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How did you quit smoking?
I need help...I am so addicted to cigarettes...I'm 30 years old and I've been smoking for 10 years now and I would like to quit...I think there gross and I hate the smell they leave on your hands and clothes...But, I have a hard time quitting...I need Any suggestions or help...

You will get to a point where you cannot stand smoke or smoking anymore, and that is when you will decide you have had enough. Sometimes it is because a loved one is lost or sick because they smoked, but you will know when the time is right. When i quit, each time I wanted one, I would convince my self to wait another hour and see how I feel then. That time would pass, and I would try it again. Good Luck! it is soooo hard, but sooo worth it.

I smoked for 29 years and quit 8 months ago. I did it cold turkey but I have no problem with NRTs - whatever it takes to quit putting the poison in your system that comes from the smoke, not necessarily the Nicotine.

The other quit aid that I stumbled across was a website - www. quitnet.com. It is an online support group that really made it possible for me to quit. Check it out and you'll find people on there who smoked multiple packs a day for 30 and 40 years who were able to quit with the help of quitnet.

One last piece of advice: I was lucky because my quit worked the first time I tried. I have known numerous people on quitnet that had to quit several times before they were successful. KEEP TRYING!!!!

Good luck - the outcome is worth the effort to get there!

Dont sit around!!! All you will do is think about it, I read in a previous post to get some thing to chew on I used those little straws you stir coffee with you can chew the heck out of them and they are somthing for your mouth and hands to do. Like a few on here I have only been off them for a short time...it has been a month, but I quit cold turkey after trying a few other times using the "cut down" method and patches only problem is is that your body is still getting Nicotine, the first week is hard....the first weekend is hell particularly if you like to enjoy a few beers on the weekend. Also workout...you may remeber as a kid being able to run around and having energy, well that comes back mighty quick once youve stopped, I am working out to replace the smoking and I have lowerd my heart rate by 15 BPM at rest and I can do 40 min of cardio and still breath, not to mention walk up the stairs without feeling like I might pass out. I had smoked for 12 years and now that I am off of them I feel great and you know what I look better too, your skin kinda turns color from maybe the lack of oxygen or whatever, but it really does affect the way you not only feel, but look too. I am not going to say it is easy because it is not and even after a month with no Nicotine I still have odd little cravings, but I am staying away for good and getting my life and my health back not to mention that you will save between $1400 to upwards of $1900 a year. Good luck and I hope you can finally achieve your goal!! And definatly count the weeks because you tell people and they say good job and you feel proud of yoursef and that keeps you motivated.

malibu kid
I don't no weather you consume alcohol or not, if you do stay away from any place that serves alcohol, cause I know from experience that alcohol makes you want to smoke.
Another tip that I can give you is to refrain from all caffeine as this will also give you the urge to smoke.
Hang around in all the non smoking areas you can, such as restaurants (non smoking areas)pizza parlors,church.
Keep natural snacks on hand, such as carrot sticks, apples etc.etc.this will help you ,
I hope this will help you and good luck with your quest.

Richie H
I have been smoking since I was 18, and now I am 41. I somewhat agree with "streetboy", only because the last checkup I had my doctor took an extensive blood test and told me that I should be highly anemic, but the cigarette smoking is stopping the anemia. That didn't make sense to me, but I see what streetboy is saying. Quiting after a long period could do some harm, although I think about quitting alot for health, and financial reasons.

well, i've been hooked to this thing for 4 years now. but now i quit. ok...i may smoke one cigarette or two a day...but i just puff them like a cigar. also, it's been 35 days since i stopped smoking a whole pack everyday. the thing started when i got the flu a month ago. and since, i couldnt really smoke like i used to before. i found that flu helpful when it came to smoking. it made me really vulnerable to smoking and after that i couldnt enjoy my cigarette like i used to. i dont know if this can help u people in any way...but i am just sharing my experience.

hi there i'm 29 years old i quit yesterday 4 the umpteenth time. good luck to us all. i'm having cravings and now sweating nonstop cant wait to get back home. all the best. theres nothin cold about this turkey

Drink alot of water.

Raven N
I'm 48 and have been smoking since I was 14. I've quit twice before, but within the next month, I will be quitting for good and doing so by taking the advice I gave my father before he died of Emphasyma. And that was to tackle the job of quitting smoking just like you would tackle having a deadly disease. Use every resource available and MAKE IT YOUR MAJOR PRIORITY EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY BECAUSE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

I became a grandmother last year and am about to have my third grandchild this year. My children are refusing to let their kids grow up like they did and like I did- in an atmosphere of toxins. If that means not letting their kids have a relationship with grandma, so be it. My pregnant daughter won't visit me because I smoke and she is protecting her unborn child. It's insulting, embarrassing, humiliating, and degrading, but I respect her decision because she's right. If only my mother had done that when she was pregnant with me. If only I'd done that when I was pregnant with my kids.

My mom died of congestive heart failure and smoked up until she went into a coma. She smoked and caught her oxygen tube on fire.... twice. I watched her die. I watched my dad die. Both slowly and painfully and prematurely because of years of smoking.

It all boils down to the decision of choosing life over death; health over pain. Not only for ourselves, but for the ones we love who we subject to the even more toxic second hand smoke.

I wish us both the best of luck. And if we "backslide", I hope that neither of us will return to smoking, but immediately start working on quitting again immediately.

In the past, I found the patch and a wonderful hypnosis tape to be helpful. I wish I could find that hypnosis tape again, but regardless, I WILL be joining you in your plight within the next few weeks.

We didn't smoke when we were kids. Perhaps trying to recapture that frame of mind will help too. And the daily affirmation "I AM a non-smoker"!

I stopped soking 20 days ago with the help of a perscription drug Chantix , it's been working pretty well here, No slip-up's. But Ihave also been recieving support from American Lung association as well. You might want to a take a look.


Once there you want to click on the quit smoking link and sign up. There are alot of people that can support you, just follow through every day. Good Luck !

I started an exercise plan. When I felt like smoking I hit the gym or went for a walk, anything cardio that would make me breathe hard. The more cardio I did the less I felt like smoking. It helped me because I noticed a difference in my lung capacity very quickly, that helped steel my resolve not to smoke. Good Luck!

I smoked 20 years and tried to quit smoking several times. I've tried cold turkey, family/friend intervention, smoking cessation classes, you name it. Then I bought the "patch" and it was easy. As with any medication, results vary from person to person but it worked great for me. While serving a tour in Iraq, I lapsed and started smoking again, but when I came back I used the patch again, and I was done. The cravings were extremely minimal, and only when I did something that was usually associated with smoking. A simple change in routine fixed that. No matter what solution you use however, you have to truly want to quit. The greatest obstacle is your mind. Don't beat yourself up if you slip, but don't except it as defeat either. Good luck.

Read Alan Carrs book, The easy way to stop smoking, it does work. A friend gave it to me after it had worked for her, of course I thanked her but thought what a load of rubbish...reading a book won't get me off the smokes but before I had even finished the book I wanted to throw the bloody smokes away. I have been off them for nearly seven years now and have no desire to smoke again. I was about 13 when I started to smoke and 41 before I finally quit. I found it surprisingly easy, in fact I guess it is only as hard as you make it yourself, the old mind over matter trick. Actual cravings last for less than 5 minutes and you only need to do it for one cigarette and one minute at a time if you think about it...for instance just for this minute I won't have a cigarette..I might have it later but just for now I won't. I did that to stop drinking when I was only 22 and I am still sober now at 48.
Good luck....good health can be yours!

I only smoked a little in college but my dad was quite the smoker when I was very young. After his dad and brother dies from lung cancer, and my brother had lung problems, he was very motivated to quit. He went to a program called smoke-enders. I do not know exactly but, basically they educate you, you trade stories about when and why you smoke, and you gradually cut back how many you smoke. He has seen many people quit this way after being a teacher. Good Luck to you.

Darlene R
I have been smoking for 40+ years. I also have tried to quit many, many times without success. Several weeks ago I heard about "CHANTIX" and talked my doctor to perscribing this for me. With Chantix and the Grace of God, I have been smoke free for 5 weeks now. There are very little side effects. (nausea if taken of an empty stomache) The program offers web or telephone support. You are a young lady...you do not want to end up like me with emphysema and copd (Yes, they ARE 2 different lung diseases) Quit now while you have your youth. Good Luck and May God be with You!

Consult your doc.. There is a special type of chewing gum that the docs recommend to chew whenever one feels the need to smoke.. Few of my friends have tried it & it works..

i went and had the cold laser done and it works.i smoked for 12 years and quit cold turkey after the laser

Dncng_Spirit *
I have started trying to quit the past 3 days also and I am truly scared. I am going to the doctor this morning to talk about this terrible addiction I have to cigarettes. I am 54 yrs. old and have smoked since I was 14. So this is 40 yrs of smoke build-up that needs to be cleaned out. I have tried quitting before, several times, with no success.

But this time, a week ago, I suffered with almost having a stroke. I started to tingle and get numb on my left hand side, fingers first then up my arm.

I have never been so scared in my life. I thought I was going to die. I got taken to the hospital and the dr. said I had to quit smoking. But it is so hard, because I love my smoking, but WHAT I AM I DOING TO MYSELF???? I now have High Blood Pressure and need to keep that down, wayyyy down.

So today is the day that I put those cigarettes down and pray that I never take one again!!

I need all the prayers I can get too, so if you want to contact me, please do so and we can quit together, if you would like.

I wish you the best and we both know, cigarettes are NOT good for you or anyone around you.

nicaderm patches really work you should try them

I started smoking at 8 years old and continued for 37 years till they told me I had spots on my lungs. How I stopped - 1 year of smoking ultra lights and cutting down the daily number, cold turkey afterwards, using the patch only when my wife and children were ready to shoot me. Don't let people convince you that it's impossible.... what is impossible is coming back once it has killed you!!

I found out that you will only quit smoking when you really want to quit! Saying you do does not make it so. If you really want to, you will quit! I used an aid from the doctor called Wellbuterin. Then I also filled a small jar, similar to a babyfood jar, with the contents of my ashtray-butts and ashes! Then filled the jar with some water, not even half way up. I shook the jar and smelled the contents when I had the urge to smoke. When I quit gagging, the urge was gone! I know this sounds awful but so is smoking. I had smoked for 31 years. I have now been smoke free for 10 years and still hate the smell! Good Luck!

Angie Baby
I like smoking..
I have smoked for 50 yrs
My intellect screams "your crazy'!
The facts can't be disputed.
However, it has become soo habitual that that it is now part of my identity.
Any suggestions are welcomed
thank you
Angie Baby

Ms. C *
I smoked for about 14 years, from 15-29. I tried to quit several times using the nicotine Gum and the patches - no luck. I finally quit cold turkey. I may have been lucky but how I quit was I got a really sore throat - it was sore for about 4 days - talking was even difficult so there was no way I could even think about cigarettes. That is the physiological reason that finally let me quit. The mental reason was when my fiance woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me that he loved me and wanted me to be around for a very long time. He told me that he was very worried about me smoking and wanted me to quit. I felt so bad for him and that moment realized how selfish my habit was. Luckily - I got the sore throat about a month later and I have not smoked for over 13 months. I did gain about 15 pounds but it is a small price to pay considering what I was doing to the inside of my body. I do not miss smoking at all now. You can do it - just remember that there are people out there that love you and would love to see you quit. It is also helpful to educate yourself about the dangers of smoking by researching the detriment you can inflict upon yourself by smoking. You can quit - believe in yourself - you are stronger than Nicotine. Good luck!!

have someone help you. have a loyal trustworthy friend sleepover for a month or something or family member to watch you and throw away all your cigarettes and keep you away from buying them. also try Nicotine patches and that gum called Nicorette. plus ask your doctor for helpful medications and use them properly. find a relaxing hobby to do instead of smoking. try sports. and take deep breaths everyday. eat healthy. and keep yourself from wanting and needing cigarettes. im just guessing you use cigarettes to relax so just keep your self from getting stressed. hang out with your girls and try yoga. this will help for sure.

ps. By the way, your mental fitness is VERY IMPORTANT
everyday think to your self: im strong, i dont need cigarettes. im strong, i dont need cigarettes. over and over again every morning and every time you think you need one.
this is the ONLY WAY to get rid of this habit, to think it to yourself every day and stick to you promise to yourself.

Hi there,

I smoked for 20 years and realized I needed to quit for health reasons as most do. I smoked over a pack a day! I tried everything for years and nothing worked until I found Accupuncture. It's a simple procedure where they stick a few needles at certain points in each ear. I don't like needles at all but I had to do it and it wasn't that bad. It was like a pinch. As you sit and listen to medatative music and drink herbel tea for 1/2 hr you become relaxed and the craving for cigarettes do deminish, at least they did for me in a short time. I went for 30 sessions and have now been smoke free for 3 years. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will never return to smoking because of Accupucture only for me. Some people don't need as many sessions as I did. I was ok with the not smoking after only a couple of sessions but I wanted to make sure I never smoked again, so I kept going for 3 months. Here in the US you may not be so lucky in obtaining sessions for free as I received them in Canada being Canadian, who knows, I don't. There may be programs out there that help people stop smoking as they have in Canada. It is one of many programs to try and there must be something the US government implements to help people quit as it is in the Country's best interest for overall health to live longer as proven medically. IAccupucture does work but not for everyone and is worth a shot because nothing worked for me. I wish you much luck. If you want it bad enough, you will and can do it! Im prime example of that because as sad as it sounds I did enjoy smoking at one time but not now! It is not easy but you can do this! Good luck!


i quit december 1st 2006...i smoked my last smoke and just quit buying them. smoked for years..but if you don't have any you can't smoke....so quit buying them.

I quit cold turkey. I did have withdrawals but i gave myself pep talks. I really don't know how I was able to quit. ITIS DEFINITELY WORTH IT GOOD LUCK

Hi. I smoked my last cigarette on Saturday - 27 Jan 2007. Yes - it's only been three days. I'm feeling it badly today though - I was fine the last two days.
I'm busy reading a book - Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking. It's helping! I recommend you read the book. The only way to stop smoking is to go cold turkey. Don't use the patches and gums - they only help to keep feeding the monster. Join gym. Join a hiking club. Whatever. Just direct that energy into something that's good for you.
Drink lots of water (or tea - that helps!) - every time you get a craving. The craving only lasts about 5 minutes, so ignore it til it goes away. Keep reminding yourself that Nicotine is poisonous. If they told you that your favourite food had traces of cyanide in it - you'd stop eating it. Same principal.

Good luck!! (I need it too...)

Sweep the Leg
i used to smoke about 2 packs a day, and i tried quitting 7 times until i finally i was able to.
first i told all my friends about my decision and told them to not let me have a single one (even if i was having a few drinks) and to forcefully remove it if they saw me with one. second, the average craving lasts only 5 minutes, so once one hit i would immediately try and do something to take my mind off of it. call a friend, play a computer game, start cooking, etc etc. carrot sticks and lollipops also helped with the hand-to-mouth craving. for me the first week was a breeze, didn't bother me at all, the second and third weeks were the worst, but once i hit that one month bracket, i didn't even remember that i smoked and haven't been back since.

my advice: DO decide that you are going to stop NOW, this very instant. then take your cigarettes, crumple them and then toss them in the trash. cold turkey is the only way, one cigarette always turns into another. and try and have stuff to do for when a craving hits, and just take it one day at a time, it seems easier to say 'im gonna go all day without a smoke' than it is to say 'im gonna go until march without a smoke'

carly h
You are at the perfect age to quit smoking because 30 is when the cells in your body quit repairing themselves as well as they did when you were in your 20's, thus this makes you more prone to cancer. I quit when I was 32.
The final straw for me was when I herd my husband ask my 12 year old son where I was and he said out smoking. I felt like trailer trash. I decided to quit that day. I threw away the rest of my pack. The next two weeks were the most difficult. I would get in my car solely to buy a pack of cigarettes, but talked myself out of it. If you can resist for a period of two weeks without smoking you are half way there. I made sure to avoid anyone who smoked and avoided drinking alcohol, because it made me more venerable to smoke. It has been two years since I had a cigarette, now I don't even like the smell of it anymore. My only problem is when I watch movies and people are smoking, I have to resist the urge. The longer I am away from cigarettes the less I have the urge.

After years of trying, I finally had to do it cold turkey.

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