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Does anyone know how to meditate without reading all those books?

farha k
peace of mind is the best way to meditate,there is no need to read any books to meditate

The simplest mediation I have found is to close your eyes, sit quietly and on the in breath think "In this exact moment, there is..." and on the out breath put in whatever you want. Peace/Joy/Love/Determination. It will focus you in the here and now and it will center you on what it is you need most. I've tried to meditate for years, and this is the only thing that has ever worked for me. Good luck! and Namaste.

Danny B
First you need to find a very quiet place, a place where you can feel fine and relaxed. Then you can assume the "lotto" position or either position you can feel comfortable and relaxed, next you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and clear your mind. Just keep your mind in blank...

Adrianna Christens
Meditation is basically just concentrating on nothing combined with deep breating. You pretty much just sit or even stand still and focus on what your body is feeling. If you have a fan on, feel the wind blowing over you. if you are in a park you can listen to the sounds going on in the park. Use the time and the deep breaths to clear you mind and focus on nothing. At least that is what I do. Hope it helped!!

Get in a peacfull setting
Keep a steady flow of breathing, calm and slow.
And do your best to think of absolutly nothing. (concentrating on the breathing helps)
A good 10 minutes or more.

Go somewhere alone with no distractions and lose all train of thought and let yourself just feel inner completion.

Meditation is the art of concentration, and one does not need books for that. Focus on any thing, and concentrate

clear your mind and breathe

Rod H
close your eyes and concentrate...


they have these great MP3 guided mediation and relaxation scripts. I love that site. They actually work. I didnt think I could be influenced but they helped. They are really cheap too like $6-8.00 if I remember correctly

Candle meditation. In a quite room, place a lit candle on a table that you can be eye level with. Focus on the wick of the candle and close your eyes...try to envision the candle as if you have your eyes open. If your mind begins to wonder, open them and re-focus on the wick of the candle. This process gives your mind something to focus on and allows you to relax.

Be careful of the flame...I've dozed off and woke inches away from the flame!

Bradley P
Yes...although meditation is one of those really useful tricks that, the more you know about it, the more you can do with it. :) I started learning what I know of it at the ripe old age of eight years old when the doctors told me I had asthma *and* synecope (a condition where your blood pressure can drop really quickly if you change bodily position quickly...a side effect of having *really* Low Blood Pressure), and had to tell my psychotic nut-job of a father repeatedly, "No numbnuts, he does have health problems, he is NOT just 'being ignorant', STOP beating him for it you inbred ignoramus..."

*ahem*, but I digress, sorry. Meditation, in my humble experience, has these five components:

--it helps to find someplace quiet. Light or dark doesn't matter so much since you can control that by opening or closing your eyes, but the ears don't do that, you know, and you need to have *at least* enough silence so that you can let your thoughts wind down some.

--it helps to have enough room, wherever you are, to either stand up or sit up straight. Your back should be straight at all times, head over heart over hips, with your ears, shoulders and hip bones being in a straight line as much as possible. This way you can not only rest *in a balanced position* but also in position that encourages you to be *aware* of your body in a fairly painfree and intuitive way for most folks.

--it helps to have enough room to safely relax....to let tension out of your muscles. You need not go limp, this is more the bodily version of the "quiet room" idea above. Loud noises will generally distract you from being able to *be* in the here and now, and so too will tense muscles. If you have trouble relaxing, do consult the Wikipedia link below.

--focus on your breathing....you know your alphabet, right? Ok, then the easiest way to get into a meditative state is to simply slow down your breathing, breathe in, say the letter "a" silently to yourself, then breathe out, saying that letter "a" silently to yourself again...when that delay in your breathing feels comfortable, move on to "a, b", saying it *slowly*, breathing in, then breathing out....when *that* feels comfortable, move on to "a, b, c" and so on....don't rush things and don't feel bad if you don't make it to "z". This isn't a race or a sport, this is about getting yourself in the moment, and grounding yourself in *living in your body*, not in the thoughts inside your own head.

--Finally...recognize that as a rookie meditator, you are *not* going to get to a mindless, shut-down state the first time or even the first *several* times you try to meditate. Indeed, for most of us, doing *that* isn't even the goal here.

The goal is to simply stop living inside the prison of our own occasionally excessive and judgemental thoughts, and to *be here now*, and to allow reality to just be what it is. The idea is less about turning thought off, and more about relaxing it so that you aren't applying it more than need be. Think relaxed and supple, not limp. If you are "meditating" and *cannot* think, you are likely *asleep* and have gone too far, *lol*. ;)

So yeah, if you find yourself thinking about a lot of stuff the first several *times* you try to meditate....don't worry about it. Don't judge it. This is just who you are now, and what your reality *is* now. Treat it like a log floating down a river...just see it, watch it float by, let it float by, don't go to *work* on it trying to form an opinion on it. It's just a log....let it go. It's just a thought....let it pass.

Hope this helps, and my apologies for being verbose. ;) I know you don't like reading right now, and hope that will change....

Alexander Shannon
Choose a quiet place that is likely to STAY quiet.
Sit comfortably but not so's you'll fall asleep.
Dont lie down.

Begin to hum a single tone softly - taking deep, slow breaths between. Your mind will start to wheel and think - dont become invovled in it - just let your mind wheel all it wants and ignore it.

Humm softly. Breathe deeply.

After a while, the thoughts will diminish and eventually stop.

Thats how you meditate.

-1- Focus on your breathing while doing whatever you have to.
-2- Observe your thoughts.
-3- Collect the good results.


meditation comes from within one's heart. One can listen to soothing music and invision themselves in a field of flowers by a running waterfall on a mild spring day; hearing the birds chirping and at the same time you smell fresh crisp air. Try it!

Meditation is bad for you..........trust me.....been there!

Get comfortable
Close your eyes
hummmmmmmmm deep, then very deep, and repeat
if you do it right it relieves all your stress

I know a good technique for someone like you. Start your day with a normal serving of fruit for breakfast.Eat a salad for lunch with no dressing. and drink water or whole juices throughout the day. Around diner time., Breathe, relax. Ok. Now make sure there is not a single distraction to bother you. We're trying to get clarity here!Sit crossleged, back straight up, arms up .Breathe in slowly for 30 seconds, hold for 30 seconds, breath out slowly for 30 seconds.Repeat. Focus on your lungs .You would want to refrain from thinking . even "beathe, hold, exhale" is too much. try it!

I haven't read all of those books so I don't know

A bible and a dictionary.

One method is to close your eyes and imagine a warm pink ball entering your toes. Focus on relaxing your toes then work up to the ball of the foot, arch, heel, ankle, etc. until you have relaxed your entire body. If you are still awake at this point, meditate. If not, enjoy the nap.

paint a dot on a wall n stare it continuously 4 hours n hours n hours....concentrate on it !!!! it wl really help !!

Dark Energy
Wait, you have to go to books for mediation now?!

It's a process that's been around thousands of years. Do what feels natural and, above all, focus on only one thing.

okay go somewhere quit, then clear your mind think about nothing....... now stay there until you feel freash!

meditate on some subject that is the most important thimg in your life... if its water ...meditate on water... if its electricity circuits... i think pick a subject to meditate on, or else i go with voooh.................

Hi !!!
If you are realy serious about mediatating, then just trust me and just once visit the site - www.sahajayoga.com . Do it with an open mind, without any pre-conceived notions, try & follow whats recommended & try & get your SELF REALISATION. Its absolutely free. Infact ots ur right to get your realisation. All it will need is 10 minutes, if you can trust. It has worked for millions and if you are true to yourself, it will work for you. Thats all I can tell you. Good Luck !!! :-)

Go to a simple quiet place...sit down...pray...think...stay for a while...it's amazing what you'll accomplish

Basically: sit down, shut up, and focus on your breath going in and out of the tip of your nose.

you can actually meditate anywhere, anytime, with or without a book to guide you... PRAYING is one of the best ways to meditate...



Meditation is simply being with a focused mind, it can take any form, but why do they always tell you to sit down take some breaths, count breaths let go of your thoughts etc etc etc.

It's because to have a focused mind you must put your mind in the moment. When you put your focus on your body it's easier to be in the moment because the body is always present.

So how do you meditate? Bring your mind to the moment whatever which way you can.

So far the shortest answers have been the best, plenty of good answers on how to meditate.

a TAO, what are you talkin bout? that's a great way to confuse someone. There is no evidence of the brain containing the mind, that is to say that studies show that the brain doesn't recognize a memory from an actual experience, it fires the exact same way when you recall it as it would if you were to expierence it. The brain is a part of the mind but so is this computer I'm using.

Is prayer meditation? No, but you can meditate while praying.

Demons entering your mind while meditating? No, demons are that which distract your mind from meditating. Meditating seeks to end the demon's distractions.

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