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Coughing up blood?
I have had a cold recently, like many people I work & live with, and have had a sore throat, accompanied by the coughing up of phlegm etc Last night though I saw a minute (and I mean tiny) trace of blood in some of the phlegm. Me being paranoid though, I'm worried it's to do with my smoking and drinking. Having said that, I'm only 25. I welcome stupid answers, but wouldn't mind some serious advice too please?

alyssa :]]
i am not a doctor but i would say that is not good...i would go to the doctor and tell him how long you have had the cold and see why you were coughing up the little blood...i am freeked out when that stuff happens to me to

This does not sound like anything to worry about. If you have been coughing a lot (or even blowing your nose lots) it is probably, as others have said, a small blood vessel that has ruptured. Don't worry unless it continues to gets worse.

How much do you drink?
Most adults can drink moderate amounts of alcohol -- up to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women and older people -- and avoid alcohol-related problems. (One drink equals one 12-ounce bottle of beer or wine cooler, one 5-ounce glass of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits.)

Smoking at all can cause heart disease, lung cancer and severe respiratory problems and increase the risk of having a stroke.

I'm sure this cold and coughing will go away soon but you might be wise to look at your future and think healthy! You may want to change something now before you have symptoms that really are serious.

See your GP, better safe than sorry.

tim l
well it might have a small thing to do with drugs and alchohol or it could just be how strong the cold is i know my older bro used to cough up blood during his colds but it wasnt often it was only during like really bad colds if it lasts more than a week at least the blood part you might want to see a doctor

could be anything from stomach ulcers to damaged liver see a doc.

could be just a sore throat, the coughing could have damaged the lining of the skin but you can never be too sure so if it carries on or gets worse I'd say call your GP. I've heard bronchitis causes the coughing up of blood but I am not qualified to make diagnosis. Good luck, hope its nothing serious.

one hot mamma
i'ts probably fine, but if it concerns you or gets worse you should talk to the doctor

Its sounds like all the coughing you have done, could of scratched you throat or tonsils. I did it once with a chest infection. I wouldn't worry about it unless is gets worse or happens alot more.

Get Well Soon

such a joyful lot aren't they! my advice, if you're paranoid - go see dr, if you ain't that paranoid and hey, it was only a teensy weensy bit, don't worry bout it!

NHS direct , you can phone them & explain your symtoms & they will advise you

Tel Number at top of page


id advise u to c a doc?? seriously

little weed
The coughing could have caused your throat and chest to become irritated and that has caused the blood.I don't think it's anything to worry about but if it gets worse then see your DR just to be on the safe side.

are you taking anything for your cold?if not then thats probly why, your throat could just be very agitated and irratated and needs some soothing. cough drops,cold and cough medicine,try Tylenol sore throat if your able, works very well.

Matt B
I studies Pathophysiology (disease) at uni, I would advise to err on the side of caution with this, don't get yourself too worked up, but I would make an appointment with a doctor to rule out anything potentially problematic, if this were the case, best to see to it early. Saying that, it could well be irritation caused by lots of coughing (probably a given but smoking will most likely add to any irritation - not being holier than thou) - Hope it works out great for you man, stay positive.


don't panic it is probably a burst vein in the throat

momof3 Simon's bit of fluff!
You have had a cold, sore throat and also a cough i am not suprised that you a coughed up a small amount of blood. All you may have done is strain the tiny vessels at the back of your throat or even scratched it with all your coughing.
I am not going to lecture you but smoking would not casue you to cough up blood however it can bring on other illnesses. I say no more you have come for no lecture. Drinkng we all like a drink every now and again and as long as no drink problem that would not casue i either.
I do think it is your cold/sore throat and coughing that has caused this however it goes without saying if you do it again,it increases or even if you are still worried go to doctor for a check up,
Hope that helps

your throat might have just been really dry from coughing so much - that has happend to me -- if you cough up a lot of blood go to the Dr. or at least call to ask ---

You have possibly strained your throat after a bad cough,don`t worry too much about it ,just ring Dr but I`m pretty sure that`s what it is ,to put your mind at rest I suffer from bronchiectosis and I cough up loads every few months ,the first time it happened was the middle of the night and it is very frightening ,I am still here after 4 years so I am sure your tiny drop isn`t going to hurt too much ,just check with Your Dr and try not to worry goodluck

It could be to do with coughing because of your cold if it;s a 1 off, but if it continues it could be the start of something serious like TB. Consult your doctor to be on the safe side.

i think that you may be sick ask your doctor

mike b
Seek your Dr's assistance immediately, yes, this could be no big deal, however it is NOT something to be taken lightly!

another detroit bassist
your throat can bleed due to infection. you need to see a doctor because it wont get better with rest.

Don't worry about it, it's because you have been coughing a lot, you may have burst one ot two small blood vessels in you throat. If you start bringing up a LOT more blood, then I would seek medical advice.

Harsh coughing will break tiny capillaries. At 25 you have time to reduce your smoking and drinking if it is excessive .It is good that you are sensible enought to feel anxious . Life is precious.Care for your body

'YO GO TO THE ER' and stop smoking and drinking and pray

coughing up of blood no matter how little is not good because it is coming from the lungs a visit to your doctor asap is highly recommended. you may just have a chest infection so it is best to get it checked out.

Coughing up blood can't be good . You should go get looked at by a Physician, even if to atleast see about this cold you say you are getting over.

i have often had this when i have a sore throat.it maybe that the cause is a tiny blood vessel close to the surface has been damaged by coughing or it maybe an infection in the throat.either way when you are over your cold i think you will find it will disappear.

That amount of blood doesn't sound like anything to work about. It is probably from the cough, and I doubt it is from the lungs. I tablespoon of bright red blood, or any amount of old blood (brownish) is a trip to the doctor time. Have you had a TB test in the past couple of years? I work in a hospital, so they are required, but I think people should have them annually anyway. No lecture about the smoking. You already know!!! Quitting is very personal, and very hard.

Sometimes if you cough a lot and hard, you break tiny blood vessels and see a tiny amount of blood. Not necessarily something to worry about.

Dios es amor
Well, LeviTosh, coughing blood can have many possible causes:
lung cancer
lung cysts
mitral stenosis
pulmonary embolism
acute bronchitis
and many others, go see a doctor

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