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*~* Falling Leaves *~*
How to you bring yourself to wake up early in the morning?
I am kinda night person.I sleep at like 2 am and wake up at 11 am.And I really wanna wake up early,but everytime I set the alarm early like at 8:30 a voice inside my head tells me"sleep,u r really tired".Yesterday at slept at like 1 am and set the alaram at 8:30,turned it off and slept till 10:10 a.m.My exams are within a week and time is passing really quick and I don't know how to bring myself to wake up early.So how can I do it?How can I wake up early ,active,happy and ready to start a brand new day.I never wake up early to study,if I have like an appointment,course or gotta go to college early,I can wake up early,but still feel tired the rest of the day.
Additional Details
Whenever there' s an exam approaching and I gotta wake up early.I just can't do it and tell myself that there will be enough time to study then I cram myself the night before the exam and end up getting 4 hours of sleep.How can I solve that terrible habit of mine?

Kris L
You need to go to sleep eariler if you want to wake up earlier. There are two ways you can change your intermal body clock ... try going to bed only five minutes earlier for three or four days, then another five minutes earlier. Make sure the room is as dark as it can get, but you can still 'see' if you need to get up in the night (without turning any lights on). Set your alarm five minutes earlier so you start waking up earlier very slowly. This DOES work. I married a man who had always worked in the evening, so he always went to bed after two in the morning. He's now a web developer, and we go to bed at 11 and he wakes up at 6:40 with NO ALARM. He's raring to go when he leaves the house at 8 ... it took time, but he's happy, because he didn't have to put up with the 'being tired all day' you are talking about ... and he gets to stay up until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights ... but sometimes we still go to bed at 11. GOOD HABITS are hard to break, but you must 'set them slowly' ...

João Pedro V
Hello there =)

I'm going to talk here of personal experience. I'm 20 years old and like any other teenager (and not only..) i used to deprive myself of sleep when I was younger. This means that throught my entire life I never addapted any sleeping habitsfything, from energetic drinks to mere coffee, but nothing could keep me wide awake and, therefore, more intelligent. By that time I also had exams at school and that, mixed with other personal issues, ended up in constant anxienty. The common trait is something that you may be experiencing, please let me know if this is the case - you can't go to bed early and when you're finally sleeping, you don't want to wake up. Is that it?
This means that you have extra-activity in your brain or that you're avoiding your responsabilities, wisch means that your sleep is not a physical disorder but a way of procrastinating, therefore it is all in your mind - including the "if i don't sleep 8 hours, i'll be a zombie all day", that's just self-hypnosis.
You, as a student, should be interested in this fact - people who sleep less live longer lives and are brighter at school. There are famous 5-hour sleepers in our culture and all of them are/were important people, from culture to science. Among these people you can find Albert Einstein or Lincoln.
So, first step is already taken - the fact that you know and admit that waking up early is good for you is already a bonus. I know I took my time to realize that and even more to take some action and insert the early waking ritual in my life.

Now, in answer to the question "HOW to wake in the morning?". This is the trickiest part, right? For the last 8 months of my life (with some obvious exceptions, including Sundays because of the nights out) I wake up everyday day, religiously, at 6.50. I'm going to tell you how I came to actually wake up at that time.
Honestly, almost everyday I feel like "humm... maybe I'll just sleep one more hour", so when the alarm goes off the first thing you've go to do is find some motivation to wake up... in your case, waking up to go study is not a good example. So, this is quite simple, but very effective if you follow these tips:
1 - instead of using an annoying standard alarm clock, try to wake up with a music that you've previously chosen, better if it is one that sets you in a good mood;
2 - when the alarm goes off, get out of bed IMMEDIATELY! Don't even think, because your first thought will be the one we already know "one hour or two more won't hurt.. will be good actually" - that's bogus! Just get out of bed!;
3 - open a window, fill your room with natural light, smell the morning breeze - your body will automatically respond and believe, you'll feel like God watching the streets completely empty and you'll be ahead of everyone (in a time matter, of course);

to "really" wake up and feel awaken for the entire day:
4 - this is the key factor for me, but you've got to be quite motivated to do this: take a cold shower! Just do it! "Man, you're crazy!!". Believe me, I'm not. Not only it will wake and boost you up, it brings tons of benefits to your health and beauty and helps you concentrating in your studies, cause the body starts reacting more effectively to small impulses, including intellectual ones;
5 - sleep no more than 7 hours per night, depending on your size and age. since you're a student i imagine you have between 17 and 23 and according to your photo you're a girl so your sleep time table should be between 01:00 to 07:30, having in mind that you're a night person. The ideal would be 23.30 to 06.30, but since you want to wake up at 8.30, going to bed at 2am should do the trick.

One last thing - coffee and other stimulants actually steal your energy instead of biologically boost you up. I recommend black tea or Green Tea instead. Guarana is also good, wisch I don't know if you have in the United States (well, of course you do, just don't know where you live). Beware the sugar, though. To go to bed earlier and to actually fall asleep earlier there are another useful tips, but since that's not the main question I won't develop much: chew Valerian roots and try to go to bed and wake up everyday at the same time, so your body gets used to it. You'll feel a lot of benefits, including your metabolism and your intelligence. Anyway, talking is easy; taking an action is way harder, but don't worry, it gets easy and satisfying after a little while.

Hope you the best for your exams.

Eat an apple. Has the same effect of 2 coffees, it's been proven.

get up really quick after ur alarm goes off and wet ur face with cold water

Tony V
Depending on how old you are, it isn't healthy to be sleeping that late. Start out by going to bed an hour earlier from 2am each week that way you will get used to it. You will be able to get up. Also, as soon as your alarm clock wakes you up, GET UP! Head right into the shower and as soon as you feel the water hit you, it'll instantly awaken you. For few people, they are able to fall back asleep but that's not the case for most people. For breakfast, have a fruit like an apple instead of coffee. Having coffee will eventually wake you up but it will drain you of energy faster.

I'm 15 years old and I used to sleep extremely late say around 4 or even 5am and I learned that it isn't good for my body because after i wake up i feel extremely weak even after i shower so i started to sleep earlier and earlier and i was able to wake up when i was supossed to.

As for the studying part, don't cram. If you're in college you should have learned in high school that cramming won't help you past your exams/test etc. I'm currently in high school and each time I try to cram, I end up failing or nearly failing my tests. So study a week before or 2 weeks before just 15 min every other day. If you study little by little, you won't have to study as much information as the exam gets nearer and nearer.

Hope I helped you in making better decisions for your life.

Adjust the time on your alarm clock. For example, set your clock for 8:00 but the real time would be 6:00. Then you can get up earlier and relax before your exams. Also, go to bed earlier just until you have completed your exams.

You have a set sleep schedule, the first week of trying to go to sleep or wake up at a different time is going to be hard. Find out what wakes you up (shower, caffiene, an annoying alarm clock) best and use it to your advantage.

I use up to 5 alarms, set at 5 minute intervals. I get so fed up turning them off it is easier to get up.

2 annoying alarms on the other side of the room and sometimes i just shut them off go bck to sleep and take a mental health day frm work

change your diet and eat in the morning our bodies sleep to repair itself and if it has the proper nutrition it can do that quicker which means you can sleep less and wake up sooner. and if all else fails go order 5 shot of espresso from Starbucks and drink it straight taste bad but it works when the other is failing.

You need to go to bed earlier so that you can get up earlier. No use getting up tired right?? Or you can force yourself to get up and drink tons of coffee or Red Bull or something. Its better to get on a regular sleep schedule then doing the coffee thing. Trust me, once you get into the habit its not really that bad. I go to bed at like 1130 and wake at 630 I am fine...

wake up and use an alarm

Francisco F
your head can be wrong some times wake up when the alarm tells you

Victoria C
you need to train your self fast
2 alarms and a best friend draging you for coffee will do the trick every day
also put one of the alarms with the loudest noise away from you so you wont be able to turn it off, unless you feet are on the ground....wake up sleepy head

hog b
Programme yourself to just get right out of bed the second the alarm goes.
Make an agreement with yourself, before going to bed, that you will do that.
Don't give yourself time to think, when the alarm goes, sit up, put your feet on the floor, stretch your arms out, and say good morning to yourself.
It will work.

If you want to wake up earlier then go to bed earlier...you have to make a consistent habit of it and you will be tired for the first week or so, but once your body gets used to it, then you won't feel it anymore.

You are pretty much sleeping half of the day, that is alot of sleep! You probably don't need that much sleep you are just used to doing that, so it will take time for your body to readjust.

When you start making youself get up, eat a good breakfast with something that will get your energized...and also eat things that give you constant energy through the day - fruit, nuts, veggies, etc. Eat four our five smaller meals a day so your energy is constant until you get used to getting up.

set a alarm about a foot away from the bed ull wake up then!!!

Kim W
I was similiar in college in the 70's. So I made sure my first class started at 11am. You know it got easier for me as I grew older, and reality of life helped advance my situation. Now my back wakes me up or my old dog who wants to pee at 430 am. Go with your body clock as long as you can! But coffee a shower and eating alittle protein can help if you have had 8 hours sleep, at least seven.

Jason K
I put the alarm in the bathroom, so i have to get up and turn it off.

You will need to force yourself to get up early every day for a few days.

You may feel tired all day on those days, but after a couple of days, you will be tired earlier and go to bed earlier.

You are basically re-setting your internal clock.

I used to have this problem all of the time. It's all about internal dialogue and what you are telling yourself. Obviously if you can get up for an appointment or class, you have the capability to do so any other morning. So that leaves you with the mental aspect of it. It takes alot of work, but if you reprogram your thinking, you can change. I used to have two alarm clocks and have a couple of friends call me, and I would still not wake up. One small alarm clock does the trick now. You have to change your thinking, plain and simple. Good luck!

Samantha Jones
Practice sleeping early. Do it gradually. By 7PM, try relaxing and avoid exercising or any activities that require too much energy. Try reading a book close to whatever time you want to go to bed. If sleeping in affects your life or will affect your life, then you need to change your habits.

Trace M
You have to make yourself go to bed early and make yourself get up when the alarm goes off. Leave the alarm across the room.

Get one of those alarms with a radio in it. Tune it into your favourite radio station and you'll be woken up by the cheery voice of say, Chris Moyles.

alarm clock works for me, not a buzzer kind but the kind with radio where its set to an annoying morning show team with stupid bells and whistles and they yell alot too. if it doesnt wake me up my wife will beat me half to death to turn it off.
aftera while you get used to it.

When I was young, I used to be up all night, then sleep all day. I loved it. Then along came this girl.......then kids......responsibility.......

I get up because I have no damn choice. Enjoy yourself while you can. Responsibility & committment changes everything.

I am a night person to.. I take a shower every morning and smell the zest.. LOL and eat an apple will help too..

taxed till i die,
Train youself to get up,8.30am is not early,Half the day is gone by then,Join the real world.

i set my alarm 30 minutes early, so i could lay in bed for a while, and then i wash my face with cold water

there is this cool alarm at sharperimage.com it goes off and lets you push snooze button one time...the next time it goes off it rolls off the night table and finds a place to hide so you have to literally get up and find it and turn it off...haha i thought that was neat!

i work second shift and i recently started drinking coffee in the mornings to get me going and sit outside where its cooler and drink coffee..it usually wakes me right up/ also i go to bed right when i get home from work...i used ti take sleeping pills until i got on that schedule

I understand how you feel considering the fact I am like that myself. Put your alarm on and put it far away from you, like across the room, so you will be forced to get up in order to turn it. Once up go and eat breakfast and wash your face.

Try and get more sleep (easier said than done!) Try and set your goals for yourself for the day to be accomplished by a certain time, if not accomplished, you'll finish it the next day fresh-- go to bed around 10/10:30pm. If you can't fall asleep, which is most likely when you are a night person, try and do someactivity that will TIRE you and then you'll fall asleep easily.

When you are studying time yourself: do NOT study over 45minutes - 1hr. Take several breaks. This is my method and it usually works so I recommend it STRONGLY:
1) go to sleep early
2) wake up by alarm at 800am or 830 am
3) eat light and drink water or anything that keeps you hydrated and energized (like juice or fruit smoothies)
4) set-up a study schedule:
a) which day you will study which subject and what time you will start and time yourself.
b) start at 9:00am to study once 9:45 / 10:00 am take a 10-15 min break: drink juice/water, eat something, stretch... then at 1015 start studying again for another 45min/1hr --> 11h15am
around 12noon eat lunch: don't start to study again before 2. need time to let everything settle down.
once 2pm start like mentioned above study for 1hr then take a break at 3pm then start over at around 310/315pm and so on and so forth till 9pm. leaving you one hour ( 9 -10pm for relaxation, taking shower etc....)

If you need to take breaks very often: tht's fine too: but make sure that when you are studying you are actually incorporating stuff in those neurons: don't just read and then think about it and realise you didn't pay much attention to what you were studying.

Oh and to test your knowledge in your different subjects after having studied the material take a blank pieces of paper and a pencil and try to write all the things down that you remember--if you forget it's not a big deal--just go back to where you are "weak" and read it over until u can write down WITHOUT looking at your txtbk for reference. Then you really know if you have everything down.

Using flashcards also help.

But especially go to bed earlym, set-up a schedule, eat and drink often and light, and everythign will be fine. DON'T STRESS=)

Good Luck in advance!!

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