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How do i control anger?

Bacardi & Dr. Pepper

The Great Whizzy Kiddo!
1)try beating up a punchbag or something "punch"able.
2)vent your fury on some inanimate object.
3)write a nasty letter addressed to the source of your anger, read it a dozen times and burn it up.


Sam D
get a wife ! bottle it up all day then go home and shout at her! thats what my husband does! if you have a good woman she'll except you've had a stressfull day and let you waffle and rant for a while, get you a beer, sympathise a little and all will be ok ! you didn't get in trouble at work or in the street or car for shouting and screeming at people and you have a beer in your hand at the end of the day ! My husband has a very stressfull job and i dont work so my job is to listen to him when he gets in !

Don't control it, let it out.

Do Yoga!!! if that doesnt work then..oh well the beat the s*it out of the person your arguing with 0:o)

Huggles [mozzafan]
wait 10 seconds before yu explode and think about it

When I myself get angry I stand there for a second and frankly my voice goes up my heartbeat goes faster and then I think to myself what I must look like to the other person and I say inside my head (and sometimes out loud) they don't care so why should I give a Hoot!)I then go do something else definitely get away from whatever is setting you off for at least a good 10 minutes and then you should be calm enough to think about the whole situation go back and really tell em what you think by this point you will have either calmed down or thought it through thoroughly and can make a rational decisions about your next words or action ! good luck.I also have an anger management problem and sometimes it does get the best of me.Also in closing I took anger managment courses and they did help one thing I was told and it maybe your problem also is some folks know how to hit certain buttons and they know exactly how you will react the solutation to this problem is react totally the oppisite because then they are no longer in control of you -you take away their power of control and if you do this enough times they will soon realize your are in control not them and they will stop doing these things that make you so angry. It worked and I have less angry moments in my life.I hope this helps you.

Find some healthy ways to take your anger out on like a pillow (hit the pillow) write what your feeling down on a piece of paper and cut it up so that no one will be able to see what you wrote on the paper. Watch the NUMA NUMA DANCE all ways makes me feel better.

count to ten, go for a walk, work out, clean house, scrub the floor.

Controlling anger is not that simple as just taking breaths ,counting 10 and so on. All u need is to practice continuously yoga and self-control. Analyze why do u get anger, get a solution and try to rectify the reasons , come out if the various possibilities that u could have solved the situation without getting angry. Try to apply it in situations . It is really very difficult to get control over anger but giving it a try is worth! So Try and try !

take some anger management classes and work on it and commit to being honest with yourself


WHAT DO I DO !!!!!!


kidding :)

Zen Master D
First, you need to realize when the exact moments are that you are getting angry. When you feel yourself getting angry, make sure to take in slow and controlled breaths. If you can, remove yourself from what is making you angry.

George Washington said when he got angry he would slowly count to ten before doing anything. If he got really angry, he would count to one hundred.

Good luck

Stop! Take a few very deep and slow breaths, while deciding if the "issue" is going to be important: next year and beyond, next month, next week, tomorrow, later this day??? Is it worth damaging the relationship??? Whom else will be affected???
////////////////////Does your anger Really solve "the problem"???
Most importantly - How else can you handle - "the problem"???

think of how it affects others around you and iff you would like it aimed at you. It really upsets me when people react this way around me and i tend to let them say and do whatever they like. This can make for a very unhappy,depressed and selfconcious person. This could be you or your loved ones. THINK ABOUT IT!

bite your fingers

We are alkaline bodies by design, but acid generating by function. Acid is produced by the parietal cells of the stomach to aid in digestion, and acid is consumed in organic form in fruit. However, other than the stomach, no part of the body should be acid.

Despite this, one of the most widespread and insidious causes of illness that plague our society is acidosis - an accumulation of more acid than the body can effectively process. Prolonged periods of acidosis affect not only the physical condition but also the mental and emotional states of patients. Similarly, mental attitude can affect the physical state. Negative thoughts act to stimulate the action of the adrenal glands that in turn speed up the body's metabolic activity. As this occurs, more acid is produced and since the process is continuous, the amount of acid overpowers the alkaline from the good food and the net result is acid. And the cycle can be perpetuated; the more acid we become, the more negative, defensive, argumentative and unpleasant we become.
Symptoms of prolonged acidosis that are caused by the consumption of excess protein can easily be mistaken for individual character or personality traits. However, definite attitudes and mannerisms develop as a result of the super-charged internal activity of the body as it works toward ridding itself of the damaging excess acid. The person who is on a high-protein diet moves through a progression of symptoms.

Initially, they have an exaggerated sense of well-being, is a high achiever, a "mover and shaker", believes himself to be perfectly well, is overly ambitious and restless due to the irritation of the nerves.
Later they see only the pessimistic side of issues and life, constantly finds fault with everyone and everything, is tired and experiences generalized aches and pains, becomes irritable, ill tempered, and difficult to please, shows signs of "aging" as the body removes alkalizing substances from the muscles then Calcium from the bones.
You'll achieve your goal of having a healthy neurological system thru a well balanced diet (80% alkaline foods meaning fruits/vegetables and 20% acidic foods daily), regular exercise (three/four times weekly 30 minutes each), and drinking 8 glasses of water daily. However, I'll go one step further to show you the best and quickest way to achieving good health so that your entire system will achieve a balanced pH and not be depleted of the essential minerals that it needs. Here's why.
As the typical American diet is mainly acidic, except for most fruits and vegetables, it is close to impossible for our body to attain the alkaline levels that spells good health without the proper nutrients. The best way to drink 8 glass of water daily is to mix it with Xtreme X2O, a natural and organic, coral Calcium with 70 trace minerals, which transforms the pH of the water beverage to 9.9 (highly alkaline)!
You may ask why not just drink plain water? The answer is: When you drink lots of water, all of 8 glasses daily, it does not have the essential minerals (Calcium, Magnesium with 70 trace minerals) that your body needs to elevate its pH and therefore, alkalize your body as the pH of plain water is rather low and very acidic (pH < 7.0). "Alkalinity" equals Oxygen and Oxygen = Good Health.

If you would like to know what your pH level is, let me know. For more info, check this site:


Get anger management classes, it really, really works if put 100% into it.

turn it into something positive- use the angry energy on smiling or doing a random act of kindness... it works & you feel much batter afterwards!

Depends on how bad your problem is. You may have to take some anger control classes if you have a major problem. If not, take a deep breath, think for a few minutes before you speak or act and, while your thinking, decide whether or not you will regret what you say/do later. If you're going to regret it, don't do it.

taxed till i die,
put anger on a lead

count to 10 think about wat ur doing and y meditate every night thats wat i do

Take deep breaths. I know that sounds really stupid, but it helps. It's a mental thing really... as you feel yourself boiling inside, don't just go off (even though it's really hard not to) Talk to yourself through it. Maybe you might need some anger management.. it could really help. Oh and make sure you have someone to call or talk to to vent. Get excersize, and tell yourself that you are in control. Because you ARE in control. You just have to harness that anger and tell yourself you can handle it.

hell blazer
count till ten before u beat the daylight out o'someone.

play with children............

If you find out how, please tell me!!
Just take deep breaths or take a walk. Time outs work great. You just need to keep ur cool long enough to figure out how to deal.
Hope this helps.
Good luck with this :)

this question has been asked so many times before why don't people use the discovered part of yahoo answers?!?!?!

i'll give my answer to the problem: work out what has made you angry by being very conscious of how you are feeling and take yourself away from the source
turn the anger into physical energy by going for a long walk or buy yourself some playdoh and release your anger upon it
try and find out if there are anger management classes in your local area - it really helped me

Good luck

Francis I Saviour
You can try laughing therapy.

7eleven guy
dude u 22? smoke some quality weed man. ull be giggling.

Lean on Me
Go to the website www.apa.org. There is excellent material there which explains anger, from 'What is Anger' to giving clear answers to how to express angry feelings assertively, but not in a threatening way, even explains why you should never 'bury' your anger. Your angry feelings may be valid, such as someone (boss for example) not treating you right or more trivial (being stuck in traffic) but you need to know ways to control all the various forms anger takes in a constructive way. I have also heard that Anger Management Classes are good and give great ways to handle this problem. It can ruin relationships if people are afraid of your anger and it could escalate to physically acting out your anger on others so take this very seriously and start doing something about this immediately. You and your loved ones will benefit enormously.

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