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1.Do you smoke?


Always wake up with a sore throat. Why???
Hi, I always wake up from sleeping with a sore throat, it is getting to be a painful nuisance. Any idea what might cause this - an allergy perhaps? Has anyone else experienced this?

take vitamin C with a glass of orange juice b4 u go to sleep, and when u wake up. this helps me especially in the winter

check out


thanks for the advertising

&& that used to happen to me all the time...actually, i think it happens every fall & winter...maybe sumthin im alergic to that just comes out in the cold months? idk what that would be...but for you, it could be some sort of alergy.

I have suffered from this and found that it maybe an allergy from dust and/or dust mites- I take a piriton before going to bed which means I don't suffer though I still have sneeze in the morning.

i get that alot its because i am a "mouth breather" in my sleep so that just dries out your mouth so bad.

Have a doctor check your nasal openings. Chances are you cant breathe through your nose. Do you snore?

Get tested for dust allergies, your bed is the major place for them to trigger.

If you breath through your mouth while you sleep that can cause the sore throat from drying out.
You might want to try on of those nose strips to help your breathing and maybe a humidifier in your room.

could be hayfever or maybe you snore alot which would cause sore thoat

Allergies are a likely culprit. Does it occur only in the summer months? Worse during spring and fall? Take 24-hour Claratin or something similar once a day when you're experiencing the sore throat problem. Also lemon drops before sleeping will moisten your throat.

you may be sleeping too close under an A/C vent, fan, open window. dont sleep with your mouth open its a clearr path for allergens/germs to fly straight though. or if you have had your tonsils removed ,they help catch germs/ foreign matter.

kate m
if u smoke that's the reason or u sleep too close to open window

Yes I have. It always happen when I sleep with my mouth open. Gargle with salt, in warm water, a little bit of peroxide. Straight, or mix wth water. Take a vitamin C pill.

It's likely to be hayfever go to the dr nd he can give u prescription!!!

You must snore, try making sure you're breathing through your nose as you go to sleep.

Air conditioning. Plus the fast that your probably not drinking enough water.

Could be that you are sleeping with your mouth open and breathing through your mouth. This dries up the mucous membranes in your mouth which could affect your throat

try going to bed with a cough drop.also drink lots of water at night!hope it helps!

Marilyn M
I get that too when my allergies act up and I snore and or breathe through my mouth all night
try a claratin at dinner tiem and see if it helps


You snore. Roll over.

Have a doctor check your nasal openings. Chances are you cant breathe through your nose. Do you snore?

I agree with picchick12.

You probably breathe through your mouth when you're asleep. This is what I do anyway, and I normally have a sore throat when I wake up. Don't know what to do about it though!

The original John Doe
your mouth is open during the night

Do you have a fan blowing on you all night. That could be the problem, especially if it's blowing directly at your face.

If not, then someone is trying to kill you! muhahahaha

joke joke

or is it? dun dun dunnn

Good luck!

michele b
if you sleep with a window open or if you have air conditioning that will do this,also maybe your heating system.x

i quite often hava sore throat wen i wake up and im told i talk in my sleep!

You could very well be getting a sore throat allergy reaction. Clear out your bedroom of all the stuff collecting dust that's not needed. Curtains collect alot of dust too. Take a look at the bedding materials you sleep with. Cover your mattress and box spring with allergy covers. Your pillow could be a problem. I just tried a magic foam pillow I bought at Walmart and the chemicals coming off it made me awfully sick with a burned, sore throat. I then found out many other people are getting sick from the magic foam products. Dust and chemical fumes are problematic.

U probably leave ur mouth open at night like i do so u wake up with a sore throat

You could be breathing through your mouth all night and snoring. IF so, your throat gets very dry and the friction from snoring can cause it to be tender. Does it go away after awhile? It also could be allergies.

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