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Olivia Lovely;♥
I know a girl who?
bites chunks out of her fingers, especially thumbs, and they are always really bleedy.
she doesn't bite her nails.
it doesn't seem to hurt her, but she is generally quite stressed, she suffers from bulimia too.
is she addicted to biting her hands?
is it a compulsive thing?

the mikester
thats a little nutty she should see a shrink

It's just a stupid habbit. I have the same habbit. But my life is streesless and going great at the moment. But I'm sure some people do it because of stress. Remind her of it, and tell her it's gross

maybe she should c a dr

thats intresting

maybe or stress, but she should go see a doctor.

ewwwwwwwww Tell her to stop!! Get away from her! Tell her parents! I dont know but that is really bad

ton d
If she does it alot, and she's prone to bulimia, it's probably compulsive. Sounds like she needs some real help, I reccomend she see a physician, or practice some meditation techniques that you can use when you fee the urge to do whatever you feel compelled to do.

Dannı {Pro Jonas}
omg! That is horrible! Ya i think there is something going on in her life thats very stressful

I do something quite similar!

I pick my fingers and bite the skin off. I know of others who do it too and I have no idea why!

My girlfriend bought me a stress ball to try and stop me doing it but it don't work!

paradise city kid
more of a compulsive thing than a addiction

civic chick
yes.. its mainly bcus of stress.. i had the same situation,, but i would bite my finger nails n skin.. she doesnt mind the pain that she is sufferin though.. she should really go see a doctor.. that helpd me out alot to calm down stress..

I think u should take her 2 a doctor

do you mean she bites her skin/cuticles? Well more then likely it is an obsessive thing, she probably cant help it. But with that and her bulimia, she definitely need to see a doctor/psychiatrist. There are a lot of places with free help, depending on where you live, they are usually government funded. (For Example, in Dallas, TX, there is the MHMR- which is a mental health clinic that you can go to and apply for their gov mental health program, and you can see a psych, get pills, go to group meetings, etc, for free.)
Some people do have the bad habit of biting their nails and skin, but mostly it is due to stress. She has to stop that, not only is it unsanitary, the "sores" can get infected.

I used to have a habit of biting my skin around my nails, but i would never do it to where it bled. It was just a habit i have, which i've worked on a lot. I just think its so unsanitary to bite your nails, b/c all kinds of bacteria/germs/and nasty stuff gets caught under your nails lol, so I would bite the skin instead. Plus I'm just a little Obsessive Compulsive lol.

David W
We all have traits that we do when stressed out at times.

don't think of it as a terrible thing to do to youself.
I'm sure if you talk to her about the issue she'd be glad of the company!

Best of luck

i think she should get help coz thats not normal, maybe its a way of taking her mind of the bulimia.

i <3 Michael Phelps more!!!!!
wow, ive never heard of that. she should talk to someone about that, so she can stop before she gets an infection.

it could be her way of dealing with stress, it sounds kind of like self harm but a different form of it. she might not realise that shes doing it.

i bite the skin around my nails too.....its a nervous habit. but if this girl is biting significant chunks out of her fingers and suffers from bulimia is seems to be compulsive and obsessive. she needs some kind of help to find out why shes doing those things...

Kenton G
yes i would say that she is i would try and stop her i do it and i got told to stop.

yo mama
shes needs help

Many people do that. I'm a victim of it, my brother/sister, and a guy friend....

If she's stressed then she'll do it, I do it when I'm bored in class or bored in general, anxious, or nervous about something. It might be compulsive, I've been doing it for years but I have times where I won't bite them for weeks and my hands look beautiful! It's a habit, and a hard one to break!

yeah... its REALLY compulsive! that's the most disgusting thing a person can do to theirselve.... but I guess that's what makes her comfortable since she's sick so i dunno its probably OK (in her situation)

Anna D
she most likely is nervous and biting herself is a control factor. it helps to calm her. this isnt healthy at all though and if you are a good friend then i would see to it that she gets help. smart people know when they need help from others.

its a freak thing...eww she is gonna get sick if she keeps doing that...she needs to go to the doctor...and needs some help or meds...i mean not trying to be a brat but still....idk what it is...

girllllllllllll !!! she on dat crack

Meg H
It's borderline compulsive.. more of a dirty habbit. I bite my nails and bite my the sides of my fingers... I've tried to record what i'm thinking about at the time that i do this.. it's always different but it all comes down to thinking too hard into things. I quite cigarettes in february, found out i was pregnant, got married, and now some lady is sueing me for a car accident that happend over two years ago (which was completely her fault).... and i've got stubby fingers to show for it all.
I suppose there are worse things than biting fingers.. and bulimia is one of them. I've never heard of people dying from stubby fingers but bulimia..... that's getting pretty seriouse. And it could be from her stress... stress can cause physical symptoms like nausea and vomitting.
It's time for this girl to either take a long vacation or visit a counselor/doctor. She will eventually become a danger to herself, and it's so sad to see your friends wither away.
Try offering her positive advice before saying "yo, girl, you need a docter." Buy her a stress release ball and some candles if you are concerned.. and send it with a thoughtful card.
good luck, i hope she can turn herself around.

Henri C
YH, it may be a pressure or stess thing that started off as just a little habit but now its turned compulsive

tell her to stop cuz a few yrs ago, in the news a girl just like her chewed all her fingers off she couldn't feel it too

Live Juicy<3
idk but thats weird

She most likely has really stressfull situations going on at home, or had them growing up. People abusing themselves is a way of taking the attention off the pain they feel on the inside and putting their attention on something else. Remember the movie Major Payne? The part where somebody had broken thier leg and M Payne said want me to take your mind off your leg pain? They said yes and he broke thier finger. Its the same concept. She needs professional help.

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