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I need answers right away its urgent!!!!?
Lately i havent been hungrey or thirsty and normally im hungry a lot, is something wrong with? If you thinnk so then what? please answer soon.
Additional Details
just to add im very active i do volleyball almost everyday and where i live its barely hot so i dont think im overheated and i`ve barely eaten in days.

Miss Julia
I loose my appitite when its really hot out side. If you feel theres a problem seek treatment, but you have to understand we are not machiens and don't always run the same way all the time.

Honey I think you need to relax. You really didn't give much information besides a change in your eating habits. Have you been stressed out lately? School, work, family, etc. Another thing how long has this been going on (your reduction in hunger). Don't worry about it to much, unless it becomes a constant problem.

Just stick to a healthy diet (3-4 meals a day) and drink plenty of water (8 12oz glasses throughout the day) whether you're hungry and thirsty or not. If your body doesn't need it, it will just let it pass through your system or it may store it for later.

As long as you're active, you are keeping yourself physically fit, but you may feel weary in the weeks to come if you don't keep your food and water intake consistent.

Oh no i am not!!!
no one here is likely to be a doctor, go see one...

Ellie E

Melissa S
Not necessarily. It is summer now and alot of people aren't as hungry as normal, you could have anxieties or depression. sometimes I'm starving all the time, sometimes I won't eat anything all day. I flucuate like that alot. Sometimes my monthly throws everything off too. It just depends. What's been going on in your life lately? Take a look at that. Or your metabolism may be screwy.

no that happened to me like a couple of days ago. I am 10. But i wasn't NOT thirsty. If you seriously can't eat then just take a nap and you will prob be hungry when you wake up.

gregg k
Being hungry all the time is more of a problem than not being hungry. Eating regular amounts at the same times each day will cause you to not be so hungry in-between. So, there is no problem yet that I can see. But, if it goes for long periods where you are not hungry or thirsty, that would affect your energy and your health. But, watch what you eat and drink. It may be that the food you see is not too apetizing, too, but do not let that control how you eat. Some foods that look bad are better than food that looks good. Stay healthy.

you're probly a little sick so its affecting your appetite

Jill M
um no, there is nothing wrong, but i would say be more active and when you eat food eat things with lots of protein like turkey, or cheese or yogurt

Taylor R
Your metabolism might be changing. It's really nothing to worry about as long as you continue to eat. You might want to try eating smaller meals or something like that. If you're depressed or stressed out it could be that too.

Tanner (gettin' by)
don't see why that's so urgent, but it's mainly because your metabolism has slowed some. could be because of age, lack of activity, etc... many things. i don't think it's anything to worry about though.

Sometimes you go through what is called "growth sprouts" where all you want to do is eat. And, the other times you don't. It could have been you were eating a lot because you were growing and needed the nourishment. Now, that you aren't Hungary or thirsty doesn't mean you stop eating and drinking. Even when your not hungry or thirsty, it is best for to do so anyway.

Shannon Letaâ„¢
If you are a teenager, have had a recent major change in your life (such as a drastic move, switching of schools and/or jobs, lost a loved one, broke up with a boyfriend, lost a friend, or had a change in income) you could be affected by it.

If you have your period or are pregnant, your hormones could be causing appetite suppressant.

Also, if you've begun a diet or a ritual work out routine, it could have affected your body's reactions toward food.

Try to eat even when you are not hungry. If you feel this problem persists, please see a Doctor.

Elisabeth R
dont worry i go through this once in a while
:) it'll pass just do things as normal :)

Well depending on how old you are, you could of been just growing and when you grow you get VERY hungry, so now that you are not that hungry you have stopped growing for now. If you are older and are not really growing any more you may need more exercise and your body will go back to normal again.!!

Ask me anything
It could be one or a combination of all of the answers above. It just depends. If you have been inactive, pregnancy, illness, or it could just be your appetite has changed. If it carries on for a long time then you might want to see your Dr.

Depending on where you live we are in Arizona Today is some what cool...it's 100 degrees...the other nite at 9 pm it was 102...So it could be the heat but you should still be thirsty not nessicarily thirsty...Feeling actual thirst like no saliva is thirst also steps of dehydration,,,I would be happy I wasn't hungry...Not to be nosey but are you heavy or thin???All of our bodies go through changes also our tastes change every seven yrs or so...If you are stressing more then usual that could cause lack of eating...I always said DIVORCE is the best Diet...LOL!! Are you happier now then when you were eating alot???New mate??? Maybe you were depressed & ate more??? Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to eat...You must have some sort of life style change...Drugs will do the same...Diet pills... if you feel sick go to the dr.

An urgentl needed 4 hour glucose tolerance test from GP.
The Insulin Zone Diet
Chromium Picolinate 200mcg twice daily and a doctor who knows about nutrition, but not the Diabetic Assn who's diet may contribute.
Stop immeditaly all cereal grains, bread, especially if white and eat good quality protein at least every three hours, and butter and and beef or lamb fats. prevent CVD and slow down the Insulin/Glucagon response!
Bet you knew the answer anyway!

Diabetes Type 2 non-insulin dependent is reversable!
Australian Institute for Functional Medicine

see dr

Is there anything else wrong or just your appetite? Are you anxious about something? Upset about something? Has anything changed in your life besides your eating/ drinking habits? These can all have an effect on your consumption. You are going to have to force yourself to eat on a regular basis, even if you don't feel like it.

ask your doctor
im not sure

normally are you actually hungry or do you jsut eat cuz you want to cuz thats what i do. have you been exercising more cuz that changes your diet or so does the pill or pregnancy... if youve been doing something out of the ordinary its probaby that. but make sure you eat AND drink water especially you need it!!

maybe your pregnant

How long has this been going on?Going through periods of changing appetite is normal.The only reason you should be concerned is if it lasts for a long period of time or is accompanied by other symptoms,like depression.Then you would need to call your Dr.Right now just make sure you drink enough water so that you do not become dehydrated.GOD-bless

Lexi Star
If there has been a serious problem in your life recently, such as a break up, divorce, fight, or death, you could be feeling sick to your stomache and not really in the mood for eating or drinking anything.

you have barely eaten....
ur hungry...

then u might not be so dang hungry!

you might be dehydrated. drink lots of water. :)

maybe your just not hungry, are you stressed out? Because that might be causing you to not feel hungry.

Tommy Boy
you may be depressed.

no its not bad... That happened to me around 12. Its normal so dont worrie

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