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 I have got a hangover from hell what shall I do?
I drank some strong drinks last night. I felt sick this morning and telephoned work to take the day off. I felt so sick today I telephoned work again to take tommorrow off as well.

I have ...

 How to you bring yourself to wake up early in the morning?
I am kinda night person.I sleep at like 2 am and wake up at 11 am.And I really wanna wake up early,but everytime I set the alarm early like at 8:30 a voice inside my head tells me"sleep,u r ...

 How do you fall asleep?
Lately I havn't been able to sleep at all, or it takes many hours to actually get to sleep. Is there any methods that I can use to help me sleep better or actually go to sleep before resorting ...

 So..I tried weed this weekend..?
does it have any BIG effects? I wanna try it again next weekend, I'm not addicted like im gonna die without it, its jus i would have it if it was given to me..almost everyone i know smokes it i ...

 Why do women outlive men on average?

 Does anyone think smoking looks cool?

 If u didnt have work, school, or anything to do the next day, WHAT TIME would u wake up?
what's the LATEST TIME you've woken up?

mine was 2 pm. @[email protected] =P...

 I need answers right away its urgent!!!!?
Lately i havent been hungrey or thirsty and normally im hungry a lot, is something wrong with? If you thinnk so then what? please answer soon.
Additional Details

 How many meals a day do you eat?
Some doctors tell us that 3 meals per day is a stable and reasonable way to eat, recently i was told that the new trend is to actually eat 5 small meals per day.
How many do you eat?...

 What is the best hangover cure?
Is suffer from extremely bad hangovers, I have one now in fact. Symptoms include racing heart and sometimes anxiety....

 Nearly 24 hours without a cigarette?
any tips for when you get the craving (apart from eating!!)
Additional Details
thanks everyone xx
some great advice, and ...

 My friend has got hold of some crack cocaine, he wants me to take some with him.?
My question is this: Will I get hooked?
I have never taken drugs before and am worried about what effect it will have on me. He is however a very good friend and I don't want to let him ...

 Why do dogs and cats clean their butts with their tongue?
Do u think if they had hands it would be a different story....

 What would you say has the most dangerouse effect. cannabis or alcohol?
I personally would say alcohol is far more dangerouse,...

 How many times per day do you bathe?

 Tips of how to fall asleep faster?
My dad said that I thought of stuff too much tahts why I cant fall sleep, can u give me any tips?
Additional Details
tomorrows the ...

 What kind of death do you fear the most,?
i fear being in a crushing car accident or being stabbed to death. i hope when i go ,i go in my sleep....

 What are your opinions on smoking?
what are your opinions on smoking? also, do you smoke?
Additional Details
to snerval... i am not smoking anything apart from normal ...

 Who puts the toilet lid down?
Not just the seat but the lid as well... I don't know ANYONE that puts the toilet lid down......

 Am always feeling tired.?
Am always feeling tired. physically and mentally.

I sleep up to 8 hrs each day, and weekend probably 9hrs.

my diet is fairly good, i dont have much bread, pasta's etc as ...

Do you smoke?
I used to, but I kicked the habit many years ago.

Yes, I smoke since April 16Th 1982.
I didn't check out yet about my lungs how they look.

only when im on fire

I'm afraid I do. Badger's rear end or not. Perhaps it's one reason why I am a saddo sitting here answering people's questions.



Yep. I have told myself that the day I have no stress in my life, I will quit. It's sure looking like that day is not on my immediate horizon. Basically, I'm not ready. When I am, I will stop.

yes i do and i really enjoy it.

edward mann
Not since i invested in some KY Jelly...although i'm still RED HOT!!!

I have never smoked.
I think it is a disgusting habit & never want to smell the way smokers do.
Worst thing is now that it is illegal to smoke in a public place like a pub, restaurant etc. people are smoking in the doorways of these places & the result is that previously attractive bulidings are being made to look horrible because of all the cigarete ends lying around their entrances.

Definitally not, besides the fact it kills you, and makes you smell bad, the cost is too high. I feel that if you smoke, don't complain about gas prices, becasue your smoking habbit is costing you more then the high gas prices (not to mention all the later medical complcations you will have later in life and the cost associated with them)

Yep, every day i keep telling myself to give up but i cant yet. I will know when the times right to though

Yes.....(shamefully) I do and im only 16! Want to stop but cant! Oh dear...i think i will though sum day.

Um, NO. thanx for the 2 points.


[email protected]
yes and its disgusting i hate it but cant stop

No. I think it's gross.

No, I am one of those rare people, who have no desire for tobacco, nor liquor of any kind, including beer.

yes unfortunatley


Diane E


yep, been trying to quit a long time now

No. don't want to. never will try it and no.

Yep! Not proud of if, not ashamed of it either. Tried to quit but I must not be really ready yet because I could not do It.



i used to but unless i want to loss my leg i'll never smoke again, i just had operation to unblock my veins, due to many years smoking, i saw a friend of mine in the hospital, hed just had his leg off, as many others had i was in pain for 3 years before op

no more.. I left home, returned and left again .. tore my hair out and everybody elses giving up 20 yrs ago ..!

Revolution Now
I am now on my third week of stopping!!

As far as I am concerned I have done it. Free at last and I didn't use any Nicotine products.

Yeap! I stopped cold turkey.

How did I do this.....

Do a search on google images for "lung damage smoking".

People are in for a bit of a shock.

I used to find smoking attractive and sort of mystical.

Not anymore.

I have posted a couple of times on whyquit.com look for iposhrat there as well.

Check the pictures I uploaded.


Read this too.


Smoking may look attractive and seductive blar blar etc BUT in the inside it is a totally different story.

You can change your car air filter but you can't change your lungs, which get blocked up in the end.

I hope that helps someone.

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