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question guy
How does exercise improve fitness?
Please give full answer

of course
to be fit you must exercise
even walking is exercise

if you sit on your big fat butt all day will you be fit?

it make u build muscle

Firstly, you breath in more air, your lung capacity, which is normally underutilised, is used to optimum, with right amount of air circulating inside your systems, thus making you fit! (compare air-in-take system as part of a good engine working well and making the engine fit and doing well!) Secondly, parts of your body, individually intelligent by themselves, 'feel' happy and cared for when you exercise, and, so they serve you with better motivation and morale power, making you fit! Exercise well, keep fit, enjoy a healthy life!

Carrie T
yes it improves not only fitness it also improves your strength

It would improve your streghth and stamanaand also mucle mass.

Mary S
strenghtens your muscles, helps speed up your metobolism to help you furn calories and fat.

Exercise burns calories and fat. People who are overweight need to exercise for health's sake and theirs. Our bodies run on calories which converts to energy. If too many calories are taken in by overeating, it is stored as fat. Some people have learn to overeat as a way of dealing with painful emotions, some try to discipline themselves by going on a strict diet. It works for a while but afterwards they get bored or feel deprived and go back to overeating or eating the "wrong" kinds of food. Instintive eaters only eat when they are hungry so they are more apt to be thinner naturally. Carbs are important for energy but too many make you fat. The more you exercise, the more you burn. It sounds easier than what it really is!!

A good diat with one hour daily excercise adds one hour to your kife to avoid seeing a doctor in your life.

K. S Silvermead
Exercise builds up your bone mass and muscles. You feel stiff after exercising anaerobically, like short running or skipping because of lactic acid buildup. You build muscle when you do aerobics like jogging long distance and swimming(which gives smaller leaner body mass) Overall your heart rate is not so fast when you exercise.

Sherri M
Cardiovascular work out for the whole body. Heart beats stronger, Lungs get a workout, Muscles in use, Sweating out detox.

Improves your stamnia in life, quicker faster to get things done. Like you cold mop and vacumm the floor faster than the person not working out a excercise plan at all. They let themselves get old.

Excercise keeps you in shape to do many tasks. Unless your blind, then you get to slow down.

Okie, let's give this a shot...

Exercise produces endomorphins (hormones) in response to pain and these hormones actually make you happy. If I am not mistaken, chocolate contain this hormone, that's why when you feel down you crave chocolate.

When you exercise, your heart pumps more blood, therefore your cardiac output increases over time. Eventually you get to a state whereby your heart rate slows down to maintain normal cardiac output as your stroke volume (how much blood you pump out in one heart beat) increases. CO = HR x SV.
So next time, when you exercise, as your heart rate increases in to exercise, your cardiac output increases. You're more fit cardiovascularly.

Also when you exercise, your basal metabolic rate increases. Basal metabolic rate is the rate of metabolism at resting state. When you don't eat, your basal metabolic rate decreases rather than eliminate its own fat. At a lower metabolic rate, you lose weight slower than before. (That's why crash diets don't work and you gan weight easily when you start eating again). Instead, when you exercise your basal metabolic rate increases and the efficiency of any work that you do increases.

Okie before I go off into a tangent, or get too long-winded I'll stop here. Hope that was helpful.

june clever
Exercise improves fitness, because it strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves stamina, builds muscle, decreases the amount of fat, lowers cholesterol, and most of all releases endorphins which make you feel wonderful, so you will feel great, look great and most of all be able to live a quality life because of your improved fitness level.

nice guy

It increases your ability to exercise more.

Exercise helps the body to use its excess fat thus keeping it fit and trim.

Celes S
By burning calories and thighten muscles.

AdDicT of Y!A
Exercise improves fitness because your muscles need to move not just sit there and eat or you'll be a fat blob. Weights help your arms and/or legs and knees,depending on what kind of weights you use. Your blood needs to keep pumping and moving and same with your muscles.

Fitness improves life quality by improving both mental and physical health. Exercise for health may improve fitness/exercise for fitness will improve health. You have to burn energy to get energy.

well it increases the blood pumping into your heart, and makes your heart stronger. it helps you not have heart attacks.!!!

Exercise improves fitness by maintaining a moderate or targeted weight. By exercising, you raise your metabolism rate which improves your calorie-burning processes. Besides, it can also improve one's self-esteem and keep you motivated in doing things you normally wouldn't do if you were overweight.

It helps us to keep off excessive weight, prevents heart disease & strokes by strengthening the heart muscle. Exercise lowers blood pressure, raises your HDL (good chlosterol) and lowers LDL (bad cholesterol), improves your blood flow and increases your heart's working capacity.
Regular exercise can prevent and control diabetes, promotes bone formation & prevents bone loss. Prevents back pain by increasing muscle strength.
Makes us feel better emotionally and physically!

It makes your bones and muscles stronger.

s t
excellent question! or was it? you have already gathered 25 answers -- that is not bad for a question that has the answer already in its form. exercise improves fitness. final point. how? -- I don't think human medicine has discovered it all -- there is/are some direct relationships...no doubt about that -- I am told there is a chinese village somewhere in town ubtuogamai -- where most residents live to be over 100 -- i think it has to do with their diet. yes, they eat but eat certain food. now back to your question -- we have to define "fitness" in order to satisfy you --fitness means you can run, swim, jog, walk etc and do most of the stuff -- most young men do when they are in their late teens. now to go one step further --fitness for a man of 60 and even 80 is not exactly to match that strength and continuity of the youth...but somewhat go parallel with a respectable distance. enough said. yes, exercise does help to narrow that distance. this is the best i can come up ...enjoy all the other answers too. they are excellent.

Keeps organs and systems circulating with blood and nutrients; endurance; distance; keeps weight down...keeps the go in us going...If you are fit you move and get things accomplished in a good frame of time...overview of yourself is more positive

It depends on the type of exercise undertaken.

Weights will stregthens your muscles.

Cardiovascular exercise will emprove your circulation, streghtening your lungs and hearts, which improves your overall fitness.

Hope that helps. Tell me if i need to expand it for you. x x

Muscle cells seem to have a memory. When you exercise two or three times a week, your muscle cells anticipate the next time and store needed nutrients. This is how exercise changes your metabolism and muscle capacity.

Exercise works your muscles. When you lift weights you create small microscopic tears in the muscle tissue.

(The healing process is what builds your muscles larger.)- This last statement I am not positive about.

The more you work these muscles, the more oxygen can be absorbed into the muscle tissue during exertion.

Fitness is all related to keeping the whole body functioning properly, with a lot of emphasis on the heart muscle which is responsible for pumping the vital stuff called blood. The only way to attain fitness is through regular physical exertion which is what the body was made to do. Fitness has declined rapidly as technological advancements have become a part of everyday life which takes away from the body's thirst for activity. We have become an automated world society of today vs. a manually laborer's society of yesterday. This in turn has led to the need for physical exercise via sports, walking, and working out in the gym. Exercise improves fitness by nourishing the muscular, skeletal, and cardio systems of the body. It is the gradual progression from an untrained state to a trained state which brings vitality to the human body.

Your heart is a muscle, the most important muscle you have. When you exercise, you make your heart work harder, which over time improves its/your level of fitness.

♥ lani s
How exercise makes you fit is comparable to asking how studying made you pass the exams. Anyway, here's how:

First of all exercise makes your heart "lovely" in its efficacy fulfilling its functions. It works hard, pumping blood in every second. When you exercise, you make your heart pump faster, then you breath faster to take in more oxygen. This makes your heart muscles more stronger and gain more proficiency in delivering oxygen to all parts of the body while it also keeps the blood vessels a "smooth passage".

Exercise keeps your muscles toned and strong. Using your muscles to do powerful things make them stronger. Compare it to a football team - who makes the team stronger by daily warm up practice. Exercise just does the same. Having strong mucles got its role in keeping the body fit.

Keeping yourself balance is another important aspect an exercise can give. You get calories from the food you eat. You need calories to function and do all things a man should do.If you eat enough to meet that need, your body weight will stay about the same. If you eat more calories than your body needs, it may be stored as excess fat that is why an exercise takes its scene to do the balance. Perfectly balance body is required for being fit.

Exercise helps to eliminate some toxic products out of your body. Sweating gives off toxins. It also helps to improve your body's excretory functions - bladder and bowels particularly. The body needs to get rid of those wastes to maintain fitness.

Exercise helps to "breathe out" some negative psychological and emotional aspects building up in yourself. It then takes its share in the regulation of moods and person's well being in general. This aspect is much needed as well to maintain fitness.

With those above mentioned gains obtained, will surely make anyone to feel good. Isn't it good to feel having a strong and flexible body and mind that can do all the activities you enjoy? Most important to know it that when you exercise, your brain releases a chemical called endorphins giving you a happier feelings. It is very important factor in keeping oneself fit.♥

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