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Clyde Banks
I love smoking and don't give 2 hoots about all the tosspots on here who despise it..anyone agree?

Hello fellow smoker, i totally agree it's my body and I'll do what the hell i want. I know all the medical stuff about it being bad for me but sorry doesn't put me off, i could be killed by a bus quicker than the cigarettes. You can't beat the after dinner cigarette it the best, dinner time just wouldn't be the same without my cigarettes. The people that ***** about smoking are obviously non smokers you don't smoke so you don't understand the concept of smoking so you should keep your opinions to yourself, you don't like it move away so i don't blow smoke in your face. Its a free country well it use to be before all the monkey's in their tweed suits started to interfere. Down with the tyrants

Wilson Wilson

AMEN ! you go Billy .....Thanks <:3 }~ PUFF PUFF

yep i hear ya loud and clear everyone has the right to choose wether or not to smoke we know the side effects to smoking and the health concerns about it we don t need it crammed down or throats non smokers today remind me of religious freaks who try to press the issues with you god i hate em

Those people against smoking pro bally drive or use over fuming public transport ans are over weight hypocrites.

Rook H
I love to smoke as well. I admit, I am an addict. I smoke outdoors and I am not hurting anyone else. It bothers me that people raz me for something that is my business. I know they cause cancer, etc. I consider myself considerate about others. But what about all the preservatives and colourings they put in our foods. What about all the hormones injected into the meat. What about the way animals are treated before slaughter like calves and lambs? How about the way chickens are treated so they will lay more eggs than they would naturally? How about cheddar that causes cancer. And hairdryers. And electric shavers. Flouride and chlorine in our water supply. Artificial ways to ripen our fruit and vegetables so they look pretty in the store. Sulphites, additives to make things last longer. All the crap put in other things that we daily put into our bodies that cause infinite amounts of health problems. Long last lipsticks that cause breast cancer. Bras that also cut off circulation to the lymph nodes and cause cancer. The way you have to pay double and sometimes triple for things that DONT contain all the crap (organic products) and that the government dont subsidise in order for everyone to eat better with less additives? All these things and all I ever hear is how "smoking is bad for me" amongst other things. I am not the one killing anyone else. All the other things that people put in and on their bodies gratefully that cause infinitely more problems never seem to come up in conversation. Maybe it is because smokers are individual so we have a face to lay the blame on. All the hidden things, agendas we cannot attack because they are hidden groups causing it.

Captain Trips
Good for you and the hell with all those second hand smoke critics. If smoking doesn't kill you, then something else will obviously. So puff away.

I personally hate cigarettes, but I am for smokers rights.

I am a non-smoker and I am for everyone's rights.

As a smoker - you know what it will and it won't do. So, no preaching. But, as a non-smoker (never touched that stuff in my life) - I agree with all the smokers that they should be left alone. All others should keep our mouth shut.

We are not wishing any ill-luck to anyone; we do not do that to anyone who is disadvantaged in some way or someone wants to do something that you don't like? Why target smokers?

If it is in their domain, and they do their thing so that it does not affect me personally then we non-smokers should quit bothering them.

Enough already. This is a free country.

Good for you,i stand right beside you on this,I'm fed up with all this anti smoking,they should concentrate more on alcohol abuse which causes much more harm,not only to the drinker but their families and loved ones too,i enjoy my ciggies and have no intention of giving up,we all have to die anyway,but i know of none smokers dying of lung cancer,so there you go,We smokers stand united,and what happened to freedom of choice

I agree with you!

it is no diferent than an obesed person overeating on cakes and grease! No one complains then!

In fact when they rarely do, it is not the persons fault, it is the restaurants fault for serving unhealthly food.

By the way, I am a considerate smoker, i dont smoke round anyone, i go outside so you cannot say i am polluting anyones lungs.

My choice, leave me alone.

Edward B
i agree a lot of people drive cars what about all the fumes that come out of them

your body, your health, just consider those around you who do care about their health.

I think your attitude is despicable, and no better than people who are completely intolerant of smokers. If I go around a smoker's house, I don't expect them to stop smoking because of me. But if a smoker comes round my house, I expect them to respect my space and not smoke there. What you do to yourself is up to you, and I'm not trying to stop that, but what you do to others should be controlled.

I'm not quite sure where I stand on a smoking ban. It would make places much more pleasant for me, but to some extent it does impinge on the rights of others. The main point I have in support of a smoking ban is that if tobacco and Nicotine were disovered now, they would definitely be banned substances, such as Cannabis. It's only because smoking is so widespread that it would be impossible to enforce a complete ban.

I agree with you. The stupid answers you have recieved can go straight to the trash bin where they belong. I go to my Club where smoking is allowed and every table has an ashtray on it. I do object to people coming in and pretend to cough and splutter when they sit next to me. " can you move your cigarette please?"
" No I effing can't " you are entering my domain, if you don't like it. MOVE. If I go to a non smoking establishment, I will abide by your rules and if I want a cigarette, I will go outside and then come back in.

to be perfectly honest billy s, I don't care wether you smoke or not. as long as it doesn't affect me. what I do care about is some J*****s who's been smoking their whole like, clogged up thier lungs, caused cancer, taking up valuable resources on the nhs, sitting there with their tanks of pure oxygen because they've got Emphysema, below is something I copied from wikipedia, and in case anybody was wondering, alveoli are what transfer oxygen to the bloodstream, pretty f****d without them.

billy s, good look for the future, I'll see you in hospital, I'll be the person able to walk without support/an oxygen tank.

p.s. in the last 12 years seven members of my family have died due to smoking related illnesses, including my mother who was 59 years old.

'''Emphysema is a chronic lung disease. It is often caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or long-term exposure to tobacco smoke.

Emphysema is characterized by loss of elasticity of the lung tissue; destruction of structures supporting the alveoli; and destruction of capillaries feeding the alveoli. The result is that the small airways collapse during expiration, leading to an obstructive form of lung disease (air is trapped in the lungs in obstructive lung diseases). Symptoms are: shortness of breath on exertion--particularly when climbing stairs or inclines (and later at rest), hyperventilation and an expanded chest. As emphysema progresses, clubbing of the fingers may be observed, a feature of longstanding hypoxia.'''

People on here are not inhaling your smoke so they don't really care, try going for a smoke in a hospital or something.....

Billy! What are you doing?

I have seen you ask a question several times in relation to smoking.
If you don't give 2 hoots, then why are you making, yet another point?

I agree! But ppl do have their own opinion's.

Let it go Billy.... have a cig!!

Good for you then. You will be looking forward to a painful death because of your love and I hope you remember this question when you do.

~♥~♥~♥ ThE GoDdEsS ♥~♥~♥~
Well do what you do. I just wish you didn't expose yourself to something that could cause cancer to you and others around you. I think it is stupid to smoke now that we know so much about smoking and it's side effects. Maybe in the early to the mid 1900's when smoking was glamorous I would understand but now. You just seem to be an idiot.

chris h
Come and live in St maarten in the caribbean. We all smoke here cos it is so cheap and we all die young so we look good in our coffins.

Gilly S
Nope dont agree cant agree
80%+ dont smoke yet one person smoking in a room pollutes the air inflicts misery on others and makes you stink - so long as you don't care you won't mind if I tell you your breath smells, your hair stinks, your fingers are yellow, your cough irritating and your clothes - man! go wash....so mind if you step outside and take the stinking smog with you?

Disgruntled Biscuit
Oh, I don't give two hoots either if you smoke. Just don't be smoking where you're not supposed to (all those numbnuts on the bus for example), and we'll be square.

NO! you may want to inhale cig smoke into your lungs but I don't. keep it in your own home if you want to smoke!

Keep smoking dude, just keep it away from those who don't like it--but you can smke around me!

Zakos the greek
Every time you smoke...you are just putting another nail in your coffin. Go ahead if you dont care about yourself.

ah well, there you go then!! at least my lungs are not clogged up with that foul thick dripping, sticky treacle-like cancer making tar, so gues what i've got the last laugh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!

I'm gonna start charging second hand smokers for inhaling my fumes.
I smoke and i like it! I'll quit when everybody gives up driving!

What you do is your business, as long as you are not harming others. When your activity becomes harmful to someone else, then it's THEIR business too (whether you give any hoots or not).

I smoke also...but I'm not going to force others to (second hand) smoke just because I choose to. I don't have the right to do that...to harm others...neither does any other smoker.

Will M
I Hate smoking, thats why I gave up.
But, i dont care what you think, because I will live longer, I aint killing myself any more

Chav Princess
I smoke and I don't give a fu** what others think but I would never smoke in the presence of people who disagree with it.

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