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 Anyone ever had a stye?
I went to the optometrist (eye dr that cannot do surgery or prescribe internal meds) today due to my eye being tender and kind of swollen and a bit itchy and she confirmed that it is a stye. She ...

 Why does my partner's stool smell?
My partner's stool smell. Her stool smells foul like sewage. She can't control it and farts more than other people. This is not a joke.

She does not eat artificial foods nor ...

 Person that said ring worm is a fungus,,,go get a medical book.?

Additional Details
ok ok im human .i make mistakes,**** happens....

 Anyone else scared of vomiting or seeing other people do it?
And why do we find it so scary?...

 Drug users - how can you cope?
Is anybody unfortunate to be related to drug addict? My brother has just started taking heroin after using "recreational/social" drugs for 10 years. This is devastating for my mother. H...

 What do you do for your migraines?
I used to get migraines a lot. I suffer primarily from "classic" migraines.

When I get a migraine, I first go blind in one side of both eyes. I then get a circular "...

 Why do you think choking is dangerous?

Is someone an alcoholic if they dont drink in the day just evey evening, alot of alcohol is consumed every evening. Also blood tests show very high liver function, but, this person does not wake up ...

 6 yr old - Hyperactive, ADHD, spoiled, etc?
What is the best way to find out for sure? He gets bad marks in kindergarten. Mean to his older brother, but then loves him. Has a very short fuse, very short tempered. How do you know if he is ...

 I need a natural cure for strep throat?
anything will help i just got it and i am feeling like crap but i really really need something that will help get rid of this i dont have the money to go to the doctor so a cheap cure would be ...

 Why can,t i show people how to cure herpes?
for less than 50.00$ and in two weeks it can be done....

 What is happening inside my intestines which cause those terrible griping pains associated with diorrhea?

 Is there a way to get rid of herpis?
in a natural way (Herbs) no surgey. i got it when smoking hookah i don't think the fcukin waitress cleaned it well....

 What is good for indegestion when your pregnant?
I'm 3 months preg and I have bad indigestion (at least thats what I think it is). I didn't have this with my 1st pregnancy so I'm not sure. My stomach burns REALLY bad very often, ...

 Ive been feeling dizzy and slightly sick all day today what could it be?
im definatly NOT pregnant and havent been doing anything stressful, ive also been eating ok and drinking water. Does anyone know what it could be?...

 Plz can anyone tell me why stomach rumbles when i m hungry and how to get rid of it ?

 How do bush do like the black pepole from new orleans?

Additional Details
real he don't like black ...

 Where do head lice come from and why is it that whites are more prone to infection of the parasite than black?

 About smoking ciggaretes? why does it make me vomit?
Im not a smoker ... I smoked for the first time last week , I smoked 3 malboros .. I felt dizzy , lightheaded , sleepy and I trew up very badly I thought I was becuase of what I ate , but I just ...

 My 21 yr old son just came in this morning after a 5 day crack binge?
He says he will not go into to rehab! ( He was in from 11/23-1/2/08 )Should I throw him out? I was sick to death with worry, and I am sick still.Right now he is sleeping it off, what do I do?...

What does it mean if 14 year old repeatedly chews on batteries?
Can this be sign of a specific mental illness and what health problems can it cause? hould child be taken to doctor?


shih tzu lady
He's fully charged?

It mean the person needs charging

Maybe Duracells taste like candy. I can't think it's good for him/her since they're chock full of battery acid, a corrosive substance.

he wants to die?

Sounds like child as an issue with batteries don't be so quick to jump to mental health problems
Have you asked why?? Could just be attention seeking...
My sister used to eat coal when she was little and the muck off the potatoes LOL

A Dummy

they need a charge.

Positive thoughts and a negative attitude.

Lucy F
take him to see a doctor

it gives you a liek static shock and then a metallic "buzz" feeling

it is one of the things that leads to drug abuse

That's very worrying and very dangerous. It isn't normal behaviour at all

take the 14 yr to a health clinic

On batteries? It means they'll probably eventually die because batteries are full of nasty chemicals.

May be related to a condition called Pico - People crave to eat inedible items. It is debatable as to whether it is a mental illness or a dietary deficiency that causes these "strange" cravings. Time for some web research and mabye a trip to the Dr.

Stress mixed with a little oral fixation occasionally causes people to chew on weird things.

I would also look at control issues - specifically, how this behavior might fit into a bigger landscape of the parent/child relationship. Similar to the way eating disorders are sometimes related to an overly controlling, autocratic parent.

Chewing/eating inedible objects is called pica. It's a classic sign of anaemia. Try getting the 14 year old to eat more green veg (ha) or otherwise try em on some iron supplements. It should go away once their iron is back to normal levels.

If this is a female 14 year old who has started her periods then thats fine. If it's a male however, they are not getting enough iron for some other reason and must go to the doctors.

you should keep battery's away. chewing on them is REALLY bad...but if he swallowed one he could instantly die because of the chemicals. definitely get rid of the battery's and consult a doctor.

Sounds like a mental problem, I would contact a GP sap...

get rid of all batteries !

Doctor ASAP.

Haylie C
get rid of batteries and take to docter just incase!

First, this is very, very dangerous and I would be preventing this person access to any batteries. Second, it may be a sign of some sort of nutritional deficiency. Last though would be some sort of behavior problem and/or mental illness. I would be talking with my doctor about this problem.

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