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 If u didnt have work, school, or anything to do the next day, WHAT TIME would u wake up?
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 I need answers right away its urgent!!!!?
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Additional Details

Do u think i should start smoking or start taking drugs?

You must be SLOW

in dog with rust
Yes. I think someone who is able to ask such stupid questions should consider self destruction and drugs are a good way to do it. It is a long and painfull form of suicide.
I am joking of course.
The answer lies within yourself. I am 30 and I tried many drugs (coke, ectasy, . Each time I have to admit I really enjoyed it. But when I look back it is something I could really have done without. It doesn't bring you more than what you already have within you. In other words a stupid man will gave stupid trip.
And some drugs can be VERY risky: flashbacks, accidents, mental pathologies (for mushrooms and LSD), cancer, scizzophrenia (pot), heart problems, hormonal problems (mdma, ecstasy).
Also I smoked for 13 years and I wish I had never touched a ciggi!

this is a vague question........smoking what?? cigarettes??

marijuana??.......which would then be one in the same smoking and taking drugs.........along with crack, heroin etc.

Personally, I say have a shot or two of patron and think about it........In the end.......you'll realize Alcohol is the best way to go..........


Of course it all leads up to EARLY DEATH so whichever road you choose is yours to take.............

But honestly my suggestion sweetie.........Get a journal and take out the frustration there.......maybe seek a friend or counseling........maybe even somethin as simple as a walk during sunset or a swim to ease yourmind............

Its not worth your health.........and you really dont want to ruin your life like that do you??

that all depends on your reson.........NOT dont start eny thing like that i am a smoker so you probly think i should not answer this Q but thats why i am.......if you feel you need some thing try chewing gum or some thing healthy.........take it from meee DONT start smoking

sure start now, cuz we never here how bad smoking is for you or how drugs can ruin your life!!!???? DUH!

i would tell you drugs. just b/c they are better for you

well if you fell you have to do one of those choices you should smoke because people still live long when they smoke. if you do drugs you will start making bad choices that might end your life earlier

neither of the two. Smoking and taking drugs is bad to your health and what benefit can it give to you? It will just give you bad breath and mental retardation. That's true. So better not try any among them.

Classy Granny
Neither would be best.

smoke pot its the easiest to quit dont do cigarettes there addicting and to easy to get a hold of

Neil G

well it is really up to you. but, if i had to answer the question i would say dont do either because they are bad for you and i have known a lot of people that have tried and they say i is not fun so dont do it this is just my opinion

That is like peer pressure in reverse...... Of course not, why do you even ask? Are there any long term benefits to smoking or using drugs?

Not unless you want to be unhealthy, smell, have bad breathe or go crazy.

The *****
Go right ahead! Hell sweetie that is a stupid question. I smoke because it is one of the greatest things on this planet. So go for it. (Don't do drugs though, they can get pretty f**ked up at times.)



only if your stupid. are you?

neither you will kill your self with either one if you are doing it to look cool it is geeky!!

why? then you will ask me how to quit...

lol is u crazy ? y dont u see d doctor ?

Please don't start smoking or drugs.Both are addicting and
if you haven't started your lucky so don't start or thats when the problems of addictions start.

Are you stupid or do you just want attention? I think its both

Nik K
My dear

The answer is very simple.....


cool girll
no my friends do they ust to be smart know there stupid

um No and No, why destroy your body in a slow painful way, the sooner they ban smokin the better

Don't do drugs, don't smoke. Please don't. You will get into a life that you don't deserve. Please do not do anything of such horrible outcomes. It not only can destroy your life, but the lives around you such as family and friends. Please take this into consideration and please don't do it. God bless you.

whatever your reasons might be, don't do it. it's not worth it and it's not going to help, either. it's only going to make things worse.

Night Shadow
Neither. Unless you want to be stupid for the rest of your life.

U shouldn't start neither,my dear!both are extremely dangerous!!but if u want TO damage urself....then u re pig-headed!

cedric t
only if you really want to.

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