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Aoife C
I just saw a ghost in my house?
What should I do?

you didnt see a ghost they are not real your seeing things see a doctor

ghost are people who stay here on earth if you dont want it around tell it to go to the light go to god

what kind of ghost?

depends on the ghost...what did it do? it is still there i bet?

Film it and post it for us to see.

call the ghostbusters

Just let it be. Ghosts are perfectly harmless, unless they are poulterguists (evil spirits). If it is an evil spirit (I doubt it), then call a priest to bless your home.

Jerry H
Collect Rent!


ghosts are real and one of the houses that I lived in growing up had them.

The thing to do is next time you see it tell it to "leave you alone in the name of Jesus Christ". If it doesn't work say it again and believe what your saying or the ghost will know and not leave you alone. Everytime that me or my parents saw one and said this it disapeared and left us alone.

since you posted this under health care, you may want to seek medical help!


Write down everything you felt, saw, heard, smelt etc; do it now. Then don't think about it until you've chilled out substantially. Then talk to someone rational about it, calmly and with an open mind. This should be at least a few days away.

Speaking personally, I believe in the astonishing capability of the human mind to give perfectly sane people some very insane experiences. There is no other explanation for charismatic christians, for example, who are no madder than the mainstream but do passionately believe in experiences that I don't believe are what they think they are. I spent a VERY long time among them and know how they think. I am tempted to suggest your experience is in this general category.

I don't want to say any more than that because that would be a direct contradiction of what you've said - "I've seen a ghost" is quite a positive assertion, and you didn't invite us to dispute it. Sorry that I did! all the best anyway

hockey pro
show it the cross and say the power of christ compells you 5 times

call a paranormal investigator, how do you know it wasnt a real person

Ask him if his name is CASPER. then take another hit of the dope youre smokeing.

ghosts can not harm you they can not pick up objects. they must be good ghosts they must be from your past future or just to help you or they live there so don't worry if they are bad ghosts you Willl know and you wil know how to stop them

don t do any thing . forget that .

what do you feel like doing?


say HELLO ! we have a ghost of an elderly chap - he only appears when we decorate ie disruption in the house, are you decorating or remodelling ? talk to them and show them your new plans - ghosts can be very curious but very rarely do any harm

You should take off your shirt and throw clay pots on a wheel and listen to "Unchained Melody". Maybe call Whoopi Goldberg too.

tell your newspaper and make heaps of money

Tortured Soul
Oh yea, well, I just got chased into the bathroom by rabid dust bunnies, that's freakin' scary!!!

joe s
You are seeing things! Get 'Ghost busters' in! The are a company, and they find out why you think you saw a ghost, usally due to dust, and winds. YOU HAVE NOT SEEN A GHOST!

I loathe YH answers
Stop taking those substances

It doesn't matter...as long as the ghost doesnt do any harm to you

nothing unless it is bothering you and thross things,

if it is a benign spirit, there is no need to freak out.

call the ghostbusters

who ya gonna call, GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

jack jack
freak out

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