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I Can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!
Last night I had a horrible night!!! I only slept for like 4 hours and i couldn't fall back asleep!! Now, I am afraid I won't get any sleep again. what can i do to make me fall asleep tonight (or atleast get some sleep!!). I have a trip tomorrow and i need to get rest

sleeping pills work or maybe a new mattress

Tylenol PM

Matthew M
take a sleeping pill

Fred Fred-burger.yes.
eat a turkey dinner, then some ice cream!

I find this to be a ignorant question to ask. (no offense) I have many suggestions for you.

#1 sleeping pills

#2 a shot of brandy

#3 camomile tea

#4 smoke a joint

Hopes this helps....

blaze a j, drink some tea (decaffeinated of course), eat a lot of food (turkey), and watch a movie

Don't take an over-the-counter sleeping pill. It will make you groggy and lethargic. Try Melatonin or Valerian root. They're both natural, and work very well. You can probably find both at your local grocery.

Take a Benadryl. It's the same ingredient as over the counter sleeping pills.

Jay S
Try this

1. Eat a cracker and a slice of turkey. Turkey contains trytophan, which is a natural compound that makes us sleepy. It's the reason everyone gets sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Drink a cup of herbal tea with sugar substitute

3. Eat more fish than usual.

4. Turn off all electronics (TV, computers, cell phones) 1 hour before bedtime

5. Stretch (gently) your neck and back 1/2 hour before bedtime

Focus on your breathing, and slow it down.

Try Melatonin. Its a natural herb....you can get it at the grocery store

Well did you drink anything with caffiene or have chocolate? If you did then that could be a reason. You should try to use some music to like make you fall asleep. Or read to help you sleep. That's what I do. try to sleep early so that if you wake up again you can try to fall abck aslep.

I've had insomnia for years. The best thing to do is clear your mind. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to falling asleep. That's the worst thing.

Perhaps have some herbal tea, with no caffeine, right before bed. Or warm milk, I haven't tried that, but I heard that helps.

you may think it's odd or the best idea but the best natural way is to orgasm, by yourself or not it works. when you orgasm the body releases chemicals that make you fall asleep. however you do it, it's the best way with no sleeping pills required.

drinking a big glass of milk works every time

Pure Corrister
Reading at nite can put you out faster than Tylenol PM. Combine them and you'll be out really fast. Don't worry about not being able to sleep because sooner or later you fall asleep. Honey is also great for Insomnia.

Sophia K
i used to be like that. Medication really doesnt do you any good but i guess it works. I would not reccomend it personally, its just not natural. I have a Lavender pillow that really helps. If you don't have one, have a nice long and hot bubble bath and light some candles. Honestly, it will relax you. Get out the bath into your p-j's and straight into bed. Put all your worrys out your mind and this sounds kinda crazy but......you know that game, my grandma went to market where you go through the alphabet thinking of things she bought? Eg: My grandma went to market and she bought an apple, my grandma went to market and bought an apple and a banana, my grandma went to market and bought an apple an banana and a cat, my grandma etc. all the way through the alphabet! It works for me! If that fails, deep breathe. Hope this helps! x

Nick S
I have two tips i use to help myself get to sleep at night. A: I will darken the room to pitch blackness, and then stare at my ceiling trying to keep my eyes open as long as possible until finally they close and i rest option B: TYake a sleeping pill.I take simply Sleep it has a lose dose of Diphenhydramine Hci about 25mg per caplet i tke two wihich is about 50 mg of the drug, its bascially a generic Benedryl. Diphenhydramine is a very commonly used sleeping agent which in my experiance hasnt become habit forming. Lately i have acutally ben ussing beer to get to sleep about a 12 pack a night but that is for the troopers i guess lol

Work out a few hours before you go to sleep. That happens to me too sometimes b/c of inactivity during summer.

Hah, calm down! This happens to us all from time to time. Only worry if it has been an on-going thing that you haven't been able to fall asleep... in that case see a doctor. If it was only one night, then simply try again. Take something to make you drowsy if you need it. Your body will make up for the sleep when it needs to. Try not to nap also, because that will keep you up. Listen to some music, watch a favorite movie of yours, relax in a pool if you have one... just calm down.



I saw on a pack of pills that eating a banana and drinking milk before you go to bed help you sleep. I have never tried this, I hate bananas and milk, but my friend swears it works. Taking a nice warm shower before bed also helps me, because the water soothes me. And don't do anything stressful before bed time. I hope this helps!

Drink a sleepy tea. it Helps!

Felipe G
um mm run around do something to keep you busy and when the nigth gets here you will be really tired and you will fall asleep

Um, maybe it could just be a one time thing.
and maybe your excited for the trip, and when your excited you cant get much sleep...
but to help you sleep, dont watch Tv before bed.. have a cup of milk B4 bed. even though i dont drink milk...
but ihear it helps!!.. and no drinks or food with salt in them, it will keep you up having to pee all night!

drink milk

Go for a run or have some other kind or "pre sleep activity"

youll feel exhausted and go right to bed.

Jennifer Lynn
I use the aroma therapy stuff from Bath and Body Works. I just spray it on my sheets and my pillow and it makes me fall asleep. It's a very relaxing fragrance. You should get some. It's not expensive.

Gf F/Mikaeellaa.
I'm not sure about you, but sleep is something I enjoy occassionally. Let's face it, we all have to sleep to rejuvenate our body and keep it working at the best of its ability. Not everyone can fall asleep quickly, so if you have troubles when your head hits the pillow at night, take a look at these steps and see if they can help!

1.Kick the Caffeine. It's not rocket science that caffeine keeps your body awake. It's a stimulant, which is why a lot of us use it to keep functioning throughout the day! In reality, it can stay in your body for up to 14 hours, so keep that in mind when you dive into your cup of coffee or can of Coke before hitting the sack. Try to take your last caffeinated drink at least 4 to 6 hours before bedtime.

2.Don't Drink Alcohol. At first, it might seem like an easy way for you to knock yourself out at night, but it actually causes disturbances in your sleep, therefore leading to a restless sleep which will leave you feeling tired the next morning.

3.Try to Relax! Stress is part of everyday life, but it can make you miserable and leave you up at night. Try to develop a "system" to break the connection between the day's stresses and bedtime. It can be as short as 10 minutes, or as long as an hour to disconnect from your day. Read a book, meditate, take a hot bath!

4.Exercise! Regular exercise is not only good for you physcially, but studies have shown that people that exercise on a regular basis sleep better at night. Don't exercise in the evening though if you have trouble sleeping, it can make you more alert so for those of us that can't sleep, it's best to do it in the morning.

5.Keep your bedroom quiet and dark. For a lot of people, even the slightest noises can keep them up at night. Use earplugs, dark windows and curtains, or even a fishtank for "relaxing" noise. Don't use the overhead light if you can help it, and keep the temperature at a comfortable level for you.

Choix du'Jour
Chamomile tea with hot milk.

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