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Whats wrong with my ears?
lately it's been harder for me to hear, ever since i had a head cold. im better now and not stuffed up anymore. but i find it harder to hear. it feels like my ears are clogged up (i even cleaned them and that didnt work).

also i get these little poping noises in my ear, not loud or anything and it doesnt hurt and it isnt the kind you get in an airplane or anything its like a light noise but i can feel it in my ear too.

what could possibly be the problem?
Additional Details
it doesnt hurt at all

identity crisis!
They could still be blocked. Cleaning them with a q-tip actually pushes wax back into the ear. Try taking a Decongestant, like Tavist D, or Sudafed. If it persists, you should get your ears checked, you may have to have them "vacuumed" out.

SusanS, Incognito
You could have a wax buildup on your eardrum, eventhough you think you cleaned your ears. Let the doctor have a look. That is my guess.

LIke others said, it might be fluid behind ur ear drum. I had something like this when I was little and had tubes in my ears to drain it out. Ask your doctor.

It sounds like an ear infection to me. Everything is connected...if you had a cold you may have a lingering infection in your ears. You should see your Dr. about getting on an antibiotic. It's not quite the same, but when I had mono I had pressure build up behind my ears (it happened quickly and was very painful), and both my eardrums burst. Not that it's going to happen to you, but it's worth seeing a doc.

You might have fluid behind the tympanic membrane aka ear drum. the best thing to do is go see a doctor for two reasons:
1) if it gets infected your mastoid bone is very susceptible to infections not to mention the rest of your inner ear...you don't want to lose your hearing if it was something treatable that you put off seeing your doctor for.
2) It doesn't take much to see a doctor.

sounds like sinus but i would go have everything checked out by your doctor better safe then sorry

If you took antibiotics for your cold, this could have imbalanced your body allowing for candida albicans fungus to flare. The books I am reading about this fungus (yeast) relate it to allergies and tinnitus, as well as a lot of skin conditions, and other problems.

I am concerned as it does affect bodies with imbalances worse (I am diabetic). There is some basic information at the yeast link at www.hufa.org - and some of the books at the library link are about what to do if you have it.

Hope this helps.

It could be moisture from congestion in your ears. I suggest you see the doctor as he can prescribe medicine for them. You do not want this to lead to ear infections.

could be fluid in the ear channel. should see a doctor if doesn't clear up, could affect your balance if infection and inflammation sets in

Maybe it's an ear infection. Why don't you call one of the hospital's nurse triage lines? They can listen to you describe your problem over the phone, and help you decide how soon you want to come in to get it checked.

Problem: if you wait too long, and it's an infection, you could suffer permanent hearing loss.

little mama
Sounds like the beginning of an ear infection (doesn't have to hurt yet) Go to your dr and get some ear Drops and get it healed up asap or it's gonna start hurting. My husband has this happen all the time and NEVER wants to admit it's an infection but it always is (or at least ends up that way)

Sinuses! more than likely you are having allergies or sinuses.....

Alyssa .
maybe you have an ear infection?

Give yourself a couple of weeks before you see your doctor. It should clear on its own. There a couple of viruses going around that are causing this particular symptom and it should clear up on its own shortly.

I know because it happened to my doctor!

theres a tube that connects to your head and ears. when you get a cold, this tube clogs up. thats why you have mucus and such. your tube may still be clog up. you may need to talk to a doctor, its NOT SERIOUS. very minor, they will know.

i dont know but if you keep on hearing them go see a doctor. try to be on the safe side and help yourself.

i have no idea
You probably have fluid trapped in your ears. This often happens after a cold. Give your doctor a call tomorrow and ask them what can be done. Some of the symptoms of trapped fluid are just as you've described, loss of hearing and popping noises are common. However, if the fluid is allowed to remain it could turn into a full ear infection and become painful with oozing. If it continues without medical help you could actually have a loss of hearing.

"Ear infections (acute otitis media) occur in the space behind the eardrum, which is called the middle ear. Ear infections are more likely to occur after a cold or other upper respiratory infection has been present for a few days.

During a cold, throat infection, or allergy attack, the tube that connects the throat and the middle ear (eustachian tube) swells and prevents air from entering the middle ear. This can create suction, which pulls fluid into the middle ear space. This condition is called otitis media with effusion. The fluid becomes trapped in the middle ear, allowing viruses or bacteria to grow and cause infection."

Check with your doctor, you may need anitbiotics.

Take a Decongestant to start off with. Try to take them for a day or so to see if it help clear it out. As for the popping, you could try buying one of the ear canal cleaning kits to get everything out of there. The qtips just push it farther in and can also cause damage to your ear drum. The wax is supposed to naturally work its way out. That said, I still use qtips, but I only clean around the very outer part of the ear canal and very carefully at that. If you feel any pain or the popping continues, see a doctor.

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