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Any tips on recovering from a hangover?
Lots of beer and not enough sleep, what shoul I do to recover?

take three tylenol

drink more beer, it works lol

be like me t total if not then raw eggs in milk

Anyone that has a hangover deserves to feel miserable. Drinking so much that you dehydrate yourself is very idiotic. However, keep yourself hydrated.

Sleep. Don't drink any water it will just mix with the alcohol already in you're blood and make you drunk again ( I know been there done that ) The best thing you can do is take a couple of Aspirin and sleep...Oh and tell every one around to SHUT UP! I"M TRYING TO SLEEP!!!!! Good luck :-)

glass of tomato juice
next time drink a glass
of milk before you indulge

Paul J
Im perhaps a little strange in the way that if i am hungover the way i get over it is to excercise. I soon forget about feeling ill when im feeling the burn in my muscles. With all that excercise you need to drink plenty of water too - helping to rehydrate your body.

It depends on the severity of the hangover, if its mild quit moping around and do something to take your mind off it. If its a bad one take it easy a bit - maybe a quiet walk out, or go for a swim.

Some people follow the "hair of the dog" practise (drinking more alcohol while still hungover) I dont see how it works as you eventually have the impeding hangover to deal with as well as the weight gain.

Whatever you do. Drink lots of water.

You could always drink more beer.
I heard that orange juice helps to get over a hangover, but i've never had one so i don't know.

the cheapest and easiest way is to drink lots of water

alcohol makes you become dehydrated. dehydration = hangover

I don't know if you can get it where you are but in Australia there is a product called URAL. It is little sachets of white powder which mixed up in water make a fizzy lemony drink. One of these, lie down with your eyes shut for 10 minutes and you will be fine. You get them ar chemists, they are for urinary Tract infections, no prescription needed.

If you can't get URAL try some dexsal? or whatever fizzy stuff people drink for indigestion where you are. Drink lots of water as part of the hangover is dehydration. Try to get some extra sleep, and put off any major work or life decisions until you feel better, because a hangover affects your judgement as well.

Hope you feel better soon!

Don't quite drinking. If you don't try to sober up, you'll never have a hangover ☺


try drinking water inbetween drinking and pure orange juice in the morning.

drink plenty of water...andrews health salts...or try some Cabbage brae....

altered ego
Shame on you for sobering up

Take ibuproffen and drink a lot of water and think twice about drinking as much next time.

relaxation and lemon water is the essence.

lots of gatorade and relax. that's about all you can do. i usually also try to make myself eat some greasy food if my stomach is upset. double cheeseburgers from mcdonald's work best for me. i literally have to force my self to take bites, but it helps.

Stu pid
A good fry up or hair of the dog!

Drink two pints of water, then sleep.

When you wake, drink two pints of water, then shower.

Go to Greasy Spoon cafe and eat an English Breakfast

N.B. Hangover headache is caused by your brain dehydrating (drying out) and pulling inwards (shrinking) which it isn't meant to do - so the water drinking is very important.

asprin, milk and sleep is as good as anything else

lots of gator-aid or any sports drink and more sleep. Hangovers are caused by the alcohol making you dehydrated so by re-hydrating you start to feel better. Since alcohol also makes your liver and other organs work harder to remove the toxins you need more sleep than usual to recover

Something to eat and drink lots of water.
Good luck !

Kathy L
Drink alot of fluids, such as oj or apple juice, gator aide, ect.

keep drinking!!!!!!!!!

Just go back to bed hon.....and lay off drinking too much of the stuff.

sleep and carrot juice

Drink lots of water. Alcohol dehydrates you.
The icky feeling is cause by acetyl aldehyde, a by-product formed because you body can only process about 10-15 mL of alcohol per hour. It takes time for your body to produce more enzyme to break down the acetaldehyde. Dilute it with H2O.

make some home made chicken soup and put plenty of lemon in it ...that usually does the trick...if u cant cook just go to your favorite chinese food place and order wonton soup...good luck

Crocus Behemoth
Its true ... A big meal at McDonald's with lots of fat content will usually do the trick.

In Spain, McDonalds sell beer! I always find a quarter pounder with cheese, large fries, and a beer sets me up for another drink in no time.

Seriously, though, getting some fresh air is also good. You'll feel much better after a 10 minute jog, because it gets all the poisons moving around and eliminated

when you have a hang over you are experiencing the effects of alcohol on your system.

If I try to explain what alcohol does when its in your system, it'll make finding a hangover "cure" a whole lot easier.

Alcohol is in terms on nutrients, a carbohydrate. It is a simple carb in the way white sugar is a simple carb (its made from fruit sugars and this is why its a simple carb.) It does what all simple sugars do (ever heard of the g.i diet?) it raises your blood sugar to very high, thn when its left your system, it plunges to very low and in response your body becomes weak and tierd and you feel nausious.
Simple cure? something which has both simple and complex carbs in it- such as mulitgrain bread (n.b not brown bread which is just a simple carb) and maybe a glass of orange juice.
Second, when drinking alcohol your body looses fluid andyou become dehydrated- simple cure? dinkk some water.
Third, your body sweats more than usual when drunk as your metabolism rises with all the alcohol sugars you take in. when you sweat, you not only loose water, you also loose blood salts, so a small amount of slat is what your body needs- you can get this through drinking an icotonic drink like lukosade original or a rehydration packet which are from boots.
Fourth, you need- when having ingested all of the above, so sustain the blood sugar and metabolism which can only be done by eating something with fat in it.

So in summary you need to eat something with both simple and complex carbohydrates in, something with a small amount of salt in, drink some water and rest.

BLT on multigrain bread with orange juice and tea it is then!

or last nights chinese take out with brown rice

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