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Deepu 1
How to avoid feeling sleepy even after sleeping for 8 hrs?

beda girl
you have to make sure you have good sleep with no disturbing things you know that may help

You should try VIBE! Go to www.eniva.com! Write this # down 195215. You may need it. You will feel great, look better, sound better this stuff is great.

well first of all depends how sleepy your talking about if you think there could be a more under lining problem see your doctor. ive had sleep apnea before but if you dont fall asleep driving or the other symptoms i doubt its that but you maybe need blood work done could be Thyroid issues. or if your depressed alot of things could be the problem everyones ideas are great but just make sure its not a health issue also. i have fibromyalgia and other health issues so i am to also tired no matter what i am on a medication for day time sleepiness called provigal it helps if no ins its very expensive so talk to a dr if you think there is more to your problem. good luck!, lanay

Do some push-ups & sit-ups

Ask your Dr. to check your Thyroid level. This gland controls activity level. If it is underactive, you can be lythargic, if it is over-active you'd be talking too much, moving too much, etc. I lay on my couch for much of 6 months and gained 12 lbs. before I was diagnosed.

why is it that we have the same problem? I wish I knew lets ask a doctor and get back too each other with the answer!

Just Q
Watch your sugar and carb intake. It can give you the hang over effect the next morning.
Don't belive me? Eliminate them for at least 1 week and see.


get you some no dozes

try excersicing and eating a balanced diet.

Exeter 101
I dont know but i have that same problem

Jason W
Stop wake and baking...

Could be the everyday drugging of 8 hrs. a day work every day five days a week or 6 days a week you are tired and maybe washed out over your job could be stress related could be job burn out, you need a vacation. I was like this for years, I had heart attack from the stressful job and was burnt out over it. The other workers helped to contribute to the stress also. Now that I let this get to me I had a heart attack and on disability.

You may have low iron levels. See your doctor for a full blood count test. This test should indicate which vitamins your body is lacking. Make sure you disclose to your doctor any other problems you are experiencing. In the mean time take a look at your daily diet. There are essential vitamins that your body needs on a daily basis. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. You could also visit your pharmarcist or dietician for advice.

you may have what is known as sleep apnea,just because you think you slept 8 hours doesn't mean you did,you should have a sleep study done if this happens alot,if you snore alot it could be a sign of severe sleep apnea

Will F
If this is a constant issue, I suggest that you see a doctor and have your Thyroid hormone levels checked. Have you noticed a weight gain, as well? any problems with changes in hair texture or thickness? any changes in skin texture? This usually affects women more than men, but men also have Thyroid problems. A hypothyroid condition can cause these symptoms, and they are easily tested in a doctor's office. Treatment is easy, and inexpensive, too.

consult your doctor

get more exercise, and make sure you get at least 7 hours sleep EVERY night, not just occasionally

take a multi-Vitamin with iron & give it time to get into your system. hopefully you'll feel better

allways sleep with your window open if you can it sounds like to me it could be lack of oxygen good luck

Drink Starbucks................I do

Get up from whatever you are doing, Drink a glass of water.

Afro Q
I dunno... move about maybe- keep urself busy- some physical activity might help- from experience, I can tell u that TV is a definite no-no.

Try not sleeping for eight hours. Sometimes you can have too much sleep, causing you to have a hard time waking up.

stretch to get the blood flowing which helps fight fatigue also you might want to take an Iron supplement you might be slight anemic...will not hurt you to take one a day.

Take a shower then have a cup of coffee. And go near to your bed again for that day. Do engage in some sort of interesting work.

Go to the doctor for blood work, sounds like you may be anemic, or just have low iron.

a healthy diet will make you awake, five a day and try and make one of those a piece of fruit.

have a shower every day when you wake up, it works for me.

have a hot drink like a tea of coffee, add sugar if needed

eat breakfast, it gives you the fuel you will burn off by waking up.

you can try exercise, i used to be dead in the morning, but had to jog 2 miles o work, i soon woke up with the wind blowing in my face, jogging in the sun.

It sounds like you need to take a vitamin supliment which will get your energy levels back to where they should be. A good multi-Vitamin can be bought in most stores. Also try either Ginseng or Guranna capsules which can be bought in the health store. Ginseng is great for boosting energy levels.

Trisha C
stop eating too much of junk food, that could make u feel real lethargic.....try to do some exercices or yoga, watever that might help u

Exercise shortly after waking up, that's the healthy way to do it. If you're looking for a faster route, drink a couple cups of coffee, only a couple, too much and you'll feel sluggish after noon rolls around. You could also trying one of the dozen's of stimulent diet pills, they'll make you feel peppy all day long.

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