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Can you ever really get rid of head lice???
All of my household seems to have continuously had headlice for the past 10 years!!! How do you get shot of them ~ without shaving your whole head off!

i dont know but i hate the thought of things crawling in my hair!
have you gone to the doctors? maybe its your environment. you might have to change your carpets, curtains couches etc or at least get them cleaned! i mean no offence by saying get your house cleaned btw! jsut that if there constantly in your household maybe the nits are living from your furnature?>

scented rose
yes !!! treat the whole family at the same time , they are several types of treatment that you can get from the chemist . they say that the lice actually prefer clean head's , its an nuisance but it can be sorted out . follow the instructions to the end.

Nutty Nelly
Good old conditioner, a decent nit comb and lots of patience.. Get a comb from tesco.. they do one with long twisted prongs.. it is about £10 but it even removes the eggs.. you will never need another nitcomb.. wash and condition the hair as normal. then comb it throughwhile the conditioner is still in the hair, (best done in the shower). then sit down with a bowl of boiling water and put more conditioner on the hair and comb it through again.. rinsing the comb in the boiling water with each stroke. repeat this other the entire hair and on every member of the family every day until you can see no more lice and nits.. then once clear do the whole family twice a week with the conditioner and wet combing method..and every day with a dry comb, once the hair is brushed and tangle free...
altho the lice CANNOT survive unless on a head off hair they can be transferred onto furniture and pillows. and can live for a few hours before freezing to death.. So vacuuming furniture and changing pillows cases and sheets once you have combed everyone thru is a good idea..

Robert Abuse
Shaving your head works !
All the chemical crap does not work, unfortunately as soon as the ruddy brats go back to school with even the merest whiff of hair on their pretty little heads, the freaking tiny monsters are back again.
I keep mine shaved.

seth s
ok for one thats gross there is absolutely no reason why you or anyone should be having headlice for 10 yrs! my god,i used to be a hippie with long *** dreadlocks down to my ***,i got lice twice over 10 yrs and got rid of them quickly,obviously you cant read the bottle of rid which states that you must not only shampoo your hair with rid but then use the nit comb to get all the eggs out (during the time i had my dreadlocks i used a natural herb recipe which required me to wear a plastic bag on my head for up to a week,not fun,and rather nasty) also if you can read,the directions clearly state that you should wash all bedding ,mattresses,basically anything that your head has touched and that will be touched by another head,lice as im sure you know can get quite large and can crawl around and jump for quite awhile after theyre off your head.i also have three kids in school and i dont know where the heck you people live that the school system allows kids to have a lice epidemic in the schools because they certainly do not here,im amazed at this,it honestly is not that hard to get rid of lice for godsakes,i got them out of dreadlocks...twice! plus my kids in under a week.no one in my family has had lice in yrs and yrs regardless of school infestation,i guess because our schools dont let you back to school unless all the nits are gone (they check).

I am sorry to hear your story you must be at your wits end. We had this problem at home and the secret of eradicating them seems to be to use the lice disinfectant available in chemists and then daily for a week to use a nit comb to remove all the nits. If you pre treat the hair with a tea tree conditioner this helps get them out. Using a repellant spray can then keep them away. Treat everyone in the house in one go. Be vigilant for their return. Good Luck!

Jeanie H
Yes but everyone in the house has to be treated at the same time. You have to wash all bedding and spray your beds and other furniture. Spray your car seats. I'd throw away all combs and brushes. I'd be talking to my friends about them checking themselves. Good luck!

yes u can get rid of nits and headlice if u treat it with the right stuff.

of course you can....My daughter was 5 years old when she had it and she is clean completly after a week...but you need to work hard on it to clean the head...good luck!

Yes you can my daughter caught them from nursery and passed them on to me it seemed like everytime we got rid of them she caught them again but persistant treatment and combing through the hair everyday eventually works.

yes u can

You can get rid of them but it is still possible to catch them immediately off someone else in the house. What you need to do is simulataneously treat everyone who has them, making sure there is no cross-contamination.

yes go to the pharmacy the have shelfs of stuff to get rid of them

Oh! I know, my daughter is forever getting them. She can nearly sit on her hair, so it takes hours to go through it. 2 sisters at her school went home with them that much that their Mum got so fed up she kept her word + shaved all their hair off. (Didnt make much diffrence).the school let them were bandanas+ caps til it grew back.. I got some 'full marks' from GP. Didnt do much.
Its took 4years of trying different methods+ lotions, creams etc

Goodness that does seem a bit much! We got rid of them by constantly wet combing with a fine tooth comb, had to do it every day for about a week, myself and my 2 kids had them but we did get rid of them! Here is a website that I found quite useful:


This honest to god, seriously works........better than Rid or NIX, which depending on the severity of the infection can get expencive.....All you have to do is pick up a bottle of hair dye......you can even find a color that's as close to your natural color as u can find, or use it as a good time to change it up......

There is a ingredient in the dye that lice hate more than anything, and it's way more effective........I've had it plenty, and that's the best solution.......After that, follow normal procidure........break out the lice pick, wash everything in site.......

Lice pass from heads touching each other, they cannot jump or fly, contrary to popular belief. Regular combing with conditioner and a nit comb, using some of the treatments from the pharmacy, some are insecticide based, some arent. You need to check which one is currently recommended in the area of the world you live.

The problem is that they gradually build up a resistence to the chemical treatments, so sometimes one will owrk, other times it wont. Always best to check with a pharmacy as to which is the current recommended product.

In the UK, the current recommended treatment contains Malathion.

Once all your family's heads are clear, you need to nit check regularly. Nits will live in clean or dirty hair, long or short. Young girls tend to be more prone to this as they are more tactile, they hug and cuddle more than boys, so spread them round easier. If you have girls with long hair, best keep it neatly tied up when in school. Not just a ponytail, clipped up out of the way so it doesnt dangle about as this is how the nits will travel from head to head.

Wet the hair and rub through conditioner (a cheap one will do). Section the hair and run the nit comb through, checking for eggs, wipe the conditioner off the nitcomb every stroke.

Examine around the base of the hair as this is where the eggs are laid in clusters. if you find them, comb and comb until gone, then move onto the next section of hair.

Done properly, this is a good preventative method, but it takes time and most people dont do it properly.

Shampoo containing Tea Tree Oil is said to help prevent, though there isnt much data to uphold this.

The problem is that you may remove all of the nits, but if you leave eggs in the hair, the nits will hatch and will definitely reappear about 2 weeks later, so very very careful conditioner combing is recommended.

I am a pharmacy dispenser and have plenty of experience doing nit-checks!

Yes with a lot of hard work. Dont bother with chemicals. Wash the hair and comb with nit comb, this should remove anything that is walking. Then check the hair virtually strand by strand and remove any eggs on the hair. This could take about an hour if hair is long. Every family member has to be done at same time. This should be repeated every couple of days until they are all clear, this could take weeks but will be worth it. After this you have to keep checking the hair when it is washed or if you see anyone scratching. I have heard that if you use a little hairspray each day you wont get them, its worth a go if you get the problem sorted it may keep them away. You could try a few drops of Tea Tree Oil either.

joe l
yes! easy, with diesel!

treat everyone in the household with the lotion in hair, wash all bedding, towels. sterilise combes and brushes, but most importantly, try not to get into contact with others who have head lice who will pass it back on, if a child has head lice, either tell the parent or the school teacher so action can be taken.

change your shampoo to a Tea Tree Oil one. they hate it.. but this one is from my hairdresser... if you stop washing everyday to once a week you should be able to get rid of them. they hate clean hair...
PS wash everything in hot water with a little bleach..

My 2 have had headlice since May and I have just got rid of them this weekend. No lotion seems to work and I've spent a fortune on them but the main problem seems to be the amount of kids at school who have them so everyone just passes them back and forth so mine just kept coming home with more as soon as I got rid of them. I have combed their hair every night with a nit comb for the past two weeks and I can now see no eggs, they are officially free. I would imagine though that at some point next week they will be back!!
It is a major problem in schools at the moment!! I have found nitcombing to be the most effective way! Once you get into a routine doing it every night, it's no hassle!

Haircut like mine would probably work

Head lice cannot live without being on the head, they feed from the blood from your scalp. It can be a pain but the very best thing on the market is Full Marks. Ensure you check everyone's heads and check them regularly and use, if you can a tee tree shampoo and conditioner in between checks, apparently the lice don't like the smell of tee tree! Good Luck, I know what a pain in the bum it can be. Remember head lice cannot survive long off the head, so all this nonsense about cleaning your house from top to bottom, cleaning all your bed linen and hats and clothing is just a big myth!!


Lice lay eggs in many places. You have to treat every member of the family at once with NIX or another brand of lice treatment. You have to pick all of the eggs out with a nit comb. You also have to wash all bedding and clothes, and clean the entire house thoroughly. It is difficult to get rid of lice once an infestation does occur. It takes a lot of work and dedication to get rid of them. I think it's sometimes easier to move!

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