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Whats a good way to get out of a streak of bad luck?

since i believe in god i dont really believe in luck. he determines everything and if you obey sometimes he'll reward u wit something good. same applies to disobedience

pray and think positive

Bad luck is in your head, when you are depressed, you'll see more bad things and notice more of what would not have bothered you as much in the first place.
So just rub your lucky coin, say the magic words, fry a leprechaun, and be happy about it.

Think only positive thoughts.
Expect only positive outcomes and people to be around you.
Positive attitude draws positive energy to you.

Play a bunch of scratch offs. That will speed up the bad luck process. I swear it's the truth.

Do some nice things for others and it will rub off on you. Its the
reverse of when you wish something bad on someone and it
gets you instead. Good Luck

Dis Dain
There is no such thing as luck. (Sorry) Take a step back and look at what is happening to you. It is all a series of unfortunate events.You might be able to change things if you can see were it might be going next. Fighting with your girlfriend? How is she going to act the next time you she her and how can you change it? Trouble at work? Whats the problem and how can you turn it too your advantage? Think be creative and step out of the box. Most of the time it is just our mood that determines our surroundings. If your in a bad mood yes everything is going to seem to be going wrong.

captain howdy
By not stealing my avatar... LOL

Do something nice for someone else.

Stop thinking superstitiously and take control of your situations. If they're out of your control then let it ride.

Eliminate the belief that you are having a streak of bad luck...when you carry around this idea you will interpret events that will reinforce your "bad luck" mentality...everyone has ups and downs...

Be happy - what comes comes- and passes. Your still standing - so that is the positive thing to dwell on. Happy & positive attracts more of the same.

gloom and doom attracts more gloom and doom.

a lot of the time we make our own opportunies and like-wise our own bad luck, consider your actions and choices wisely.

lynn r
what u can do is give some u don't really like a hug and then give then some thing u like and it sould go way.
love always Lynn

instead of throwing the salt over your left shoulder, put around the rim of a margarita glass...after a few of those the bad luck won't matter anymore!!!

I once read that "Luck" is merely opportunity combined with preparedness. If you are aware of your resources and are generally prepared to respond quickly to an opportunity, then your "luck" can be self managed. Best wishes!


Find a streak of good luck. Make your own luck.

think positive and pray alot...works for me you got to belive in you

Hi buy a book by Bernard Gittelson called ""How to make your own Luck"..................This is an excllent book that could change your fortunes.


1. Pray
2. Surround yourself with Positive Energy
3. Think Positive
4. Keep laughing and stay Happy
5. Learn from the things which come against you
6. Reach out to others
7. Have "Faith" and "Believe" that things "Will" get better for you

go for a bicycle ride

go for a walk

meditate,focus on breathing

Firstly, do you believe in luck? From your question, it seems the answer is pretty much yes. So, let's take the assumption that you indeed believe in luck... If you go through such a phase, then you ought to find something that you feel will really cure of your bad luck, like a crystal or anyhing for that matter, as long as you believe that it'll help you out.
On the other hand, if you DONT believe n luck, but are using the phrase 'bad luck' because you find it so oftenly used, then firstly, find the reason why such hapenings occured, the root of the problem, before blaming anything on your luck. After you do so, you'll find that you were wrong to blame you luck for what happened, and you'll eventually realise that it was just a permutation & combination of something going awry, rather than happening smoothly, that caused you to curse your 'luck'.
There is no such thing as luck, success and failure are a part and parcel of everyone's life, and remember, you're not the only one who goes through problems (we tend to call problems our 'bad luck') and everyone in this whole world goes through the same.
Just stay positive, smile, be on the lookout for a joke or something that'll make you laugh, crack a joke, watch a sunset... You'll find all your problems fading away...

P O S I T I V I T Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be nice to people and live righteously.

i know that everyone has an opinion...mine is a lot like what my mom would tell me...if you want to better your karma, you need to do something nice for someone. remember, the yin-yang symbol is 1/2 white and 1/2 black? your negative energy is greater than your positive. all you need to do is even them out.... i would suggest starting by little things like letting people out in traffic, opening doors for others, telling others to have a nice day, just try being a good person and trying to focus your positive energy outwards. your luck will change. good luck :)

Go for a couple of quick wins, gain self confidence, and be stubborn. Don't believe that somebody from outside or above will help you. You have to do it yourself, and, by the way, you CAN do it. Maybe not the first time or the second or the third. Just don't ever give up.

Let it run its course my friend.

There is no such thing as bad luck. You're just living life and sometimes is gets out of control. Think positive, put one foot in front of the other, and do the best you can...nothing lasts forever and although you feel you're having a streak of bad luck, you're just running into difficult situations. Try not to take on too much and concentrate on the GOOD THINGS in your life. You'll be surprised at how quickly the bad luck vanishes!

pray - there is no such thing as "luck".
God is in control. He wants you to notice Him and he's trying to get you to talk to Him about your life.
No kidding.

Just think positive.

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