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Why do I feel tired all the time?
I have been getting tired alot lately, I seem to sleep more that normal and its been going on for about 2 weeks now. I have been to the dr. and had all kind of blood work done and CT scans. I thought possibly anemia, but that not it. I am in good shape and exercise regularly but seem to be gaining weight even though i don't eat more than normal, also started getting constipated too. Any clues?

sexy momma
maybe you have a non-sleeping disorder

I truly believe is because of the season and the weather... It happens to me everytime this time of the year comes I feel really tired and sleepy all the time...

Exercise, that will fix it, you have too much trans fats slowing you down.

I dont know what ur problem is but i keep having trouble getting to sleep. I think i am going to get a third shift job

something u should still go to ur dr. for. get blood work maybe...could b the symptoms hypothyroid (under active Thyroid gland)
but, i'm not a dr. it's best to follow up with them

try a TCM (traditional chinese medicine) pratitioner.

u shouldnt sleep too much because then u get to much r.e.m (rapid eye movement)sleep and ur body gets overworked...plus the doctor should know what u have...
try a lil cafeeine or energy drinks
hope u feel better

are you sitting too much?
Try walking for a few days for 20 to 30 minutes and see if you don't feel better,, if not,, then it may be plain old depression,, anything bugging you?

you gotta disease of being fatigue?

stone cold
you got aids and will probably die soon

cheeky chic 379
Are you under a lot of stress at the moment ? Stress can cause fatigue and constipation. Increase you water intake to help that problem.
Are you pregnant ?

Angela V
Have you been checked for hypothyroidism? (low Thyroid).
It causes tiredness, sluggishness, weight gain, slow metabolism, feeling cold, below average body temperature, dry Skin and hair, hair loss and constipation.

maybe ur stressed out
stress causes a lot of these symptoms
or maybe ur just not eating enough healthy food
go relax chill out and hang out with friends then see if that relieves your stress

Aaliyah's Mama
How are your moods? Are you depressed? Depression has physical symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, and constipation.
There is also chronic fatigue syndrome.

Get checked for diabeties.

perhaps it is just a cycle. maybe it will straighten this stuff out.

There are so many things that can cause that. If I were in your place I would at least get a second opinion, that never hurts. One doctor might be more familiar with your symptoms than another. I went through five doctors to find out about mine, that is how I know there are so many things it could be. I urge you to keep searching till you find the culprit...Best Wishes!!

Could be a lot of things: Hypothyroidism, Sleep Apnia, Mononucleossis, depression...only your doctor can tell you for sure. Has he tested you for any of those?
Have you had any other symptoms you haven't presented to him?
Be as thurough as possible when you next talk to your doctor.

Possible depression -- check out this possibility, which also makes people tired.

it is due to the constipation..the toxins are remaining in your body..with no where to go..get a laxitive..and take some Daily Vitamins..

Possible issues...

Thyroid issues
Chronic Fatigue

Good luck!

it may be due to hormonal disturbance, u may see an acupressurist *** yoga expert

celiacs disease, depression, Thyroid issues, leaky gut syndrome, Wilson's syndrome... or you could be a hypochondriac... or pregnant.

you might need some vitamins, try some

you may be in a repetitive state, this will cause just plain boredom and therefore sleep. depression will cause most of the same situations and you do not know how you slipped into a depressions.

i would suggest seeing an acupuncturist as well or a homeopath if you are open these kind of therapies. preferably ones who can help you with nutrition.

here's what seems to help me when i have symptoms like the ones you gave:

acidopholis pills (either spores or in eccentric coated capsules) helps with constipation and illness by keeping bowel flora healthy. also getting plenty of vegetables in one's diet and eat whole foods instead of processed, leafy green salads are helpful too (not iceburg lettuce- the darker ones).

avoid msg and trans fat, and artificial sweeteners, and refined sugar

Royal Jelly freeze dried in capsules will help with energy and nutrition (i often feel fatigued and have noticed a big difference with this)

you may want to try using coconut oil instead of you regular oils, it is said to digest a lot easier and is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. try to get the highest quality you can.

another item that is worth checking out is grapefruit seed extract. it is cheap, an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent, it is natural ,and you can't overdose on it. go to the nutriteam website to learn more about it's applications (always dilute this product).

if you want to learn more on your own i would like to suggest another website that i have found to be very helpful, and a lot of people i know have recovered from a lot of illness with these principles of eating: westonaprice.org

good luck!

IBS, depression, stress. However these are all just possibilities.

Best regards,

**I am NOT a doctor, So I recommend that you seek medical advice from a professional** I disclaim any and all recommendations and content on this post.

Holly Moore
You could have a Thyroid problem or sleep apnea. You need to see a doctor. It can be a sign for a variety of different things... even depression.

try herbal suppliments
godbless dont worry god is good

Do you have a copy of your blood work? If you do, look at it and see if you were TSH, T-3 and T-4 levels were tested. These are tests used to determine how well your Thyroid is functioning. The symptoms that you're describing remind me of how I first felt when I developed hypothyroidism. I doubt it is your blood sugar because people tend to lose weight, not gain weight, during the onset of diabetes. On top of feeling sluggish, poor Thyroid function can make you depressed, anxious, physically and mentally exhausted, constipated, and can affect your mood in general. I didn't want to hang out with my friends, talk on the phone, go to work or school, or do anything that required any effort. Also caffeine and sugar had adverse effects on me. If you're experiencing any symptoms similar to these, and you TSH ( Thyroid stimulating hormone ) wasn't already tested, I suggest ruling hypothyroidism out as a first step. Good luck, and remember, if diseases are caught early enough, more than likely they can be cured ( or at least treated ).

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