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Anyway to get thirsty?

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 I've cut down to 5 ciggies a day, but feeling reaaly unwell,,,advice please?!?
Just want to know if what i am feeling is normal when cutting down the ciggies!?
I feel exhausted 24/7, but cant sleep at night!
I have been coughing up green stuff for about 7 days

How many times per day do you bathe?

Xiang Q
Just once a day, but I have a friend (male) that takes two baths everyday because he wants to be awake in the morning and "sleep good and clean" at night.

Depends on the season. In the summer time I shower three times: morning, midday and evening because it really hot and sticky and I sweat because I am very active person (working out, traveling, and so on). During the winter time I only shower two times because it very cold and I dont sweat alot.

like once /:)
i mean shower. and in summer twice. or whenever needed.
bath-hmm...i never wash in the bath, because we also have a shower hut, and it is much more handy and refreshing

twice a week and how do you like me now

At least once. On occasion, twice. Rarely, three times.

Once. There's a terrible drought here.

lol-i think that 1 is sufficient ;)
depending on if u roll in mud or workout in spurts

Christian paolo de leon
it depends on how dirty you are but if you are not dirty you just take a bath 2 times a day

if you have oily skin you may bathe once a day but if your skin and specially yor hair is dry take bath every 2 or 3 days.
take a shower!!!

once or twice a decade is good!

E a n
1 or 2 or none...

Lobosito Marino
once, in the morning

depending on other conditions, i may bath twice

Mitch S
i take a shower 1 or 2 times a day.

2 to 3 a day

once every night

dropkick murphys rock!!!!!!!

2 or 3

like 4 times a day in summer (I have no air conditioning) and about 5 times a week in winter (never on weekends), it's just to cold. Once when I was in high school, I took 1 week without showering.

I never leave the shower!!! I work, sleep, eat in there!!! You name it and I do it there!!!! I have plastic on everything, so I don't get anything wet!!! Hold on, I dropped the soap!!!

2 times a day.

morning after running and night after work

umm not really bathe- shower. once or twice every day

Lessee, I'm bathed in glory 24/7....so I guess once a day: ALL day everyday! ;)

one shower a day, to bathe is a luxury, lol

once.....more than that is wierd O.o

one unless I do a reeally gross workout!

i am cool
3 times. In the morning b4 school. In the afternoon after school. In evening b4 dinner.

1 or 2

one, if i was a guy id take them 2-3 times. the reason i dont is because i have long hair and thats a pain in the *** to wash and than dry.. and than have to shave too no thanks. once keeps me clean :D

or twice if i hit the gym.
morning and night.

im slakkin compared to those kidss!


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