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Number 3
What is the most interesting illness that you have suffered from?
What did you loose? What did you gain?

Walking pneumonia, I lost loss lots of fluid. what did i gain lots of knowledge for the next time.

reoccurring headaches around my eye, turns out I had something wrong with my back which caused the mussels to spasm all the way up to my eye. Who'd of guessed.

Erathema nodusum [spellin wrong] following scepticemia large lumps on legs could not walk ,hospital 4 one month, then lots of immune problems,[attacking my own body] then M.E . Why did you get me started!!

Not really an illness but I had a perferated eardum( thats working on the phones for you) could not walk for about a week because my balance was affected and I was deaf in one side for about a month.

I had a foot infection I lost several layers of flesh on the bottom of my foot and had to spend hours putting lotions and potions on it .I gained lots of knowledge of the doctors waiting rooms

because they are similarities to having a mini stroke and having been a carer for the elderly before (i am 32) gave me areal insight to what having a stroke must feel like and although feels very scary at the time, made me so much more aware and enabled me to realised i hadn't fully understood what it was like at all . but also made me more aware of a carers role as i care for my son (11) autism ,adhd,(severely) and communication disability and severe learning disabilities.

When I was a wee kid I kept getting bad tonsilitis so I got them removed. Then a year ago I kept getting a really sore throat. I went to the docs and he told me my tonsils had grown back and I had tonsilitis!!

Most interesting was I became unwell following a bite i obtained when holidaying in Fiji. My foot was so swollen and it looked disgusting! The bite was purple like something I've never seen before.the foot was swollen with fluid that when i moved the foot you could see the fluid moving....it was awful itchy and very painful. Took 2 weeks and strong antibiotics (2 lots) to clear it up. Would love to know what bit me.

Late diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome. The only thing I lost was the lifelong question as to why other people did not see things quite the same as me. What I gained was the realisation that there was just no point in trying to see things that I couldn't, because of course it is quite, quite impossible for me to do so. The bright side is that i can number crunch faster than most peoples fingers can hit calculator keys and that I can plot 3-D graphs, matrices, linear and non-lineaer equations in my head!

There not really really intresting but I have had measles,mumps and german measles. And I can have mumps again as I only had it in one side.

iain xx
Lost the lot.
Gained my freedom.


Rich T
I had a bad bought of Dysentery (sp) last year. That wasnt good, I lost about a stone, which is good. But put it back on again, which wasnt good.

vertigo. lost my lunch. and after i was in the hospital gained some sleep.

Chrohns - interesting cause it took 4 years to convince the doctors it wasn't in my head the problem was but in my stomach!

Lost lots of things I took for granted - like eating what I want but regained my sanity when i was diagnosed!

I had hand foot and mouth disease last year.

Not the animal type.... but contracted it from my sons nursery!

Little blisters on my hands, inside my mouth very itchy.... and embarrasing telling people and work. Very contagious too....

tracy w
gallstones, lost my gallbladder, gained my appetite back

i had a painful rash thing called Shingles, was the worsed week of my life... but very interesting.

CFS/M.E. I lost a lot of friends due to their lack of understanding but I gained a sense of pride in the fact that whatever I achieved, I did so myself. I realized what a fantastic family I had and how lucky I was. Now I know the true meaning of friendship and have a greater understanding of people in general. If they are true friends they will be there and support you through sickness and in health, if they are not able to do this then they are not worth the bother!

ive currently got either a really bad cold or the flu!
i have lost gallons and gallons of snot.
i have gained an unfortunate dislike for lemsip, and a possible rollocking off the boss for having time off with it!

I have Chroins disease.

i lost around a foot of my intestine through surgery . As this part of the intestine absorbs uric acid my body cannot get rid of the excess acid in my system. as uric acid causes gout and kidney stones .

I lost a foot of my lower intestine and gained gout and kidney stones . I am still not sure if it was a fair swap.

Perianal abscess! I was big as a grapefruit and contained half a litre of puss. Mmmmmm nice.

Left a huge hole in my **** which is like and enormous cratered pock-mark scar.

Interesting enough?

My middle child suffered from symptoms of autism due to an allergy to chicken eggs. When we finally caught the allergy (no thanks to the pediatrition), he started to recover his ability to speak, read, and be social at a faster than normal pace.

Frank J
i had chemical pneumonia once from diesel fume inhalation and lost some of my lung capacity was exposed to depleted uranium and lost my fast metabolism

Geeza Sooka Yerlips
In spain last year I developed an agonising pain in my right foot,
the local doctors were baffled,it wasn`t till I got home I discovered I had a nail in my shoe.

I have systemic lupus erythematosus, more commonly known as SLE or simply "lupus". It's an autoimmune disorder, which means that my body's failing to recognize its own cells, and is thus working to destroy them. I never know from one day to the next how I'll feel or which "system" the disease is going to attack--neurological, pulmonary, circulatory, muscular: it's all up for grabs. So I'd call that interesting.

I've lost the ability to drive a car because sometimes I black out. I can't hold down a job because it's too difficult for me to keep to any schedule but that which my body dictates. On the other hand, I've gained an appreciation for the little things in life, the reminder to cherish each day with my husband, and one heck of a sense of dark humor. All in all, it's not a bad deal. :-)

probably not most interesting but i have had diabetes for 29 yrs now and have suffered complications from it. so for me its interesting knowin how badly i took care of it when younger

Most interesting ??

Would you call Cancer, interesting ?

I had a case of (according to the surgeon) necrotizing fasciitis. Flesh eating bacteria. While on vacation I was swimming, and under a pier I managed to ram my knee into a protruding rusty and very sharp old piece of metal. Went in 2-2.5 inches. Hurt like hell, very small hole.

It wasn't accurately diagnosed at first (no fault of the doctor's), and after 2 days my knee was very swollen and very painful.

Luckily they managed to fix and clean it. But it could have ended differently!

I can walk and run around again without problem :)
Yay antibiotics and modern medicine!

lion of judah
before xmas i had double pneumonia.... nearly lost my life.... pleased i'm alright now

Tenacious T
leukemia. so far I've lost one of the greatest years of my life. I've gained alot too though. I appreciate my family alot more. and just life in general. I wish everyone could learn these "cancer lessons" without the having cancer

Well, it would be interesting to watch it all unfold without me going through it and suffering.

It was severe depression. I am well at the moment but it went on for 5 years and as it is recurrent depression, it may come back again.

What did I lose? Well my mind, basically. My confidence, my concentration, my will to live at times, my job, and my happiness...oh and my independence too.

What did I gain? A better understanding of who I am, when to slow down, to be more assertive and live a more relaxed life in general.

I think I also gained a deep understanding of the human mind and how when it goes awry, the whole of the person is affected. I understand other people who have or have had a mental disorder.

The irony is I used to work with people who had mental disorders some time ago when I was quite a lot younger and although I considered myself to be understanding and caring, I now realise I didn't have a clue what these people were going through.

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