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Even if I sleep approximately 7-8 hours a night, I'm still tired in the morning? What is wrong with me?
I'm 27. Back in college, I'd be able to get 3-4 hours of sleep a night and feel perfectly energized in the morning. It's true that I'm a BIT older now, but I feel like these days even if I get 7-8 hours of sleep, I still feel groggy in the morning. It gets better as the day goes on, but getting up and ready in the morning is a HUGE task. Am I dying? Could it be my mattress perhaps? I bought a new mattress approximately a year ago and at first it felt just perfect, but I feel like the mattress is way too freaking soft these days. After one freakin year! Anyway, yeah... usually I don't have any physical pain when I wake up... just the tiredness, BUT i woke up earlier today and my right arm has been kinda numb/tingling for hours. Help please! Thanks.

ur a wierdo

no one
Heh no your not dying, althought there are many reasons it could be, but if you feel as though your matterss is too soft than that is a great place to start your serch for resolution. Age does help and so does daily activity and diet and a number of other things. Although the right arm thingy i may get check out if it happens more than once! I Know that my change in lifestlye has effect my sleep. I was wroking a min of 40 hours a week and i dont exactly have a job you can sit at. Anyways after beign out on a knee injury for a month now. My satisfaction with my sleep has declined greatly. I used to be able to sleep 3-5 hours and be good to go( I am 24 and have a 2yrold) but now because i can't move let alone burn the enrgy i used to i feel as though i could sleep for days nonstop and still be tired. So you are not the only person out there with this problem. Hope you get it figured out, Check out a new matteress. Sweetr Dreams :)

Its in the rhealm of possibility that something is wrong with you, but I seriously doubt it. Dont worry. Ive heard that a lot of different things contribute to a person not sleeping well, like: do you have pets that sleep with you and are they loud or move a lot, is your bedroom to bright? Do you drink caffinated products too soon before bedtime, eat to soon before bedtime? listen to loud music? Are you not relaxing enough?

maybe you have sleep apnea(?) It is a sleep disorder that causes you to not get enough oxygen due to deep snoring. This condition causes you to come out of deep sleep just enough to start breathing again. The sleeper is generally not aware that they have been wakened. I know a guy who during testing for this problem was "awakened" 47 times in an 6 - 7 hr period. He was being deprived of deep sleep and lack of oxygen to the brain. It got so serious, he started acting like someone who'd had a stroke. This caused numbness in his limbs, he stumbled, fell, couldn't speak plainly, everyone thought he had been drinking heavily. There are different levels and different treatments. Get tested!

Maybe you need more sleep... Have U discovered Starbucks yet??? That ALWAYS wakes me up on a bad day...

You might not be sleeping really well...if you stay up a lot, your body will CATCH UP...sometimes yo might have something called sleep apnea...that's when you have a floppy epiglottis and you stop breathing for periods and snore...then to be evaluated you need to see a doctor...but if your always tired and you have a big neck or are obese, you might have that and need a sleep study...sometiems if you stay up a lot...it'll catch up, as you get older you get more worn out...cause your body is worn out, its not like when you were in college...you were 18-22, you had more energy during those years...

Blunt Honesty
Take a multi-vitamin and eat more fruits. It could be your mattress too. For some people 7-8 hours is too much. Try sleeping 6 hours, see if you feel any better throughout the day. I would try the vitamin and fruit first, though.

I totally know what you mean. I'm 34 and I am tired alot. I am also back in college and that is probably the reason i'm tired. Too much stress and a crappy matress.

You may need 9 hours of sleep, you may need a different type of mattress or you may have sleep apnea. You are not dying.

Zombie Xprt
you are over sleeping. every persons body is different. u don't need the full 7-8 hours. oversleeping can make u groggy

It could be almost anything really, could be the mattress, could be you are stopping breathing, I believe it is called sleep adeama (sp) in your sleep. Could be you are fighting off an infection which causes you to feel tired. Could be a Thyroid problem

Could be another sleep disorder, or nothing at all. Go get a physical.

Big Daddy
Maybe now that you are older, you need more sleep. I went from needing 30 min-4 hours for days, even weeks at a time; then I went to needing 13 hours of sleep. i average 4-11 hours of sleep now, depends on my day and what needs to be done. You could have low Potassium- try a Potassium supplement and see if it helps you out. Eating right and exercise helps as well! Best of luck!

The same happens to me at least once a week....I wake up with dizziness......and a little tired.
What I do is to not to get up violently from bed......first sit on you bed and wait for a few minutes before you get up....
Go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night for 4 days.
And, yes, some people need more sleep as they get older. But is not always the case.
Are you drinking too much caffeine at night? Did you got upset with someone?
Darken your bedroom to allow your eyes to relax. Drink a cup of cammomile or any decaffeinated herbal tea.

maybe u snoar? my friend does snoar lots and he had to get a breathing thing cuz at night when u snoar you stop breathing and wake up or die i would ask your doctor or go to a sleep clinic

a few things.... try changing ur matrress to someting harder or softer whatever u feel comfortable on
are u waking up a lot during sleep....?
try getting ur room as dark as possible, keep ur head elevated but not to the point where it's changing your normal neck position
change ur sheets often and use a detergent u like the smell of
keep it cool, it's easier to sleep not in the cold but cool tempuratures where a light blanket will keep you confortably warm so if u get war u can take it off and cool down
drink water! water helps your body in every single imaginable way possible...

could be depression. Get a better bed. Do some physical activity throught the day. Eat a better diet as well.

even though you get enough sleep, you may have a lot of things on your mind that keep you up at night, it also could be your mattress. or the way you sleep on one side for too long. If it keeps up you might want to call a doctor.

You probably are getting too much sleep.
Maybe you slept on your arm and that's why it feels numb... my hand feels that way when I sleep with it under my pillow.

Sleep Apnea?

Swapan, The Dream
You need more energy and vitamins and also some minerals (may be).

For energy you need to be fit in mind. Do some mind exercise. Try to be happy always. Do every wotk using your heart.

Lastly visit a doctor and check for any discripancies.

iggwad â„¢
Sleep loss is accumulative.
You may need more than 7-8.
You owe the sleep bank and now that it sees you are in better situation to pay back it want bigger payments.

do not drink before bed, check mattress, are you over weight, do you do exercise late in the evening , coffee. This could contribute to sleepless night. drink more water and take TV out of room . change sheet to cotton and see what happens

I can almost guarantee it's your diet. You probably ate more sugary food in college to give you that energy. Now you probably eat regular good meals. Not only that but the average adult should be getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night and at least a 30 min. nap in the afternoon! I saw it on prime time!!

Did you ever used to stay up more at night and sleep more in the day? I work night shift and have for years, but on my days off when I try to sleep at night, I don't feel nearly as rested with eight hours of sleep as I do when I sleep just 6 during the day..... Probably your body is adjusting to a new schedule and it will pass. It sounds like you slept on your arm funny, and caused a mild neuropraxia(where a nerve gets bruised or pinched), it should go away in a day or two. If it persists, you need to see a doctor, and while there, explain to him about the tiredness. There are a few medical conditions that could cause that, and some are easily treatable.

It might be to much sleep becuase sometimes people get either to much sleep of not enough and when you sleep to long it takes energy to pump blood through your body so sleeping to long actullay is not good for you. If Thats not the case then i would sugest seeing a doctor on those specifications and seek help on that. I hope I have helped you!!!

do something or get something that will get you pumped up like loud music or something

i have that problem too but ive just turned 19 so i dont think its age

haha i sleep 14 hours some time and im still tired

maybe you should try BLACK COFFEE!!! dude it will DEFINITELY giv u a boost and sweep away all tiredness

First Lady
You're probably not getting enough restful sleep.

Make sure you are eating a good balanced, nurtritional diet. If you don't know what that would consist of, look up nutrtion online and read up on it.

It woudn't be a bad idea to have a routine physical, if you can afford it. It is good for a person to have one yearly, and you can mention your symptoms. The doctor will just make sure everything is within normal ranges.

There are ways of altering the feel of your mattress if you cant afford a new one. You could put a piece of plywood under the mattress (between mattress and box springs), that will make it a lot firmer. Along with that you might consider a foam topper, the eggshell kind is cheap, or you can get the "space foam" variety, about 2 inches thick, for around $100. It is good support, but flexible enough to cradle your body a bit.

See to it also that you are getting plenty of exercise. A brisk walk in the evening after supper and two hours or so prior to retiring for the night would be excellent.

SOmeone else mentioned depression as a possibility, discuss this with your doctor.

Good luck!!

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