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I'm going to be fifteen in May and am worried. I hate getting older. How can I stop worrying?

try to think positive...in a way that maybe you will grow up but then you will learn so much ...so replace one worry with the wonder of life

Happy Birthday in case I forget in May btw !

There's never a reason to worry about getting old. Every year I worry about getting older and my life just gets better. The older you grow the more you know and the greater your opportunities are. Believe me. In 10 years you'll look back and laugh at feeling old at 15.

zoe g
look on the bright side, u got 1 yr till u can buy cigs, 2 yrs till u can drive and 3 yrs till u can drink...dont worry its all good!

I would ask you why do you feel that being 15 is old ?
Stop and say I have 100 ( Years) step to go- and it will take 85 ( Years) more step to get there - 365 days x 85 do the math- why rush- Father God give this young baby peace to live one day at a time- Let it be so

If you think about it - there's only one alternative to getting older - and I'm sure it would be more worrying.

well im 17 and you really hae nothing to worry about...every year that you get older you learn more and get to experience new things...i know it can be scary at times but you have to remember that you should make the most of it...just remember life is an adventure and next time you start to worry just think of someone older than you who you admire or look up to...im sure it took them till the age they are to be that great of a person.

Keep thinking when you turn 21 you can buy beer and go to Topless bars. Then time pass much slower for you. Then by the time you turn 21 you be in Debt and working 6 days a week and you be praying you hurry up and get old and die. Then it will seem like you going to live forever.

oh my god wait until you are in your thirties! why worry its part of life, things will change you will get you independance eventually, leave school, move out, its an adventure! when i worry about something i tell myself its ok it will be a challenge, i am up to the challenge and i can cope. think like that, and talk to your mum and dad, so they help you gradually move on into adulthood.

im going to be fifteen in april, and tbh im not worried at all.
whatever happens, have a good birthday.

sandy l
I suggest the first thing you do is write down all the things you say you hate about getting older.
Once you have written that down write another list . the second list you should write all the things that are good about getting older.
really think about this as you write it them out.
compare the two lists . see how many of the things you hate or worry about in regard to getting older are cancelled out by the list that says all the good things about growing up.
Being young is fun . Lots of people would love to be kids again ,
there are lots of kids that wish to be adults .
I think you will find that after you make the lists and look at them and compare them you will find that growing up can be fun and can mean you get to learn and do things that will make you very happy.

I'm in the same situation, I'm just not really worried about it! I'll be fifteen in april. I get worried about other things. A good way to help yourself be less worried is to have a certain word you like that you say whenever you start to worry. Just take a deep breath and say the word. It can be any word, even one from another language! or part of a song. Also, look at growing up as a good thing. It's something that happens to everyone and will happen no matter what. It mean more freeedom, new relationships maybe, new friendships, college, driving, lots of cool stuff! so try to turn it into a positive thing.

im turning 15 in 20 days, so y are u worried?!?! im not... sweetie, getting older is a part of life

unless u wanna live like the girl whose parents took out stuff from her so she'd stay 6 forever

would u ACTUALLY want that?!?!

go live in neverland, hmmm?

how about trying to look into the future 13 more years..... now that could be a lot more worrying.... no? Happy birthday to in may if i don't wish you on the day! Make sure you pass your GCSEs!

You know what they say, your as young or old as you feel, and right now your sounding like my 50 year old mother!!! HAHAHA. Dude, I'm 23, granted I have never wanted to age another day after 18 but I don't regret or look down on the things I have learned and I still look forward to what life will teach me as time goes on. I agree with just about everyone, YOU FULL OF IT!!! Seriously, I want you to remember this Question and when your my age, you'll look back and smile, life has taught you something!!!

Lisa W
You know, people are being harsh .. im just 17 and i feel like i'm getting older - too quickly..and i don't like it i want to be younger

all i can say is to do young tthings while your still young if you know what i mean ..
like the things you wont be able to do when your older as an adult

And live life to the full so you dont regret not doing anyhting

15 you havent even left school yet what are you worrying about....

A bit of advise enjoy your age dont spend time worrying now as you will have plenty of that when your older wether you like it or not

so be at peace with yourself....go get a girlfriend or two.....find a hobbie

Babe, try not to worry.

Every year you get older, your life is actually going to get better and better. I can do more and more things every year as I'm earning more cash.

For example, a couple of years ago I went to New York with my best friend (I live in the UK). I would never have been allowed to go when I was 15, nor could I afford it. Yes, you have more responsibilites as you get older, but you also have the freedom to do literally anything you want in your free time. Nobody gets to tell you what to do anymore - it's great.

Plus you've got Love to look forward to, and finding out want you want from life, the things you like and don't like - it's going to be amazing!

As for getting older and eventually dying - well, sadly that happens to us all. But look at it this way - you could get hit by a bus tomorrow anyway. So try not to spend the time you've got worrying about it - it's just a waste of all that energy you have in your youth!

jazzzzzzz D
your question is totally valid do not listen to these people. I've been feeling exactly the same way for a couple years. It's notreally the number 15, but it's being closer to senior year then college then trying to figure out what to do and all that stuff!

I try to realize that you just can't do anything about it. So try to fix something you do have control over, like get organized or....i dunno. But it might help! And don't have a party if you really don't want to!

"If you believe that feeling bad or worring long enough will change a... future event, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system."

Try thinking that you've got another 15 years before you finally grow up and become an adult.

It goes quick, don't waste it!

ben s
Gosh mate, it seems like you really are gonna be old before your time if you don't like gettin older. The truth is that we all have to face facts, we are all gonna getb older. Fortunately I'm not one of these people who look back on my life and wish I was younger, god I'm only 23 myself and I'm lovin the age I am and believe it or not I will try and enjoy being older when time comes. I look at tv celeberities in thier fifties and sixties who look really well for their age and think I hope I look like that when I reach there. After all you are only as young as you think you are and it really inportant that you live life for today, don't dwell that your gettin older cos it happens to everybody so get out there and do something great today.

Are you f**k**g serious. Get a damn grip. Try being 92. Jeez.

wat kind of 15 yr old hates getting older? arent 50yr olds supposed to hate getting older?

OMG I wish I was 15 again.

Sweetie, it happens to everyone. I mean 15 is not that old. Your still a kid. You just have to take everyday minute by minute. Its a stage. You will want to be older sooner, then when you are older you will wish you were younger! its just how the process works. It will all work out! Your turning 15!! oh my birthday is may 1st! ill be 16! Just think your getting older. more privlages! It all will be okay dont worry about it! There is nothing you can do to stop your age growth! its going to happen no matter what!

You are worried about getting old at fifteen? You should be. At your age you have one foot in the grave!


Ask your question in about thirty or forty years!

Enjoy your youth one day you'll look back on this and realize how ridiculous it was to worry.

m c
dont worry it wont last ,youl soon be sixteen

Buck Flair
Oh. My. God.


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