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Are there any benefits to smoking?

kevin ? gent
no i haven't found a good reason yet
nor a good reason to stop

No, there are no benefits. In fact, there are consequences. Lung cancer, bad breath, and stained gums, and stained nails.

yes, one biggest benefit of smoking is you can maintain your shape. It has be prov en a person who smokes more eat less and maintains his shape. He / she never puts on wait.

No doubt he / she kills his inner organs .

it could release stress and one of the remedies for cold weather.

yeah, it gives us the opportunity to walk away from obnoxious people

The benefits are: you can get cancer, die early, yellow teeth, yellow fingers, smell like an ashtray, look older and more haggard do i really need to go on??


The idea that is calms you down is bull. Why people calm down when they smoke is because breathing in to inhale the smoke makes you deep breathe - take REALLY deep breaths - but thats it

diana m

no not at all

What's cooking?
It looks cool.

It hastens death.

the benefits are. cancer, bad smell from mouth , unusual loss of weight, energy...
but 1 thing friend. u can relax better than next. Me too a smoker but occuationally. I like to smoke wenever i got tensed and angry wit my friends and family


kevin h
yea it keeps people who work for the tobacco industry in employment

in the general popultaion no, but it seems to help calm schitzophrenics speeding minds, with effects on the nicotenic receptors. its not that i recomend for them to smoke, but thats thought to be the reason that so many schitzophrenics smoke

Ting Tong
keeps chancellor in plenty money.
keeps the morg and grave diggers busy.

Not to the smoker, but given it shortens life expectancy and reduces fertility, then society will benefit, according to Darwen anyway.

Yeah if cancer and emphysema are benefits!!!

Yes, i don't drink or smoke so the smokers are paying my tax, Thanks guys keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

You must be a young person. Anyway, the answer is NO. There aren't any benefits from killing your lungs. Remember? You need those to breath. Breathing keeps one alive. Also, your killing the lungs of everyone around you when you smoke in public. Smoking is the most addictive habit there is. Stop while you can. You may be able to repair the damage done already if you are a smoker.

It makes you look sad, no-one thinks smoking is cool anymore. You have to hang around outside to do it, It makes you stink, even after smothering yourself in perfume. It makes you breathless, impotent, bad tempered. Stains you yellow, gives you and those round you cancer, but,.......you die earlier so you don't have to pay so many taxes.

so r
I don't think so.
You're (getting) addicted to a bad habit.
It's no good to your health, nor for thr people and pets arund you.
Dangerous to unborn baby's and the pregnant woman. It costs a lot

sure,the companies get richer and the doctors get richer, other than that no, i use to smoke,and there wasn't any benefit for me.

Weight loss. And jaundice because yellow teeth and nails are totally in style this year.

no way!!

lung cancers, stinky breath, yellow fingers, waistin money. of course ders not.

Rich F
Yes that you will get to die before someone else that wants to!!!

Of course, if people don't smoke they don't get sick and nurses, hospitals and doctors don't have a job.

you dont live to get old and helpless. other than that, NO.

I do not feel there are benefits to be gained from cigarete smoking, but a pipe is a different kettle of fish.

I smoked cigarettes until I was 27, then, on the advice of a doctor, changed to a pipe, as I was finding I was getting out of breath easily when playing cricket. I also had acute bronchitis 2 years running.

I am now 49, I still play cricket, and, as an all-rounder, took 3/25 and scored 47 runs (batting at No 5) in my last match.I've had no bronchitis for 22 years, and my last chest x-ray showed clear.

My doctor recommended a pipe because a lot of smokers do not smoke simply for the Nicotine, but because they enjoy the mechanics of smoking (such as, fiddling with the cigarette, rolling your own, oral sensation etc).

I would be flying in the face of medical evidence if I advocated smoking per se, but I would suggest that if you are a dedicated smoker, you switch to a pipe. (do not inhale). You may find you are reducing the risk of smoking related illnesses and you will have a more enjoyable smoke, once you get used to it.

Buy a good pipe - the cheap ones are rubbish. Petersen of Dublin make good pipes at around fifty quid. Choose a medium tobacco to start with - Murrays Erinmore Mixture is quite innocuous, with a beautiful aroma. As well as a pipe, you will need pipecleaners (Swan are good), matches (again, use Swan. Safety matches have some sort of chemical that, when lighting the pipe, get drawn into the tobacco and taste vile). A pipe tool will be needed, for cleaning and maintenance of the pipe.

Fifty quid may seem a lot of outlay, but I would say that I am still smoking my first pipe (I now have six pipes).

Go to a good specialist tobacconist to buy your pipe - he or she will give you good advice if you tell them you are new to the game. If there is no tobacconist near you, McGahey's of Exeter will sell you what you need on the web, and they also have a Q&A forum on their site.

Yes, in general you generate more income for the government if you are a smoker.
a) You die younger, but you are usually not incapacitated due to smoking-related problems until after (or close to) retirement age. The length of your retirement is therefore shorter and pensions liabilities are lower.
b) You generate huge revenues for the government through tax on cigarettes.
c) You are more likely to drink more heavily, thereby further increasing tax revenues.

This was the conclusion of one of Margaret Thatcher's think tanks on smoking.

That's how it is, apologies for being so bleak.

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