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 Is Autism just a nice way to say retardation?
When my son started school, the coordinator kept telling me to list me son as retarded instead of autisic. Either way i love him to death Its a question that has bothering me a long time....

 My son has an ingrown toenail. He was given antibiotics. It won't fix the problem. What do I do next?
I took him to the doctor last week. I can't see how a prescription of antibiotics is going to fix the problem. It won't stop his toenail from growing into his skin.
Additional D...

 My step-sister has crushing chest pains?
She said she's been having "crushing" type chest pains like your chest is caving in I assume. What causes this? She says if she has it again she'll go to a doctor.

 What can I do to prevent colds?
I get about three per year, and they tend to last for about a week each. This seems a lot more than most people, and I have just recovered from my annual Autumn term cold. This really gets to me. I ...

 Whats the best way to get candle wax out of a carpet?

 Whats wrong with my ears?
lately it's been harder for me to hear, ever since i had a head cold. im better now and not stuffed up anymore. but i find it harder to hear. it feels like my ears are clogged up (i even cleaned ...

 When did people realize that smoking could kill?

 Is it possible to have young alzheimers?
OMG my memory is shot to hell. I cant remember what I said to some people that took place a few days ago. small details mainly but, damn. its been really bad. im only 27 years old!! wth?! i dont ...

 Do you think smoking should be baned forever ?
its a bad ...

 What does it mean if 14 year old repeatedly chews on batteries?
Can this be sign of a specific mental illness and what health problems can it cause? hould child be taken to doctor?...

 How could a supermarket employ such a person??
I went to Brighton on Saturday and popped into Somerfields to get some booze. As I was queuing there was an employee you was a complete mess. He had black rotton teeth, scabby chapped lips, cuts and ...

 Is it true flies bring disease?

 Would you please pray for my niece?
my niece was born on valentines day c-section and she suffered fractured skull and now she has epilepsy and they are testing her for jundaism or whatever it is. Please i'd appreciate it.ty and G...

 At what age do you start to develop arthiritis cause i think i could have it?

 Second hand earrings for pierced ears, are they safe?

 I saw my dads in the shower i saw every thing from head to toe what should i do?

 Why can't I just be normal?
I get all freaked out whenever it's time to go to work. I get shaky and very nervouse. I have social phobia and schizo-affective disorder. I'm on meds. Will I ever be normal again?...

 Should people who are responsable for their health problems (e.g smoking , drugs) have to pay for treatment?

 Brain Tumor?
How do you know if you have a brain tumour or a blood clot on the brain? What are the symptoms? And what is a brain tumour? Is it cancer?
Additional Details

 Someone boiled a frog in our works kettle we didn't know and used it we all feel ill now are we going to be OK
we found out someone had boiled a frog in our kettle when we found bits floating in our coffee and it also tasted a bit strange we didnt find this out untill wed had a few cups we are now suffering ...

What disease kills more people than any other???

i believe it's a close tie between hiv/aids and cancer. there is no treatment for both.

in third world countries and in places where poverty is high-aids/hiv tends to be massive due to lack of funding to provide people with education,medication,and things needed to prevent the spread of the disease.

cancer is high because there is no cure for it and it tends to run in families


Claire W
The "Black Death" in Europe during dark ages.

probably aids because that does more killing than like any other disease like cancer or something that is not that serious

Terry Yucky
Infection. Nosocomial or acquired infection
Most people who are hospitalised died not fromtheir original disease but with complications which arised from acquired hospital infection

probably cancer god bless there souls

Everybody shut up, it's heart disease. Because as Americans we are lazy as hell. Just keep eating those fries, boys and girls -you're on the fast track to an early demise too.


I'm going to make an educated guess because I see a huge number of these kinds of people at our and area hospitals, cardiovascular diseases.

Depends if you mean worldwide or just in the West.
Waterborne infections like dysentery and cholera - it's scary how many people in Africa don't have access to clean water - so they either dehydrate (and die) or drink the water and get sick (and die)...

i thought it was heart disease.

malaria, or alternitavly, my cooking. lol


jan s
In the western world it has to be Heart disease

Monkey Harris

Fox Hunter

carol j
Heart disease

I think its probobly cancer!!

Vijay S

(1) Heart Disease
(2) Malignant Neoplasms
(3) Cerebrovascular Disease
(4) Accidents & Adverse Effects
(5) Pneumonia
(6) Atherosclerosis
(7) Mental Disorders
(8) Senility Without Psychosis
(9) Diabetes Mellitus
(10) Embolism & Thrombosis

probably malaria...


heart disease

Death kills most people, although the disease of war is doing a good job at the present time.

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