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Do you think a person should shower everyday?
or every other day?

showering everyday is good for your skin but if you use soap everyday your skin will become extra-sensitive to everything and also you'll start to peel if your use a sponge or some other implement to scrub your skin

u must or i think it will be 2 dirty.

pooja g
if u want people 2 stay around u den u nid 2 shower daily... its fun 2 shower daily... u can switch on sm good music while having shower...

who knows?
yeah of course that everyday, you will get smelly otherwise!

Absolutely - preferably twice along with brushing and flossing your teeth.

Sometimes even twice! How could you NOT shower every day?!

i think children every other day and adults daily or twice especially in the hot humid weather

miss v8
everyday ...no one wants to be around stinky ppl

twice a day or stay away

Every single day!

it's not good for your skin if you shower with soap every day....but you can shower everyday - why not

yes, every day, you don't want to stink, do you?

Every day but an occasional miss shouldn't hurt you. Something to be more concerned about is the use of anti-bacterial soaps. Some of the research shows they tend to reduce the ability of your immune system over time.

as we live in a polluted world with carbon smoke & dust

every day

� Fuzzy Dice
every day works best.

sweat and bacteria need to be washed off for health reasons.

what's the advantage to showering every other day?

if you work, you need a shower every day. if you are just sitting at home,not doing anything, not sweating, i see no reason for one every couple of days.

One interesting detail is this: you never have as many bacteria on your skin as in the time after showering. Humidity creates the ideal confition for bacteria to reproduce on you.

This is a good thing, though. We humans are covered in a bacteria called Staphylococcus epidermidis. This is a 'god' bacteria (usually) that keeps nasty ones (like S. aureus) from reproducing on your skin.

So a shower every day is not a bad idea.

depends on the work habits and heat. go to work in hard working conditions-yes. work in office in a cooled condition-no, summer time-maybe. in the house all day with air condition, no sweat conditions-twice a week. have a relationship?-everyday might be a good idea.
a good cleaner-white vinegar diluted in spray bottle. it kills any smell and bacteria and is cheap. get in shower and spray your body including your hair. no more flaky or itchy scalp. keeps your body feeling clean longer than soaps. I have used it for 2 years.

Yes....everyday unless you live in a cold climate. When it's winter time I find that I don't shower EVERYDAY but that rarely happens.


I'm sure the people around you would say yes.

It depends. Anyway a daily shower can dry your skin. Unless you drink a lot of water.

You should. Everyday we're sweating and going everywhere made your skin dirty. Usually a dirty skin contaminated with a lot of bacteria and fungus. If you're a girl, you don't wanna be like that, do you?

if you want to be clean, YES !

everyone should shower every day.. no matter what. that shows that you're not hygienic!

yes a person should shower everyday, it keeps you fresh and its hygienic. i don't think good quality soap will bring dryness in skin.

Bobbi H
I believe a person should shower every day and use lotion after to keep the skin looking good.

uhh everyday! that's being hygenic.

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