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When did people realize that smoking could kill?

Jeffrey G
At LEAST since the 1960's, when the Surgeon General's office FIRST put the mandatory warning message on cigarette cartons! Come the 1970's television and radio advertising of cigarettes was completely banned as well!

1962 officially, most likely it had been known for some time before that.

The people who still smoke have not figured that out yet. People are inhaling smoke, does it really take a surgeon general to figure out its bad for you.

I recall movies from the 1930's using the term "coffin nail," for cigarettes. Curiously, Nazi scientists at about the same time discovered a link between smoking and various diseases. So it's been a while, although the modern crusade didn't really start until the 70's.

Cigarette companies knew the dangers of smoking longer than people, including addiction and lung disease, and they wanted to keep them a secret. But the surgeon general wanted to spread the word, and in the early 1960's he decided he would. From that moment people started educating the public about how bad smoking could be (although the cigarette manufacturers tried to convince them to stop). Many people sued cigarette companies, and the people who won (for the most part) spent money to help organizations to teach our youth and to the general public that smoking kills and the best thing to do is to stop. To this day, many people, young and old, are making a smarter decision by not smoking. The government is also taking action by preventing smokers from smoking inside of restaurants (in some states) and other buildings, including homes (also in some states). All in all, I believe that the tobacco crop will become illegal once the tobacco industries start getting desperate.

when modern science discovered the link between cancer and cigarettes.

By at least 1962 when the Surgeon General's report came out. It was reaffirmed by whistleblowers in the early 1990s.

after the first few people died of lung cancer

any person with common sense realizes the human lungs are not meant to inhale smoke of any form, the first time you take a drag off of ciggarette and you cough it should kind of tell you something right there oh, and for Gothic Princess and any other weed smoker out there that things smoke from weed doesn't kill, I hate to break it to you but you are being niave, I have smoke weed for over 15 years now myself but at least I am not going to lie to myself or anyone else about it, seriously, don't be so niave, lungs were meant to breath air, not smoke, take a look at your bong or your pipe after you go for a while without cleaning it, do you think your lungs just are immune to the build up of tar/resin?

People never died from it like today.Tobacco Co. started putting 464 different chemicals into cigarettes,for the burn and taste.

when people started dying form it.

Jeff L
back when people started selling it.

Brand X
I thought the first questions were raised in the 1950s


Gothic Princess
It depends on what kind of smoking ur talking about. I smoke weed. i dont smoke cigarettes. weed doesnt kill.

back in the 60s and 70s

Well, they warned my father in the 50s. He died from it in the 60s.

It has been known for about 100 years, but the tobacco companies fought tooth and lungs to keep the information from the public.

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