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How long does it take for you to get to sleep?
I only slept about 3 hours yesterday I went to bed at 11pm and was still awake at 6am. The strange thing is I'm never bored I just lye there thinking of things (I find all the best ideas come just before you fall asleep). I'm not tired today ither I just can't sleep for 8 hours like your sopposed to have.

Is this normal , how long does it take you to get asleep???

virgo girl
about an hour. my mind starts to think of all these random things as soon as i lay in bed!! like you i don't get that much sleep but am rarely tired

4-5 minutes

I sometimes have the same issue, and it can take me an hour or more to fall asleep

it can sometimes take a long time to fall asleep when your mind is racing. Try doing something to "calm" your brain down, such as listen to classical music or work out before bed

Martin K
You just didnt need more sleep. It just takes me minutes before I fall asleep because Im tired after a days work. There are times even when im tired I cannot sleep leaving me wrecked the next day. Thank God it does'nt happen to often..

Zara N
Well to be honest if I can't sleep then I normally sort myself out, this then means that I relax and i tend to then drift off straight away, never fails to work.

5min lol

Max 10 minutes, if I am tired; otherwise 15minutes

it depends,I can be up early,very busy all day,go to bed late,and still find it hard to sleep-mind races...
it is nice when you can go to bed and fall asleep right away.
I have had a few nights where I have not slept,weird hearing the birds start to sing and you have not slept!then you want to sleep in the day and it is hard to get out that cycle.

You are unable to sleep because you are subconsciously thinking about many things. Therefore, you are unable to sleep. A few friends of mine have the same issues. At night, when they are alone and by themselves they start thinking about life's issues (i.e. budgeting, family, or what to do next week). Since these thoughts are flowing, they are calculating the response to these issues instead of sleeping. If you are doing this, attempt to handle your daily issues during the day and not when you're in bed. If not, the end result may result in sleepless nights in the future, or becoming an insomniac; then you will have to be on meds and life will be a mess. At the moment, you may not be tired but imagine three weeks or one month of sleepless nights.

Answering your question, this behavior is not normal. You should go to sleep within the first three minutes of lying down. Personally, I fall asleep within sixty seconds of lying down. I tested this by playing sound bytes to time myself.

it can take me hours too,insomnia is hell but if you didnt get bored and were lying there so long it might be possible you slpet and didnt realise it,i know that sounds stupid but it happens

It depends - if I have a lot on my mind it can take hours.

It takes an average of 7 minutes for human beings to fall asleep apparently. It takes my cat around 7 seconds!!

Mike T
I'm the same. Regardless of what time I go to bed I can't get to sleep til 2/3am. Not usually that tired during the day either.

well if you are under to much stress that can take you ages to get to sleep or if you have worries that c an take you age to get to sleep.all i can advise you to do is listen tgo the radieo or put a relaxation cd on that should allow you just to drift of ok hun xxx

I usually fall asleep literally as soon as my head hits the pillow although my boyfriend tosses and turns for ages. I always wake up about 4am though and then can't get back to sleep, hence why i fall asleep so easily in the 1st place! 8 hours sleep is only a guideline, plently of people have less than that and are ok throughout the day, i think 3 hours is too little though, it may be ok for a night or 2 but i would think you need to aim for at least 5 hours sleep.

Well it depends how tired I am going to bed. It could be a few minutes or half an hour.

Kieran M

I don't sleep much either - I usually manage 4-5 hours max, without feeling tired the next day.................but I suffer with depression and anxiety so maybe the medication I take for that causes it.....I think it stems back from my college days, as quite often I'd be up to all hours getting essays and whatever complete for the following day, and my body has just gotten used to it..............

It usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to drop off, I usually have some music on quietly and read a few pages of a book to wind down.....I try not to worry about stuff either that's happened during the day, although someetimes that can be hard.......

Some people manage to get by on only a few hours, but some people I know can't function properly unless they get at least 8-9 hours.........so long as you feel OK with yourself, and don't feel unwell, then you are absolutely fine....

Usually about an hour, less if I'm tired. You should medically aim to get between 6-8hrs sleep a night but If you say you aren't tired and are full of energy and concentration I guess thats fine. If you start to not feel so good see your GP xx

About threzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

it takes me like 15 min to fall asleep thats the max unless i'm really tired i fall asleep in like 5 min

Kev E
Not very long usually as I rarely go to bed before 4.30.
Can be terrible when you start to think about not getting to sleep.

Man it takes me no longer then 30 minutes! I'm always tired when I go to bed.

takes me a wile, i go to bed when-ever tv shows get borring (12:00-2:30am) from there i listen to my ipod (it REALLY HELPS YOU GET A SLEEP!!)

about two hours but i also only sleep about 3-5 hours or some times not at all i think its because my deppression is getting worse and im getting too anxious

You know i have some of my best ideas laid in bed lol.
i think it is because i enjoy the quite which is a hard thing to find in this house.
i would say it takes me about 10 to 20 minutes to get to sleep.

kind regards x kitti x

?♥P u S s y CaT♥?♥its a GIRL!!!!
i keep thinking before i go to bed too, but i can sleep for 12 hrs at times! and when i don't then i need at least 8hrs not to feel tired.. but i rarely get to sleep that much, i like to sleep late and sometimes i have to get up early for work ..

I have no way of knowing how long it takes, I am too relaxed to realized, I imagine it takes just a few minutes.
If I go to bed late, I also wake late, if I am free to do so.
On the odd occasion I have gone to bed very late, got up normal time, and made up for it at a later time.

But I like your attitude, you don't 'suffer' from sleeplessness.
Your body will ensure you get the sleep you need.

takes me 5 minutes max.

steven e
it does not take me long if i am tired.but like you i dont sleep for too long.but if i have a rest day and not expecting anyone i will sleep for a little longer.but our minds become trained to wake up at said times because of our regular habits.

Takes me about 20 mins. My grandma use to tell me not to think of anything before going to sleep so I won't have trouble sleeping. Hard to do but I have done it.

David W
About 20 minutes. I used to wake up after about an hour or so but the doctor says that your body gets conditioned, so if you wake up regularly you probably will continue to do so unless you break the pattern. Don't drink any cafein after about 9 and you should be OK. When you go to bed tell yourself you are really exhausted and you should drop off pretty quickly. Also make sure you drink enough fluid during the day, (and that's not counting tea or coffee)!

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