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1.Do you smoke?


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 8 glasses of water a day is ALOTTTTTTTTT aaaaaa.?
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Anyway to get thirsty?

Does anyone think smoking looks cool?

Bruce Chan
i used to think it was cool when i was fifteen ,when i first started. but now it's ****. but you know whats cool .... a big fat joint.

That one chick....
*bleh!* NO!!!

- arianne -
all smokers have emphysema
so i don't think its that really great.

Personally I think smoking is disgusting! It looks terrible when people are inhaling toxic chemicals into their lungs which is damaging their air sacks leading to death in some form. I see it as a passive suicide.. slow, painstaking death. To think that these people are paying for their own illness and death.

I used to...but I was 14 then, what did I know. I'm not 14 anymore, and If I could go back in time and slap that 14 year old....I'd beat the $hit out of her for even touching the damn things.

That was more of a 80's/90's way for teenagers to look cool, but being a teenager myself, I have only encountered a very small group of people who smoke cigarettes, and that is only so that they can be 'non-conformists'.

Only tobacco companies, ad agencies and retailers.... oh yes . . . and surgeons.


Adam P
Yeah..... not really (though tempted to say yes just to be different).

Always have loved the smell of stale tobacco though, don't know why but I find it gorgeous (you keep your forrest fresh) ...not fresh smoke though.

Hope you're not thinking of taking it up

It's pathetic and so uncool. :-(

Christiana W
no... my dad does it and thats why we never have money!!!!! >:O and his breath almost always stinks. i wish they never invented ciggareets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:OOO

cee;cee beybey
na! it doesnt . im addicted to druqsz x but i dont think im cool fukc dhat ! it makes u look like a loser lolsz . trynna be cool hahaah

NO WAY!! how can slowly killing yourself ever look cool?

It used to look cool until i started smoking.There is nothing cool about it.Believe me.
And if you are thinking of starting smoking,please don't.Take it from someone who knows what it's like.

oh yeah especially if theyre blowing one through there throut

NO! Especially these days. Lighting up in public now is treated like shooting up heroin. I must admit, I am a smoker, so this is not coming from a smoker-hater, but it is definitely not cool in any way.

The truth is, no matter what anyone truly says, it actually dose look cool and is appealing to many. Why do you think so many people are addicted to it? Also, if smoking is so "not cool" who ever said it was? People only say that because it is the politically correct. No one actually believes that and you know you all know what im talking about deep down, weather you openly admit it or not.

Depends on who is doing it ! Some people look cool whatever they do, others just never look cool at all.

Sometimes on movies it makes the person look BA.

but nah, smoking is dumb and won't give you cool points in the real world.

I think smoking was viewed as cool in the old days but perceptions have changed over time. It's cool if you're not a smoker and people respect you more for not succumbing to peer pressure and social image.

Cigarettes are definitely NOT cool.
Cigars are.
And hookah.

Generally, if a person can control their smoking, why not?
But if they are addicted, then that's not cool.

Ash C
No, in general when I see someone smoking I think that they are TRYING to look cool. In general it makes then look pretty common.
Smoking is an amazing way to change the way people perceive you. If I see a woman in the street who is otherwise gorgeous, but she starts to smoke - then it's immediately off-putting. I can't think of anything worse...

If anyone looks good smoking, it's because they're young and probably look good anyway. And therein lies the problem. Even THEY don't look good smoking once they get older.


Absolutely, watching those hard earned dollars burn away slowly is so cool...

♥ Summer | Summa! ♥

cancer sticks are definetly UN-cool.

I was just talking about that today with a friend...............alot of teenage girls around here smoke and they look so ridiculous. It looks disgusting.

The Answers

Unless you are Danny in Grease it is NOT COOL - gross!

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