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Why can't I just be normal?
I get all freaked out whenever it's time to go to work. I get shaky and very nervouse. I have social phobia and schizo-affective disorder. I'm on meds. Will I ever be normal again?

Yes, when you decide to be.

Chuck & Christy N

OHHHHHHHHH....define normal!!

Baked n Blended
Move to Normal, Illinois. You'll be Normal then!


define what normal is...one thing may be normal for one person but different to another

You WILL be back to normal. Most important of all, one must know one's own problems, it take time to solve it. Now you know your own self.. give yourself some time, you will over come it !!

Yes you will! Believe that you can and you will!


Get off the meds. Maybe eating right and working out will help.
(That is if you don't already do that) It helps me feel good look good and sleep good!!

bigl p
i think that social exposure will help you just think that they wont eat that you need to heal yourself just give yourself one shot every day..talk to people even if you say something stupid.

It won't be easy- but yes, it is possible. If you work with your doctor and get counselling- fear of certain situations can be as much a habit as anything else- you should get much better.

Good luck!

the fact that you feel freaky at times is so normal.

don;t you worry a bit... everyone has a heartbeat.

deana m
the only one that can help you is yourself. I really hope that you'll be better!

becky w
for you this is normal and you do not need to get anyones approvel for who you are. We are all differnt and that makes us all wonderful in our own ways. Maybe you can find a job that causes your mind and body less stress

Vincent W
This is your normal.

If the meds make you feel better then keep using them.

Everyone has something about them that makes them think "Why Me ?"

Hmmm.....there is no normal; normal is different for everyone. Maybe your meds need to be tweaked. Maybe you need a different, more satisfying, less stressful job. Maybe you need a different doctor, one who can give you more options for learning to cope with what's going on with you----or maybe you need to be more open with the doctor you have now and let him/her know what's going on. There ARE ways to manage; YOU need to be proactive and take care of yourself. This isn't insurmountable although it may feel like it. You can do it!!!!

u r very normal u just have difficulties , dont let it stress u out and dont hink about it so hard .

)~*Juggalo Family*~(
I feel like that pretty much whenever I have to go out in public........i hasnt passed for me yet but I ve gotten used to it.

I go threw the same thing but i am not on meds. I take deep breaths and pray ALOT! Once i reach my destination and interact with others i start to feel better unless something happens like i knock something off a self or run in to someone i dont want to talk to.

Ask yourself how long you've been this way. What has changed? Try not to focus so much on your own problems. Instead get involved in helping others in small ways. Don't be too self absorbed. Include others in your life as much as you can. And mostly don't expect people to be perfect or even tolerable. Just accept what you have and read passages from BibleGateway.com.

No one is really normal. Will you get better though? I'm not sure. It's a disorder so you may stay like that for the rest of your life. You do need to remember that EVERYONE has there problems, whether its physical or mental. And your situation could always be worse. I hope you find what makes you better.

Do you feel shaky and nervous because of the kind of work that you do? Do you really like your job? If you do like it and you're good at it; you should feel really good about going to work. You should think that if you weren't there to do your part, they would probably go out of business. Right? Try to cheer up and be happy about going to work. As long as you keep doing a good job you have nothing to feel nervous about. You need to tell yourself that everyday. If you work at it, you should be able to be normal again. I will pray that it will happen for you. Okay??

lourdes r
dont think about it too much. i experienced like that before and
my friend who is a psycologist, advised me to have more social exposures to get used to plenty of people around. i did socialize
gradually and before i knew it, i am already enjoying and and i always want to belong. you can do it too. take your time. there
is no harm in trying

the best thing to do is take your mind off everything take 5 minutes and listen to some calmingmusicin your car before work. take your meds EVERY DAY andifthey arent working for you then talk to your doctor again and have them switched. good luck and you are normal this happens to plenty of people and some just hide it better than others.

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