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Whats wrong with me???
i've ben vomiting alot and had to go to the bathroom alot. my lower back is KILLING me, my temperature is low, i feel very dizzy and nauseous.. does this sound like some type of illness?

nothing wrong with you. but be sure to visit you doctor. its sounds like you a sick but im not a doctor.

Either preg, or perhaps you should increase your water intake, oh and sleep always helps too

you could have the stomach flu go to the DR. to make sure you are ok!

☆ Spharoe
Could you be pregnant?

Gabe Telarico
are you pregnant?

if not, maybe you're really stressed out. Stress can cause all these physical symptoms.

or maybe you have a stomach bug or pnemonia.

sugar c
you may have a stomach virus or a kidney infection. Probably stomach virus.

Gisella ஜ ღن٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱ♥
sound like the flu

Could you be pregnant?
In any case if you are not sure go to ER.
Hope you'll be ok.

Maybe u r having a problem with your kidneys.

Yes it could be a lot of things, the lack of high temp. with everything Else you described, sounds like carbon monoxide poisoning Make sure its not something like a furnace or hot water heater? hope you feel better!

does it hurt to go to the bathroom?

Sounds like a bad kidney infection. Drink some Cranberry juice... this should help (doctors recommmend for kidney problems). And definitely go to the docs.

Debra W
Ms......what does your urine look like? Dark, bloody? Any blood on the tissue when you wipe? Your symptoms may be those of a urinary Tract infection. The concern would be that the infection has backed up to your kidneys. Low back pain is often a sign of a kidney infection when accompanied by a temperature. It is important to get treatment for a urinary Tract infection (UTI) to minimize that chance of permanently damaging your kidneys or the infection developing into a medical emergency like sepsis. Until you can see a Dr. you need to push fluids (drink lots of water), and take something for the discomfort; maybe some Tylenol (Acetaminophen) or Advil or Motrin (Ibuprofen). Many people that have a tendency to have frequent UTI's drink Cranberry juice daily.

go see a doctor ,lady

go c a doctor .. its probli nothing to serious but its allways better to be safe

Sounds to me like you are really stressed, get checked out at a local walk in clinic just to make sure tho.

Johnny B
You no doubt have an illness but its obviously not bad enough otherwise you'd go to the doctor wouldn't you?

well duuuuhhh sorry, but it sounds like yes you have an illness. I would say the 24 hour flu, but I'm not a doctor. However, chances are that it's that, or food poisoning, but probably the flu.

Make an appointment to see your GP, and get yourself checked out. I hope you get well soon.

george j
go to a doctor haha dont trust anyone on here with ur life... maybe even a hospital

100% Organic Snark™
It sounds like a case of food poisoning.

Yep it sure does, PREGNANCY!

You should definitely go to the doctors, especially since many of your symptoms seem rather severe. I'm especially worried about your low temperature and the pain that you're feeling in your lower back. You could always check your symptoms at:


Click under "check symptoms"

There is also a goverment website that helps determine what you're experiencing, but you'll need to know a little more medical "lingo" to navigate the site. It's called the National Library of Medicine and you can find it at:


I hope that this helps pinpoint your symptoms. Of course your most accurate diagnosis will be made by your doctor. They may want to also run a blood panel on you to see if there is anything more serious going on.

Take care of yourself--I pray that you'll get well soon. :)

get yourself to the doctor. it can turn into something big if it's not already.

id say just go see a doc.

Contact a doctor or ER. Tell them your illness and see what they can do.

You can't expect people on here to diagnose you. If you are feeling that bad, you should go to a doctor.

Yes, go to the doctors ASAP

go to the doctor and get checked out

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