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Can over masterbation really cause problems with your eye sight?

Depends on what your looking at when your doing it.

Not at all - just a victorian style lie to put you off.

soon2b mommy of 4
LOL no , if that was the case most men would be BLIND

Nope ,,,,

traci s

no , that is a myth.

I'm 50 and I heard that one when I was a kid. It won't hurt you in any way.

No, that's an old wives tale.

yea, but not really from masterbation. you will get bad eye sight from steering at the computer for too long. but then again you can get bad eye sight from just being on the computer for too long. so i guess thats just a long way of saying the answer is no..lol

I shot out my eyeballs

If that were the case, I'd be wearing glasses & using a magnifying glass to read your question.

if that were the case all my brothers and cousins would be blind as a bat!

no, that's another misleading lie brought to you by people who are uncomfortable with the idea of people pleasing themselves.

yes you should only do it until you need glasses

It won't make you go blind if you quit when you only need glasses


[email protected]
No way

Rich Z
No of course not. It also can not cause hair to grow on your palms.



Mr Mills
Could you type this question again with larger letters please?

rachel o


David W
If it could, I def wouldn't be able to see your question

unless you're masterbating with your eyeballs.. no?

No...that was just a myth to get people to stop doing it or not do it ever. It was jsut something that instilled guilt on people who were just being normal

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