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How do you get rid of the hick ups?

heart breaker
think of a bear no really it works

Ill give you 10 dollars if you can hick up again!

This is going to sound weird but it worked on my kids. Get a glass of water, plug your ears, have someone feed you the water(drink until the glass is empty). It never fails.

Put sugar on your tongue for one minute. That's the best one I've tried so far.

I drink water.

lisa p
drink from a glass with a paper towel overit this will make them go away because there is no air going into your mouth fill glass up and dring thru paper towel.

The only failproof way I know of is to eat some sugar..couple of tablespoons usually works for me.

find a way to scare yourself

Take slow, deep breaths and gently massage your neck, on both sides of your wind pipe. The nerve that controls your diaphram runs down there and that nerve freaking out is what makes your diaphram spasm. Gently rubbing it calms down the nerve. It works every time for me.

Am no authority on this. But I've always held my breath pinching my nose for s long as I can n repeat 2-3x so far, it always worked

I have to meditate (calm my whole body). Sometimes if they are too bad I will wrap a tissue around my tongue and hold it out for a minute. Nothing else has worked for me.

Brian Da Dog
Get a small juice glass of water. Light a match and blow it out. Drop it in the water and drink the water. I have no idea why, but it works EVERY time.

Lacey Lottie
Relax Breath Deeply Takes A Few Minutes Then Carry On Relaxing.
I Do This Then I Find As Soon As I Laugh, Or Cough, I Get Them Back Again,
I Can Have Them Off And On For A Few Days.

A lead pencil, placed across your teeth,hold the pencil and breath in two or three times, hick ups will be gone.

OK, I saw this someplace on the web, so must be true ;)

Get a glass of water, take a deep breath, hold your nose and sip the water about 15-20 sips, until you gasp. The hiccups will be gone.

(The reason why it works. The not breathing and sipping water confuses your body into thinking it is drowning. So rather than waste energy as the co2 level builds in your Diaphram the body diverts the useful oxygen stores to nether parts. The Diaphram gets less oxygenated and calms down (Co2) Thus you stop hiccuping)

Works about 99% of the time. If it fails to work. Try again.

boo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----lol-----

Drink a little water- this always works- no doubt about it!

Ashley S
I don't try to get rid of my hiccups. They don't happen often and I think they're rather nifty when they do come around.

GreenEYED Beauty
As a child I was told to hold my breath and count to a thousand. Other than that I don't know what to tell ya.. I just keep holding my breath off and on every few mins.. Good luck..

If you hold the handle of a spoon or fork between your teeth and drink a half a glass of water your hiccups will be gone. This has never been known to fail and was taught to me by a renowned medicine woman many years ago.

Billy Boy
Disclaimer: This will work if you believe in it, but you must totally believe in it.

1. Take a deep breath and hold it.

2. Count to 23.

3. Say "Go Away".

Ta Da! No hiccups.

BTW, if it doesn't work, it's because you didn't believe.

Squeeze a lemon and drink a spoonful of lemon juice. It works.

drink plentiful of water

water water and more water it works for me!

the match and the glass of water does work something about the sulfer from the match

eat a spoonful of sugar. i don't know how this works, but it always worked for me. or get someone to scare you. that works, too.

Put those hillbillies down!

Holding my breath usually works for me. After about ten minutes, no more hiccups!

tictak kat
Stand on your head, and rub your belly!............:)

Concentration. I have found that if you concentrate really hard on when you will hiccup again, it will never come. Don't stop concentrating too early though, because as soon as your mind wonders, "HICCUP!"

do somethin your afraid to do, or have a glass of water, and garrgle it

Lean over and drink from the opposite side of the glass - I know it sounds wierd, but it has worked everyy time for me.

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