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charles d
How to stop smoking after45 years, is it too late?.?

Its never too late to stop smoking, my nan smoked since she was 32, and she stopped when she was 83, all you need is good will power

David D
Its never too late, The great thing about stopping smoking is that the evil nicoteen, leaves your system after 72 hours,with very minor symptoms.

From then on it is will power

i gave up after 20 years, it really is not that hard, after two weeks it gets better, and you think less about it.
you will feel better for it, and feel good about yourself.

It is never too late. A lot of damage has already been done, but why do even more. Also you will taste your food better and not smell of smoke every time you are by someone. Your breath will be better and your hair won't be full of Nicotine any more. And, most of all you should feel much better at the end of the day.

it is never too late to stop smoking.......... you jus need to get it out of your mind that you need the cigarrette....... its hard i know, but with the right will you can do it.......... remember: where theres a will, theres a way.....
just find something to replace tha cigerrette......

It's never too late. Seek professional help.

No its NEVER to late to stop but i guess if u really wanna stop after 45 years its KINDA HARD but if u feel u can do it do it

never too late!

Not to late, allthough your longues need 50 years to heal completely. If you want advise quitting smoking, i'd suggest slowly building it of, start running (takes away the need for a cig) and maybe consult a doctor

you should call 305 3039400 it's a nutrition program and some has stop for 3 months without smoking ask for isagenix

I'll tell you the easiest way...... My doctor told me this secret and it works! Quitting "cold turkey" is cruel to your body, after years of smoking you'll go through withdrawals. This process takes 20 days, but it works and will wean you off cigaretts completely! The first day, start with 20 cigs. The second day start with 19 (throw one cig away) The third day, 18 cigs (throw 2 cigs away) Continue this process until you are on your last day and only have 1 cig. left. The next day you'll have none to smoke. Actually I was down to having 3 cigs left and didn't want to smoke anymore! My doctor was a life saver! I hope I helped! I'll be thinking about you! Good luck!

Prodigal Son
It's never too late and I'm sure that you'll do very well,
Perhaps get a new hobby such as swimming, cycling?

Thank you :)
And the very best of luck.

at health stores they have pills or formulas that block your Nicotine recptors i have heard they work

Cheri S
try the patch. It really works. You forget to smoke, especially when you are busy.
those pills work, and you can smoke until you don't feel like smoking anymore

the first three weeks is very hard.
but whatever you do, don't even have one. a craving lasts maybe three minutes. Deep breathing, being busy, cold water or hot tea helps it go away.

remember, you have one smoke and you're back smoking...the key is to not have that one smoke

you will still have cravings, or just really want a smoke for years after...stay strong and you can do it.

no its never too late you can get that lazor thing or simply stop by your self use gum instead.

not too late, border line, but still ok to quit, you caught it just in time

you need something to replace it with, like candy or something else

think about how you will probably get cancer and die if you don't, maybe that will help

never too late but you do need to have a desire to quit!

blue dolphin
It's never too late. If you can manage it good luck.

it is never to late to quit, yet it will be hard

It's never too late. My mother stopped smoking after 40 some years, after she had open heart surgery. Save what's left of your health NOW.

no its not - im celebrating being a non smoker for 2 months after 30 years. you need to be determined - i did it through quitters and if i can get through christmas and new year after smoking 30 - 40 a day - anyone can do it. good luck, it wont be easy but you feel great

Yahoo Sucks!
It's only too late after you're dead . . .

its never too late but you must want to stop or you will fail

It's never too late you just have to belive in yourself and keep trying. I gave up in Oct. but lit up on new years eve how stupid was that!! I was taking champix new tab. it really did work, it was my fault I started again. You have to find what works for you & you have to be in the right frame of mind. I will try again.Good luck

its never to late - good for you!!
see your doctor, best place to start :)
good luck!!x

flower power
it's never too late to stop...they say never quit trying to quit!! i smoke & know its tough...so i hope you make it!!

Heather F
Here's how I quit smoking after 30 years. I may work for you too.
I figured that it would be easier for me to get rid of the Nicotine first and then deal with the behavior second, so I bought Quest cigarettes. I had to get them online because they don't sell them here in Texas. They have 3 strengths of Nicotine from 6 mg, then 3 mg then .05 mg of Nicotine which are considered Nicotine-free. Since what I was smoking was already lower than 6 mg, I started with Quest 2 at 3 mg. I smoked 3 cartons of them, then 3 cartons of Quest 3 at .05 mg.
What it did was fool my body, because I smoked normally as I was removing the Nicotine from my system by simply not putting it back in. My body knew something was up but it couldn't complain or give me cravings or irritability or anything because I was still smoking.
Next, I bought herbal cigarettes, smokin' joe was the brand. No tobacco or Nicotine at all. They tasted awful, but satisfied my need to smoke as the last vestiges of Nicotine were removed. Again, my body didn't complain because I was smoking. Every time I would light up, my body would expect a 'real' cigarette, but just got the herbal one.
I figured that after a short time, I would realize that I hadn't been really smoking anyway and so, I could just stop. And, sure enough after about 14 packs of the herbal cigarettes, I realized that the only reason I was still smoking them was because they were there in the house. I tossed the rest of them and that was that. No withdrawal, no irritability, no craving.
One thing I found curious though, is that it doesn't bother me to be around others who are smoking. I thought it would make me want to smoke, but it hasn't. On the contrary, it's like I get to smoke a little because of the secondhand smoke. In all, my process took about 6 weeks and of course, all of that time gets you used to the idea of not smoking, soon.
That was back in 2003 and I'm still smoke free. I never think of lighting up anymore. One thing, though, at a year and a half after quitting, a strong pull to start again occured out of the blue. I did not smoke again, but a friend who quit at the same time did and is still smoking today. So beware of the year and a half devil.
Also, when you smoke, you don't realize how you smell to those who don't. When you quit, you'll notice how those who smoke reek of it, just by walking by them. That's one reason I'll never take it up again. I'll never smell like that again.

angel eyes
never too late

je t'aime<3
its never too late!

after 20 minutes of not smoking:
Blood pressure drops to normal
Pulse rate drops to normal
Heart rate drops to normal
Circulation has already improved
Body temperature of hands and feet increase to normal

8 hours:

Cigarette breath disappears
Carbon monoxide blood level drops to normal
Oxygen blood level increases to normal
Is already feeling better and it's only been 8 hours

24 hours:

Chances of heart attack begin to decrease

48 hours:

Nerve endings in nose and mouth begin to regrow
Ability to smell and taste are enhanced
Mucus begins to clear from the lungs

2 weeks to 3 months:

Circulation improves
Walking becomes easier
Lung function increases up to as much as 30%

1 month to 9 months:

Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath all decrease
Lung cilia have regrown, increasing the ability to "clean" lungs and reducing the likelihood of infection
Overall energy increases

1 year:

Excess risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker's

5 years:

Lung cancer death rate decreases by half

10 years:

Lung cancer death rate is now equivalent to that of a non-smoker
Pre-cancerous cells are replaced by healthy cells
Risk of other cancers (mouth, throat, bladder, etc) decreases

15 years:

You are at now no more at risk of heart disease than if you had never smoked!

good luck! keep motivated! its worth it! plus you save the money from all the cigarettes your buying!

Sharron G
It's never too late.
Quit smoking and take up the treadmill or the bike, or weight lifting.
It's never too late to do something healthy!

I gave up 15 yrs ago. 60 a day for 40 yrs. I feel great. Just do it, you'll feel much better and have loads of doe

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