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What happens if u drink someone else's urine?

You'd be pissed.

[email protected]
What a sick thought

idk nothing happened to me of course ive drinken listerine and floride and eye juice

Nothing, but I do know that before teeth whitening products the first urine of the day was used as a mouth wash. This was effective to whiten teeth. Yuk!!!

not sure but it can't be too healthy!!

ellen degenitals
nothing usually

Urine is usually sterile, but not always. The person may have an infection that survives in the urine that could cause you serious medical problems, or it may contain residue of a drug they are taking that is not good for you. I would not do it.

Some people get off on it and are willing to take big risks to satisfy their freak,

There is a traditional medicine therapy that prescribes drinking YOUR OWN urine.

According to Alice - you can get some toxic substances such as lead or arsenic, trace amounts of drugs that the urinating person has taken, an infection, Hepatitis B, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

master chief
and the other 5% is like acid

Nothing but that's pretty grody.

just one time?

nothing...it is 95% water

Then that person is gross.

Moldy Ducks!

you'll puke it up!

im gonna puke now :O


You will gag

Two things happen:

1. You learn not to drink out of a bottle your "friend" hands you at a party.

2. You end up threatening to get him back some day when he least expects it.

Make that three things.

3. You run into the bathroom and wash your mouth out with soft soap.

You'd end up asking the about possible side effects on yahoo answers.
Uh oh.

If you are sick enough to try that.

vomittt =]]]

Why the hell would you do that?

just get kinda sick

better try urself and tell us what happens

I don't know, but since its sterile, probably nothing.

You'll have a bad taste in your mouth...

Nothing. Urine is sterilized.

Your mouth will taste like urine.

Nothing. It's just disgusting if you do it by choice. Sometimes you have to if you're stranded in the desert.

you would be labeled a freaky weirdo for life.

q answers
they give you a diploma certifying you're stupid

Sa Via
urine is waste, things the body doesnt need or want. it wont be pretty. god luck

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