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Woke up this morning deaf in one ear, whats the best thing to do?
it happens to me every now and again but takes ages for my hearing to come back, whats the best thing to do?

Go and see a General Practitioner (Or Doctor) depends where you come from, get an opinion then if you get free prescriptions ubuse that fact, if not go to a chemists and either pay the presciption fee or get something like Ear-ex

stand on your left leg and hold a new born kitten in your right hand at arms length while listening to marc bolan's greatest hits with a blindfold on and smoking a joint.

Get your ears syringed at your local health centre. Sounds like wax.

You can do a small excercise, just close both the nostrils of your nose tightly and close your mouth too at the same time, for about 2mins, this will help the air which gets blocked inside,find its way through your ears.This will help you to open both the ear blocks.
there is a Yoga excercise called "pranayam" it may help you. In this u should close your mouth take deep breath through one nosril while keeping the other notril closed using thumb and release the breath thru other nostril while closing the first one using your other 3 finger (middle, ring n small finger).Do this alternatively (take breathe with one nostril and release thru other , then again take with same nostril and release thru other).Do it for 2 min continuously in the morning, empty stomach.It helps a lot............hope i explained it well or u can refer any indian Yoga book

I hope this will relieve you. Please try it!

Woke up this morning
(De dum de dum)
Deaf In one Ear
(De dum de dum)

Sounds like a great first line for a blues song! you should write it!

Go to an ear doctor. You have a build up of wax probably. If you use a cotton swab all it does is push the wax further down. I had my ears cleaned when i joined the military and they had some water and peroxide and a plastic syringe. They squirted it in my ear and it cleaned out all the wax. It was the best feeling ever.

Get them syringed at the docs.

That happened to me one time and it lasted a week. I got a Decongestant to dry up all the fluid in the ear and it went away. If it is there after a couple of days I would go to the doctor. You don't want to loose your hearing.

blow it with hair drier and gently cotton bud it .

i have no idea
You may have wax trapped in your ear. Go to the chemist (drug store) and ask for an ear wax remover. If this doesn't help then seek some medical attention. You may have chronic ear infection.

A small spoonful of warm Olive Oil and some cotton wool. Granma always did it......

happy d
You definitely need to see an ear nose throat specialist.
It may be nothing serious like a build up of wax in the ear drum which can be sorted out very easily by spraying warm water into the ear with a syringe.
However best to see a specialist first.

use your good ear when your on the telephone

Go the doctors and have your ears syringed. A painless and quick procedure.

On a night put warm olive oil in your ear as it might be wax.I would go to my doctor for a check up.

Spanglish McWhirter
Doesn't sound good! ;-) If it's not caused, for example, by going to a noisy club, you might want to go to your doctor.

Go to a doctor and find out why it is happening. It is certainly not normal, and the condition might possibly lead to permanent hearing loss if left untreated.

Don't forget that the ear canal is a shortcut straight into your brain. Do you really want some infection crossing the border?

put a couple of drops of almond oil in

❂ BlueBerry ❂
go to a doctor and ask

tilt your head on its side on hop on one leg,that should fix it.

Barry G
see a doctor.

spirit of radio
Sorry I thought it was the lyrics to a Blues song.

probably an ear wax problem but might be best to go to your doctor and get it checked out first.
my doctor told me i had narrow ear canals so i'll continually have this problem - great!
i was informed by the nurse, that i can keep my ears from blocking up by using olive oil in them once a week. not food-grade olive oil, but the stuff you can get from your local pharmacy or chemist.
lie on your side, deaf ear up, and drop 2 or 3 drops of oil into your ear. you can buy dropper bottles from your pharmacy too! massage the bit just below your ear and lie there for 5-10 minutes. place a tissue below your ear and sit up and some of the oil is bound to come out. repeat on other ear if that gets blocked up.
if the problem is quite bad, then you can do this twice a day for a few days and it should help.
to help the wax not to build up, do this once a week.
apparently it's best to do this a few minutes before you have a shower so that the softened wax comes out then.

wax in ears is normal though, but excessive wax isn't. everyone needs ear wax so that stuff doesn't get to your eardrum and so on.

on no account stick cotton buds or anything else into your ear as you could damage the ear drum.

also, those otex and similar drops you get that can get rid of all the ear wax in one go aren't so good for you and could possibly damage your ear. best to do things naturally, hence the oilve oil suggestion by the nurse i saw. that's what they ask you to drop in your ears anyways, if you need them syringed.

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