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ok ok im human .i make mistakes,**** happens....

What if I havent had a bowel movement 5 days after anorectal surgery?

Skippy The Wondertard
Skippy says. That seems normal.
Also Anorectal Surgery would be a good name for a band.

Defiantly take some stool softeners!

You need to call your doctor ASAP

Steve R
call your doctor

Desert Cowboy
call up your doctor

who gives a s** t ?

Bob B
haha you havent crapped.

Michael S
I would use a garden hose. Just stick it up your bum and turn it on, warm water works best.

luke b
you can go to Fry's food and drug store and buy Miralax it works well

Call your doctor. Immediately.

I would say your full of sh*t and you need meds.

Corey M
You may have had and enema before the surgery, so you might be running on empty, top that off with the medication which may cause constipation, you may not be ready yet. Talk to your doctor, if you have a serious obstruction you would be feeling the pain, like bad stomach cramps, or if your bowels are backing up then you would break out into sweats and pain(like toxic shock )

call the doc. my mom just had this type of surgery and she had a BM two days after, the surgeon wouldn't let her leave the hospital until she had one. i would NOT eat anything high in fiber or fruits, etc, as the doc would have recommended against it so soon after the surgery. call the doc asap. get better soon!

mary p
You need to tell your doctor. They usuually will not let you leave the Hosp. if you haven't.
Take stool softeners...keeping feces inside your body will make you sick. Plus can cause a blockage...making you need another surgery.

Sophie B
Call your doctor!!!!

The best answer to this is to call your surgeon right away. It could be serious (like an obstruction in your digestive tract) or it could be just minor (like you have NOT been eating enough bulk). But five days is too long, according to my surgeon, when I underwent a colostomy, food that was eaten two to three days ago, should start coming out. Dont spend time asking people who do not know, like in this website. Call your doctors quick!

You really need to contact your doctor.

consult your physician immediately

the affects of anesthesia can shut down your digestive tract. Pain medication like Percocet or Vicodin commonl;y given after surgery can make you constipated. you should call your doctor if you are concerned. As long as you are not in pain you should be ok. Just drink alot of water, eat soft fruits and take medications as prescribed

Sandy Sandals
That's something you need to discuss with the surgeon. If you've been on painkillers, you may be constipated from that.

Miz D
Call your doctor's office for advice. You may need to use a stool Softener or something else the doctor recommends.

Ask your doctor!

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