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Claire E
Does smoking effect your looks?
I don't smoke, I haven't even tried it so I'm just curious. If you smoke does it effect your facial look or does it make your body seem any different. But I know how bad it is for you and I don't need to know stuff like it makes you cough alot and you get worn out easily. Just the way it makes you look.
Thank you

Uncle Joe
Yes it does.

The continual effort of pursing your lips to draw on cigarettes gradually creates wrinkles around your mouth. The constant intake of Nicotine and other highly dubious chemical compounds makes your skin, teeth and eye-whites appear yellower than those of a non-smoker. Your skin also appears generally drier and less healthy-looking than a non-smoker. These effects are all quite gradual and not noticeable if you have only been a smoker for a few years, but just wait until you're 45 years old and look 10 years older than your non-smoking friends...

22 answers and then mine. Smoking effects your breath and teeth...turns them yellow over time. It will also cause your facial skin to wrinkle easier, and let's not even say what it does to your lungs and heart. If you have never smoked, don't. It used to be a "grown-up" thing to do...some of those grown-ups are now dead from lung cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, lip cancer, oral cancer etc etc etc. What worth does it have?....absolutely nothing!

Smoking destroys Vitamin A which is essential for the elasticity of your skin. You stink and makes wrinkles around the lips.

Joanna Lumley has smoked a helluva lot and has aged excellently. I think smoking makes you age slightly worse, probably, but is NOTHING compared to your genetic predisposition to age well or badly.

Alfred E. Newman
smoking makes you age and go wrinkly quicker,your lips especially look wrinkled.

yes it does as the same with alcohol and drugs,

You develop acne and your skin goes really greasy, and your hair goes dead dry and crisp. you also will look older than what you actuall are- in a few more years time.

Yes it makes you look older than what you actually are, and there is scientific proof to back that up.

your lips will kinda change it's natural color if you smoke a lot. the same will happen to your teeth.

I have heard two aurguments that are pro cigs.
Women claim it keeps them thinner.
Men claim that women that smoke are easy to bed!

I can't stand the after taste of women that smoke-But hey who really kisses community property.

Personally, I think it makes you apear Dumb as a sack of rocks!
Oh Yeah, I see a great potential Mother of my children here!-NOT!!!

Yes gives you wrinkles round your mouth and is bad for the skin and hair

I found an image where someone aged a man to show you how a smoker would look in 20 years time


My 2nd link below shows a group of smokers in tehir 20's and I think they all look a bit worse for wear, especially the 22 year old woman, she looks alot older. Smoking ages your skin, you get fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth. I've seen so many smokers with grubby yellow hands. You may also get stained teeth aswell as fingers. It accelerates the aging of your skin, It alters conditions in your mouth causing bad breath and can lead to early hair loss, so all in all it's not good!

I just took another look at those smokers on my second link and they definitely do look unhealthy, a bit pasty and have bags under the eyes.

Yes, it cause more wrinkles on your face. You are more prone to acne because of the smoke passing by your skin, as well it effect your eyes. Also you fingernails tend to become discolored, and the skin on you hands will also be effected.

Sierra One
I have been told that smoking tends to age the skin, I guess there could be some truth in that !!

ummm..i don't think so but it makes your breath smell like crap!!!...i knew a person who smoked and i had 2 hold my breath so i wouldn't smoke if i were you!!!!!!!!!

I'm told it ages the skin and on an enecdotal note, Alan Carr mentioned liver spots (I think) disappearing after he quit. However, it's hard enough to prove the link with lung cancer so I very much doubt we'll prove much on this score.

you get wrinkles all over your body, its nasty

It can do, it can make your skin go gray due to lack of blood circulation.

Yes it makes your face wrinkled and nasty.

makes you age more quickly, you get very wrinkled

pre-mature ageing esp. laugh lines, cyanosed (blue) lips, yellow-tinged fingernails, hair turning grayish-yellow, teeth staining, among many others, not to mention the effect in your lungs.

oowww, c'mon i know you knew all this...

Smoking cuts down on the amount of oxygen that gets to your body. You can have a palid complexion, dark rings under your eyes, etc.

Yep! it can you will get wrinkly and your voice will get deeper and your teeth and nails yellow yikes!!

yes it gives you wrinkles.

Sweet Sarah
The whole "ages your skin faster" is not nessecaraly(sp?) due to smoking.
For example.
Your only getting the wrinkles, becuase when your taking drags of the ciggi, your cheeks hollow , which stretches ur skin all over the place.
I mean if you were soft on your inhales, or whatever , you would be fine as far as your skin is concerned.

wrinkles, smell, droopy mouth - yes!!!!

I stopped in time...

I've just quit. I suggest you dont start

Yes it most definitely makes you look different, I stopped smoking and people commented on how much healthier my skin and face looked. Long term smoking causes immature aging heavy deep set wrinkles, especially around the mouth, and bags under the eyes.

It makes your skin age quicker. I have a sister who smokes who is three years younger than me and people always think i am her younger sister. It could be down to the fact she smokes and i don't. But i think she looks younger than me though, incase she reads this :)

Pained 1
yes it does, it gives you wrinkles and discoloration in the face, and it makes your breath smell... bad, and your hair isnt usually as thick as it use to be, and it makes you look older

As far as I know, it does cause premature aging at the minimum of its effects like wrinkles and sometimes bad skin.

Plus if you have that hole in your throat, thats pretty nasty....

Body wise, Nicotine gives your body a kind of a buzz.....if thats what you are asking about. Some people get skin problems, not sure how though.

Mr T
My cousin is having his tongue removed because of smoking. You think that will change things for him?

It really ages people. Your skin will look grey, your fingers and teeth will go yellow and you will devlop bags around your eyes quicker than a non-smoker.

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