tell you what works for my insomnia, and that is, I've started getting books (non-violent) on tape from the library and I play them when I get into bed. I don't know if it's "having a bedtime story" read to me (like in childhood!) that gets me off, but it works. The only problem is, I have to wind it back to hear a bit more of the story every day, but I don't mind that as long as I get to sleep! Good luck in whatever you try.

Oh dear....been there done that....I am sorry you are experiencing this....I know about the insomnia part of things too and the tablets were useless for me as well.....I just felt tired and drugged!!!

I was advised to get out and walk as much as I could to burn off any energy...yeah right...what energy!!! I was also told to have a relaxing bath and hot milk drink before bed.......also listen to tapes/cd of something relaxing or to exercise for 30 mins before bed....all of which had really no effect on me....

A change in my diet did......losing some weight did......getting a mattress topper of memory foam did......and even now I wake at 4 a.m. for no reason.....wide awake thinking ..."why aren't I asleep!"

I tire out my brain with crosswords now.....I lay in bed and just keep doing them until I suddenly realis my pen has dropped out of my hand and the book is on the floor.....

Best advice is don't lay there worrying about it......get up.....have a nice cup of hot tea (herbal) sit and watch TV.....but dont' lay there worrying about it..just accept it...it will go eventually.....

Also are you worrying about something?? Is there someone you can confide in if there is something making you constantly switched on mentally...maybe offloading it will help?

A friend had a lovely little story about worries..along the lines of "If you had to carry a glass of water how long could you carry it.....would your arm get tired if you had to carry it for an hour...a day...a week? If that glass was a worry then you would soon put it down and pick it up again when you needed to......so if you are carrying a worry around..put it down and collect it the next day...it will still be there but you wont be so tired" That's how it basically went anyway.

I hope you find a solution to your insomnia........in the mean time...use the time to get on with other things....sit and watch TV, knit...do some ironing.....read.....do crosswords...but most importantly DON'T worry about not sleeping..it will make it worse!

please be sure that you are getting help with the care of your son, lack of sleep can be dangerous, and you are right it will make depression worse. Maybe you can get someone to take your son during the day to just give you a break, I think if you have some time to unwind you may be able to relax a little and fall asleep later on in the evening. I had 2 toddlers and suffer from manic depression and believe me it is all a vicious cycle and you need to get some help before it get out of control.
YOU NEED REST even if it is not sleep.
If any one offers to watch your son by all means take them up on it.

Valerian root is an herb that helped my insomniac boyfriend get some sleep, you can find it over the counter. You could also try meditating, clearing your mind of all thoughts of the day. close your eyes and focus on numbers in colors corresponding with the colors of the rainbow. It takes time to visualize this, but if you focus and work at it, you might clear your mind enough to fall a sleep. Good luck.

You really must try Melatonin.For 15 years I suffered terribly from insomnia and had tried everything imaginable and available.I researched the product before purchasing and have been sleeping like a baby ever since.They really are that good.You will get no negative effects and they are not addictive.I recommend 4x3mg two hours before bedtime but you will have to discover what dose suits you.I will take them all my life if I have to I am so convinced off their safety.Check out the source below.

Hey there,
I use to have similar problem , u need to check on few things:
1) Take a Daily walk for 30 mins, atleast
2) Reduce any caffine and alchol that you might be taking.
3) Have a warm milk with a spoone of honey in it.
4) Release your stress by doing light yoga or other exercise.
Worked for me a lot , i thought i should let u know.

Shane C
Hey, I too use to suffer from insomnia a few years ago. I tried a lot of things but the one that worked for me was a simple meditation.
When I get into bed I close my eyes and picture my self sitting in the middle of an empty room with dim lighting. That’s it! It’s a pretty hard thought to hold onto. Your mind tries to think of other things. And it’s a really boring thought too. You’re just sitting in an empty room. But keep visualising this thought and don’t let any other things pop into your mind.
I’m not sure if it’s the boredom that puts me to sleep… or the calmness what ever it is it works. Try it. It’s not easy though it took me a couple of days to get it right.
Hope that helped and good luck I know how hard it can be.

Insomia is a hard disease to treat, and I hope you will feel better soon. Many people suggest that counting sheep, good pillows, and other ideas will help you sleep, they won't. What you should do is avoid stress and take the day easily, taking deep breaths. If you overexercise or become too stressed, you will only become more irritated. Another suggestion is go to a different, and perhaps better doctor and ask him/her to prescribe another medication if the one you are currently using is not working. Best of luck!


harold g
that isnt a good thing you need to get your right amount of sleep because it isnt any good for your immediate health with out good health and your not going to be any good to your self or your young son now im a male and i think the world of you ladies if you where close enough i would help you my self and it depends what your age is eventually it will mess you up and that isnt good

A couple of things I do.

Make sure there is no light in the room, not even a clock cover it up.
Change the temperature in the room a change can work.
don't use booze, it will actually let you sleep at first but wake you due to the sugars.
soften your bedding, get a different pillow.
get up and do something boring or do chores, your mind will not like either and you will be ready to sleep.

Hey i got the same problem as you, ive been suffering for nearly ten months now, i will go to the doctor soon, and im not sure what the doctor will do for me. I don't want to be dependant upon tablets. I don't think i have a choice though.

Excercise has worked for me once. and making sure you feel cool not hot.

Do have any idea what has caused you to be sleepless? If you could figure it out then maybe you could cure your insomnia.

heres a few helpful sources for sleep.
1. Lavender
3.valerian Root.
this site may help you with you sleep problems http://www.webaltmed.com/sleep.htm or help you find alternative medicines. good luck :-)

I used to suffer from insomnia, mostly i think it's about getting into a routine and sticking to it. Little things that help are Lavender oil on the pillow, drinking camomille and honey, or any other drink with honey in it because naturally sweet things actually depress the brains activity (so i'm told). One other thing is if you lie in bed and think of any situation or conversation (just make it up, has to be something really nice). Just go through the situation noticing every detail like you're watching a film, spend time making every scene perfect in your head. I did this and used to fall asleep at the same point in the situation every time!

awe hon it must be really tough for u, get decaffinated coffee and tea try taking night time kalms at night and normal kalms during the day hopefully that will get u back in a routine and go back to the doctor too

Should be Working!
I have suffered from insomnia for years and years and nothing has worked for me. But here are a few tips that hopefully will work for you. first take the TV out of your room.
Try Melatonin, you can get it at any health foods store, it is the natural sedative that your body produces, it has helped people I know. Also try Valerian root. Another natural herb that induces sleep. But do not take them together.
Stop drinking any caffeine after 4pm. I tried all of these and prescription meds and nothing worked for me. I finally went back to my doctor and it was my neck keeping me awake so he gave me a muscle relaxer. Now I get about 4 hours a night which is 2-3 more than I was getting.
If none of these work talk to your doctor again.
Good luck.

If you are in the UK get a packet of 25mg Phenergan tablets from your chemist. They are really for travel Sickness but are prescribed for your problem because they are non addictive and you will wake up as normal in the morning without the heavy feeling you get of pills. Take one half an hour before you go to bed, with a warm milky drink.

try warm milk and wholemeal toast for supper an hour before you go to bed.

Lavender room or pillow spray helps to relax.

if you can try yoga or meditation to help you destress before bed time.

no caffine after midday. sounds a bit mad but you might be caffine sensitive.

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