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 What can i eat or drink to help clean my liver as i drink alcohol a lot?
i drink a lot of ...

 Will tampons really work in water?
I know that tampons work really well for me during the day,
but I am really worried about swimming in public pools.
I am nervous that it will leak out, or the tampon will slip out.
Is ...

 8 glasses of water a day is ALOTTTTTTTTT aaaaaa.?
I'm at my 5th for the day, its almost 5 pm. Im going insane. I hate water its gross, but thats not the point its just so much I feel bloatedddddddddd.

Anyway to get thirsty?

 Didnt shower 4 a week?
If you dont have a shower 4 a week and dont feel dirty, should you have one anyway ?...

 What totally freaks you out in a bad way?
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 How to wake up on time?
As a high school student who has many commitments and is in all honors /AP classes, my sleep cycle is pretty non-existent. I can never find a way to go to bed at the same time, because it depends how ...

 Would you drink diet soda if...?
you knew it was linked to several medical conditions, drug interactions and that it never passed a single toxicity test? Did you know our very own Donald Rumsfeld, CEO of aspartames maker, Searle ...

 How can i remove sleep from my life?
How can i remove sleep completely from my life? Forgetting the health risks involved as i'm a live fast die young sort of guy. So ANY methods are welcome. :-)...

 A dead serious question - a good answer could make a difference to my whole life!?
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 What foods cause offensive smelling gas?
anyone know what foods or things cause sulphery smelling flatulence....

 How do i stop biting my nales(im biteing them as we speak)?
its getting to the point where my bone will show soon D= it really hurts......

 I've cut down to 5 ciggies a day, but feeling reaaly unwell,,,advice please?!?
Just want to know if what i am feeling is normal when cutting down the ciggies!?
I feel exhausted 24/7, but cant sleep at night!
I have been coughing up green stuff for about 7 days

 Please help, I want a cigarette..........?
I gave up new years day and I just had a nicorette gum but I'm on the edge, please say something to encourage me not to go hunting for a cigarette,
Thanks xxxx
Additional Details<...

 Do you sleep on the left or right hand side of the bed?

 Whats the best way to get rid of headlice?
weve tried everything on the market and nothing seems to work
Additional Details
ive tried everything on my daughters head and nothing ...

 If a friend was planing on commiting suicide should you tell? I did but im worried i pushed her farther?

Additional Details

 What is the quickest way to lose weight? don't say eat nothing for a week ...?

 Be honest, how often do you wash your hands after going to the loo?
I do probably too often and the thought of people not washing makes me heave.
Potentially explosive question, but lets keep it light hearted......

 I'm going to stop smoking tomorrow evening, have you any advice on giving up?
i have tried before and can go a week or two without any problem, i reallly want to quit this time, i've bought patches and i think i'm ...

 How do you know if you have an Ulcer?
I've had pain in my right side, and it seems to be linked to when I have caffiene (coffee on an empty stomach in the morning), or something more intestinal. I'm not on my period, so it'...

How many of you are blood donors?
I give blood regularly and so does my son

Good for you. Over the years I have donated 8 gallons! A+ Yankee Blood!

I was, however they no longer want it!

[email protected]
I used too, but apparently I don't eat enough meat for them.
(iron deficient)
I'll go back when I'm full of spinach, that should shut 'em up.
Best bits having a pint straight after . . . . brings a whole new meaning to cheap date!

Brandy O
I am a donor--- B- here.
I give as often as I can , and I am an organ donor too!

joanne v 72
Myself & my partner both give blood every 4 months, my son has just turned 17 and will be starting to give blood next month. My youngest son was born 15 weeks early and needed dozens of blood transfusions, without all these selfless people who give blood I would not have my lovely little boy... I would like to say a huge thank-you to you all. THANK-YOU xxxxx

I did but they won't take it now. I'm either anaemic or something else. Never mind may this time.

I'm a blood type O hero :)
Try to donate often

i give every month and a half

I am.
Blood donor
Platelet Donor
Bone Marrow Donor
Organ Donor

yes!! i donate.it makes you feel proud of yourself and gives ya satisfaction.it also make you to get rid off acnes and improves your complexion as new blood is produced by the body afterwards

dada jr
i did at red cross

paula p
I became a blood donor, I give one pint of blood and when it came to the next time to give blood I went to give blood i was told I was anemic. but I would recommend anyone giving blood as it for a really good cause.

I am not because of medical problems. But I thank you for donating on a regular basis....People like me need giving people like you...I only wish there were more people like you out there.


i give once or twice a year

Edward T
I want to but the tablets i have to take mean i can't

Dr.Gagan Saini
i am, not regular though

i do its a great feeling to think ur blood could save someones life

ok i have just counted all the people who put up their hands to your question and there are 2,561,456 of them . hope that answers your question .

i am, i think its a really important thing to do, and not enough people do it

Fassa Albrecht
I do. I think its a good and honourable thing to do knowing a simple action can help someone in such a big way.

Nutty Girl

I am finally over 18 and I gave blood first this summer at a festival, I was really nervous and excited before it and I felt really good afterwards... what if you just saved someone's life? You can never know!

shirley e
I am!!!!! Its a good thing to do and makes you feel good about yourself.

Gave this morning!

Going on Thursday, I am a pleatlette donor this will be my 240 donation.

I would, but when i declared that i take lots of pain killers, they politely declined my blood.

Emma B
I would gladly become a blood doner, but as my husband is in the forces and we live in Germany I don't know how easy it is to become a blood doner over there. If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know.

dazed & confused
I've given blood once I would do again but I'm not allowed to because I've just had piercings!


Charley G
I do! Not only is it very important its a good way to find out your blood type for free. That test costs £30 now!

John H
Yes - just a year away from my gold award for 50 donations

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