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What is thrush?

it is a fungus.

liam k
a dirty std, occurs when people dont clean themselves properly, and is then transmitted to whoever they shag

a yeast infection caused by poor hygeine, sti's or wearing too tight genes!

popo dean
Yes it is a fungus and people with HIV and low T-cells often get it in the mouth. You need to see the doctor for meds. it will not go away by it self.

Oral thrush is an outbreak of the fungus Candida albicans, one of the many microbes that are usually present in small numbers in your mouth. If your natural resistance to infection is low because of an illness, or if a course of antibiotics has upset the natural balance among the microbes in your mouth, this fungus may multiply out of control. As it does so, it produces sore patches in your mouth. Sometimes it can cause similar sore areas to form in your throat as well. The patches are creamy-yellow and slightly raised. If you have the symptoms described for oral thrush, you should see your physician whithin a day or two.

Hoof thrush is found in the underside of the hoof of horses, cattle and can affect the clefts, sole and frog. It’s not known whether thrush is caused by a bacteria or a fungus, but the condition is more likely to occur in the damp oxygen-less areas of a hoof that are often tightly packed with dirt and manure. In the early stages it is harmless, but left untreated it can cause hoof damage and lameness.

it is when a baby gets a yeast infection in her mouth. If breastfeeding it can be transfered back and forth from mom to baby

Can't do better than the first answer!! read and learn!

there is fungus amung us

It is a fungal disease which can affect the mouth, lips, and throat.

Thrush in children is usually in the mouth. It looks like a thick coat of white milk covering the tongue or little white specs on the inside of the lips and around the mouth. It is better know as a yeast infection in adults. It is treatable.

reaper p
thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth and in adults it is brought on by the use of wide Spectrum antibiotics. In children it also be caused by use of antibiotics but is usually found in children with a depressed immune system. It is also not uncommon to find with AIDS patients. hope that helps.......
reaper out...............

A True Gentleman
A yeast infection than can affect both men and women.

a white coating on a babies tongue, an infection down below or a song bird

its a yeast infection that woman get and they get it when your having a baby and with antbocis to help clean it up

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