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Why cant i make myself throwup?
i cant throw up and im really sick!.....im not bullimic!

plzzz help..how do i do it the finger and toothbrush thingy isnt working!!!!1

Captian Insano
get bombed. drink yourself stupid, and make sure you mix a ton of drinks. you will def puke after that.

campbell chicken noodle soup, first you get out mucus then throw-up. Not to painful.

sit up go forward very fast and you will puke!

I'm not one for the whole mind over body thing, but in this case it works. Sometimes I feel like I just gotta puke, do, and feel much better, so I just sit over the toilet for a bit, think of something really really gross. The image of puke alone does it for me. And once you get a little up, usually the rest comes soon after. Don't use your finger to gag yourself. Use your mind.

yeah you must be really sick if you're NOT throwing up. And for someone who claims you aren't bullimic, why are you posting other questions about being over weight and wanting to lose weight? Hmm? Hmmmmmm?

Link The Hero of Time
just wait it out

Try Syrup of IPACAC ( spelling). It's at your local Pharmacy. It's a medication specifically formulated to MAKE you regurgitate. I*f your body is telling you that you need to barf, your saliva will change and produce metalic taste & does so at a rate greater than normal salivation. It will fill your mouth in a minute or less.
Most people swallow it and shortly will throw up.
If you spit it out, no matter how much you THINK you're going to heave, you probably won't.

haha watch 2 girls 1 cup or get really really drunk

stick your finger down yur throat and like tickle yur little dangly thingy on the back of yur throat [the thing that hangs that looks like a tiny punching bag]

try a spoon or fork end past your uvula ,if you can't do it the regular way

Nipple Syrup <3
drink a whole gallon of hot milk.

Shove it really far down your throat. If that doesn't work,try eating a lot then gag yourself. XD

Andrew A
All you need to do is watch 2 Girls 1 Cup

Yes, put your finger in your mouth way back.....
Please don't use a toothbrush you might hurt yourself.

‚ô•Iruka's Chick‚ô•
Don't make yourself throw-up, I know you want to, but, what good will it do? Just keep on the meds and just let the vomiting go alright?

you dont have gag reflexes
so yea that would b kind of
hard to make yourself

that's disgusting!!! if ur body is sick and needs to throw up it will!!! u dont have to help it!!!

best not to force it hun
i know some people say u feel better once youv been sick

but if u realy do need to be sick go eat some dairy products like cheese one toast with a glass of milk followed by some chocolate...if ya can manage. id say just get some medication and let nature do its thing.

Your not SUPOSED to make yourself throw up

Ronald P
You need to eat more.Why would you want to throw up?

You clearly have no gag reflex. If your body wants you to be sick and throw something up it will. If you aren't really that sick then there is no reason to make yourself vomit.

Nicole Michele.
Go to your doctor.

I luv Green Day
eat something disgusting

Gia rocks
well why in the first place why would u think to do that well that is not a good plan i would understand if u going unstress but dont try to make ur self through up when u should be happy with ur self

think of gross thoughts...
put ur finger all the way in ur throat. try to touch ur uvela

Lindsey W

Don't, let it go by and take some medicine.

Yes..you ARE really sick!

I can't do that either when I'm sick.

You can get phenegran. It keeps you from throwing up, but it makes your sleep so when you wake up your feel better.

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