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What comes after anorexia?
hey i wanna know what comes after anorexia, i had i since april, but ive never been fat, but i did it just to fit in a dress now i cant stop and i eat 7 or 8 times in a week, everythnig light so, im really skinny, not dieying but skinny, but i have like a month without been able to eat, after i eat i have nauseas, or i cant eat cuz just breathing near to food makes me sick, so all day long im hungry and if i eat i feel worst, why is that for, and what will happend to me after this??... btw im almost 16 im not a child-.

You will find Death if you don't seek medical help. You better start eating.

if u continue u will die, but try to think of some food that u used to like a lot and try to eat it alot

after anorexia comes death of bulimia.
Karen Carpenter from the Carpenters died from anorexia. her heart gave out on her. please be careful I worry about people like you.

Usually death, or you can wind up in a vegetative state. Seek help immediately

ur inner organs start failing.

Death if you don't get help.

Jeanette D
you need to see a doctor and a psychologist or psychiatrist, this is serious stuff and you are on a path of true restrictive anorexia nervosa which will kill you in the end, you are 16, not a child, but still growing, you will not reach your full height potential if you do not eat. Tell your parents and go see your doctor, if he or she is useless and does not take you seriously go see another doctor!!

Basically, your body starts to lose it's ability to function because you're not eating. You're going to be cold all the time because you don't have enough fatty tissues to protect your body. Because of that you're going to start growing a peach fuzz (light hair) all over your body. Your hair will start to turn brittle and fall out. Your skin will get dry and flaky. Your bones are going to deteriorate and your organs are going to start failing. You may start passing out or feel lethargic all day. Eventually your heart will fail and you'll have a cardiac arrest (stroke) and you'll be admitted to a hospital where you will either live or die.
Get some psychiatric help. Anorexia is not a hobby and it's not a light matter. It's serious and deadly.

How long have you been anorexic? This sounds like an unfortunate side effect of what can happen to people who have been anorexic. I suggest talking to your parents and seeing your physician. I hope you get better!

what comes after anorexia? DEATH.

You have to do something about this, seek professional help or I guarantee you will die.

And there is nothing wrong with being a child, accept you are, it will make it easier later.

what comes after anorexia? DEATH eating disorders are an addiction. do you have problems with other things? alcohol, shopping, smoking or drugs? even if you dont, watch out, having an addictive personality does not limit you to one thing.
anyway, not that you want to hear it but you should see a doc, make sure its nothing else. if you dont want to become a slave to this disorder, then, eat, a little at a time. your stomach has shrunk and will get back to normal if you stick with it. eat bland foods and stay away from "no fat" if and stick with low fat and healthy choices. life is about so much more than fitting in a dress, next time, have it "let out". and be happy being you
good luck

DEATH. Nothing comes from depriving your body of the nutrients that it needs. You will be OK for a while and then hair loss will follow, and your straight will diminish, and eventually your organs will shut down and you will die. So if you think that you need to be skinny, and it is worth your life, keep it up.

What comes after this is really up to you. You can recover, or you can let this rule your life. And it will eventually kill you. Even continuing on will do damage to you body and organs that you might never be able to fix.

Please seek help. This is a serious problem. And although 15 is not a child, it's far from an adult. Understand that you don't know everything, and let other people help you.


you shoudl go to a therpy becuaese it it gets out of control it might lead to death
or a huge sickness
not good
but i ahve thought of going anorexic to
so its not a horibble thing
make the
right choice

oh, yes. you ARE dying. and right now, you are asking for HELP. And your mind is REALLY off. If you ARE what you SAY you are, get help. And, whoever you are, you DO know what comes next.

My daughter was anorexic for years and finally pulled out of it when she became a nutrition and health major in college as well as a personal trainer at a fitness club. Its a form of mental illness related to obsessive/compulsive disorder. Find an ex-anorexic to talk to, because anorexics will not listen to anyone else.

you are in trouble.

get help now.

you should see a doctor right away. it sound like very serious from your queston.eat alot of fruit like banana,apple peal, any kind of fruits you likes.but you talk to youe family right away..

u need to go to rehab...or u will die.........so u really need help.....no dress is worth it

With severe anorexia, the digestive system begins to shut down. Eventually you will not be able to eat anything other than a special formula in order to just stay alive. I strongly suggest you see a doctor to get treated NOW.

I know, I know!!!!
get medical help immediately. i know a girl who died from anorexia.

I Seek

Kimberly B
Death - get help now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

check out "Karen Carpenter". She's buried in Thousand Oaks, California.

Lov'n IT!
After anorexia comes death. Your bones do not recieve the nutrients it needs, your heart becomes distressed and weakened and you have a heart attack and die.

anemia, malnutrition, etc and then death. Not too attractive.

" ... ashes to ashes; dust to dust ... "

Death... if you keep it up



Hi there,
if you still haven't done so, go to a doctor!

One important thing is you realize,or at least partially realize, how serious this is, and what the effect will be if not treated properly and instantaneously!

Don't seek to " grow up " too fast. We somehow always tend to search for what we don't have and think it's what we want the most, like now you may wanna be taken as a "grown up", and being eager and curious about it, but most grown ups wish they could, at least for one day, be kids again...Enjoy and appreciate what you have before you lose it. From what you've written in your question I tend to think you'll be wise and strong enough to face the anorexia and to beat it down!

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