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B. J.
How often do you take shower per week?

there are several showers per week , shower of exams , shower of problems in my life beside shower in the bath.

twice .. once before work and one before bed.....I like to be clean so = 14 time's weekly I work 7 days a week but if it is really hot then I ll cool off with a cold shower .. anything else.

twice a day.

the shower keeps me vibrant and active. i cant live without cold-hot shower in the morning. otherwise i feel sleepy all the time.

Usually 7-8 times.

Every morning... I simply can't leave the house If I have not taken a shower and washed my hair. And at night, when I return home from work and the gym.

Stacye S
6-7 times

At least 7 times.

6 times

at least 7 times, but more some time up to 11 to 12 times.

7-12 a week.

Hmm, an odd question my friend, but I do shower every day. If you feel that you are either over showering or undershowering, I suggest you stick to one shower per day, unless you do a lot of sports, then you can probably shower twice a day.

Lionheart ®
Seven, once per day.

4- my skin is very dry so I was advised by a dermatologist to go with every other day. In the summer it is every day-can't stand being sweaty and not washing.

7 Times

At the very least, every morning before I get dressed.

I shampoo my hair every time I shower.

I apply deodorant/antiperspirant after drying my body.

Essential for smelling fresh and clean at all times!

bunny h
about 9 times some times more

7 times
...(6 of them on saturday night !)

Minimum 7 times.

7 or 8 times

7-8 times a week


Midnight Shadow ♥
I shower usually everyday. Other than that i sometimes shower every other day. But usally every day.

Once everyday.. Sometimes more than once like during the summer or if I had gone swimming or had gotten hot outside or something. But yeah.. usually once a day.

Everyday..mainly cuz i go to skool, and then i play an hour of basketball which tends to get me sweaty...but sometimes i take twice a day..
one day it so happened that i had a bath thrice!!
No Jokes!!
i had a morning bath, put oil on my hair later that morn, we planned to go swimming in the afternoon so i had to wash it off, then had a bath after swimming !!!

Sorry for The TMI!!

6-7 times.....almost everyday

2 times a day for 7 days. So 14.
Don't care for smelly people.

oh la la 7 times a week for me .

7 to 14 depends on how dirty I get.

6-8 times, sometimes I skip Saturday or Sunday if I don't go anywhere and sometimes I take two showers in one day if I workout in the afternoon.

Um like 14 times! Twice a day! Maybe once in the winter months when I dont sweat. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Lucia Sullivino
when i go running i shower twice a day. when not, i shower once a day. so maybe 10-14 times per weeks.

how many times do you shower?

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