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Would you please pray for my niece?
my niece was born on valentines day c-section and she suffered fractured skull and now she has epilepsy and they are testing her for jundaism or whatever it is. Please i'd appreciate it.ty and God bless.

Spiritual Gunslinger
Goodfella...I want to join you and the others in prayer and lifting up your niece before the King of Kings. I will be asking Him to touch your niece, and to heal her body. To place in her life, the physicians she will need, and to give each doctor the wisdom and insight needed to bring healing to her. And when this is all over, I ask that He allow this to be another example of His power and might.

† Traveling Prayer Warrior †

Dear Heavenly Father,
I ask that you will touch this baby and heal her if it is your will. Please keep her from further injury and pain. I also ask that you will be especially close to all the family at this time as this has to be so traumatic to deal with. Thank you for your watch care and for hearing our prayers. I pray in Jesus' holy name.....Amen!

† On-call Prayer Warrior †

Of course. God bless.

tea cup
Lord I lift up this little child to You and ask that You take care of all her needs in Your special way. I also ask for You to surround the family with Your love so they know You are with them through all their worries and concerns. Please put your healing hands on the nurses and doctors working with this infant.We know that only You can and will do what's right for this child and family.
In Jesus' Holy Name ...Amen

Virginia B
I will be praying for this precious little lamb, that she be restored to good health in the Name of Jesus Christ. I pray for the family as well, that the Holy Spirit comfort all of you. God bless all of you!!!

yes i will<3

Him <3
I'm very sorry. Of course I'll pray for her.

Awww i'm really sorry to hear that. I'll pray for her. God bless

Praying for her!

Father God, I lift up this child to you and pray that you will heal her from the problems she is suffering from. Lord, Your Word says that, " whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." I believe that if I ask for You to heal this child in prayer You will heal her. I pray that the family will also have faith and believe that what they ask for shall come to pass as Your word says. Lord, I also ask that you be with the family at this time and give them strength to be there and encourage each other. I pray that you will also bless the asker as well as all those who take the time to pray on behalf of this child. Finally Lord, I ask for forgiveness of any and all sins that I have committed against you so that my prayer would not be hindered by my own sin, though I am weak You make me strong. Lord, You are amazing, You are perfect and there is none like You, there is no one but You who can answer the prayers here and heal this child, only You Lord and I believe in You and know that if You say, "Let it be done" that it shall be done. I pray that through this prayer You will increase our faith and make us believe that it is done without a wavering thought so therefore this child will be healed.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Matthew 21:22
If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer."

Mark 11:24
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Anthony B
Absoulotely may God bless.

miss ellie
I am praying for her also...May God Bless Her and Keep Her.

Will do!
I hope She is Better, soon!

i will def do that! Hope she will be ok!!

i'll pray for her also

Barbra U
That is the saddest story I have heard in a while - your family must be in so much emotional pain.
Will pray for all of you...
If it is Jaundice - that is a very (minor) baby thing Lots of babies get it within a week of being born- they will keep her under a special light at the hospital.

Jennifer S
i'll pray for her

I shall pray - But I feel highly that shall be well, guarding angels all bout her....

Thank you lord for bringing this beautiful blessing into the world. Please be with her as she begins life already will strength building charters...a Fighter

Lexi G
I will, god bless you.

may daddy god's love cover her n completely protect her........................ his pricious blood washes n santifies her healing flows setting her free.................. his blood makes you whole................... he loves you dearly..............................

Surrahh :D
of corse i'll pray for your niece. i just recovered from a bone marrow transplant and i battled leukemia so i know what its like to need prayers, even from people you dont know. i hope everything goes well with her and she doesnt have any brain problems. since shes a baby her chances of her skull being okay are higher because its still soft and new. good luck with everything!

Valerie R

we do not know the answer or the reason as to why this baby was born in such a way... but we don't always need answers just faith and joy. Lord, I ask that you bless the family of this baby girl... give them the strength and the finances to get through this terrible time. We trust that your will be done with Neice whether in life or death but please give all comfort to the parents and family... I petition that the baby lives her life. but even moreso i petition your will be done. Thank you lord for loving her and everyone here. Amen

I'll ask that the hand of the Lord be upon this little one, and that He touch her body to a full recovery, and that others will see that God is still moving in people's lives.

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