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What would happen if you swollowed food and it somehow ended up in your lungs??

My Avatar

Not nice - I think you would probably choke to death.

If you swallowed it and it ended up in your lung, then you have a real problem. That means there is a hole in your stomach that leads to your lung.

Better get that checked ASAP.

freezing school
For all those wwho said "it's not possible" DUH!! IT IS POSSIBLE and it HAS HAPPENED!!!!

you'll choke, and if you don't go to see a doctor right away, you might die because the food will be taking the place of the air in your lungs and the blood wont get oxygen and you're brain will stop working and ant the end might as well die

It won't go in your lungs ur. You would choke on it.

Pseudo Obscure
I knew a guy who choked to death on a turkey sandwich.

it can't go in ur lungs, ur lungs are filled wit things

I think, it's a dangerous situation leading to death in a few minutes, no? I've read something like that...

Collasp lung,choking..

either you would start coughingl ike crazy and it would come out

or u would die

u would have alot of trouble breathing

your epiglottis would prevent that from happening.

Uh,go to the hospital!DUH!You could die!

You'd almost certainly die.

Rava K...salsa khalsa
you'd die silly!
oooh!!! guess what? i punctured my lung before playing soccer
yea, it was hard to breathe, i guess the same kinda thing would happen

It is called asperation.....my daughter asperates on thin liquids so we have to thicken every thing that she eats that is thin. It is dangerous to have it go in your lungs.

What is aspiration pneumonia? Aspiration (as-pi-RAY-shun) pneumonia (noo-MOH-nyah) happens when a liquid or an object is inhaled into the lungs. A common cause of aspiration pneumonia is inhaling (aspirating) acid or vomit from the stomach. Having food, drink, or saliva (spit) from your mouth go into your lungs can also cause aspiration pneumonia. When these things go into the lungs, it can damage (hurt) the lungs, or cause a blockage. This damage or blockage may cause swelling and fluid in the lungs. It can also cause an infection (in-FECK-shun) in the lungs, such as bacterial (bak-TEE-ree-al) pneumonia.

The first answer is correct. I am a nutritionist and it is possible....it does happen quite frequently with the elderly and it is called aspiration pnuemonia. Suctioning is about all you can do and it does lead to death if unresolved.

It wouldn't happen....you have a gag reflex....

pneumonia.....could set in

well thats not anatomicaly possible!!!!!

[email protected]
sometimes nothing. Sometimes it will bother the person and sometimes a person can end up with pneumonia. If this has happened to you or somebody you know, it is always wise to see a doctor. They will do an x-ray of the chest and might/most likely prescribe antibiotics.

Soccer Maniac
DEATH!!! probaly ud die

Daniel H
hearkat is right!

That is called aspiration. It can cause aspiration pneumonia, especially in kids, the elderly, or people who are already compromised with other diseases or illnesses. I would talk to your doctor about a chest X-ray if you are really concerned.

You would cough and choke to try to eject it....whether it would get into you lungs is not possible!!!!

If you SWALLOW, it can't land in your lungs, what with your lungs and stomach not being connected.

you can get real sick my sister nearly died that way

It's called aspiration pneumonia. It is anatomically possible -- because not all the food particles (or liquids) are so small that you'd choke. Here's an "official" definition:

Aspiration pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs and bronchial tubes caused by inhaling foreign material (usually food, drink, vomit, or secretions from the mouth) into the lungs. This may progress to form a collection of pus in the lungs (lung abscess).

Aspiration of foreign material (often the stomach contents) into the lung can be a result of disorders that affect normal swallowing, disorders of the esophagus (esophageal stricture, gastroesophageal reflux), or decreased or absent gag reflex in unconscious or semi-conscious individuals. Old age, dental problems, use of sedative drugs, anesthesia, coma, and excessive alcohol consumption are also causal or contributing factors. The response of the lungs depends upon the characteristics and amount of the aspirated substance. The more acidic the material, the greater the degree of lung injury, although this may not necessarily lead to pneumonia.

The injured lungs may become infected with multiple species of anaerobic bacteria or aerobic bacteria. A collection of pus may form in the lung. A protective membrane may form around the abscess.

From: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000121.htm -- go there for symptoms, treatment, etc...

Other articles: http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=aspiration+pneumonia&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

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